Gloryhole Initiations 8

Gloryhole Initiations 8

199 Mins
Dog Fart

THEMES: Glory Hole, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Black Cocks, Facials
STARS: Friday, Isabel Ice, Leah Luv, Summer Lynn, Annette Schwarz, Cindy Loo, Jules Sterling, Lilly Anderson, Melanie Jayne, Tiffany Star


This is a movie for a very specific audience. Ten girls enter the glory hole (Holes actually, several sets were used) and suck some big cock. That narrows things down. The cocks are all black and the girls white, further whittling things down. So you’ve basically got an interracial glory hole movie with mostly oral sex. Some of the chicks do fuck the anonymous dicks and one even takes a cream pie. So if you are into that, this is a great collection. I really like the web site and enjoyed most of the scenes here. This isn’t exactly a star studded collection though. In fact, there are a lot of barely recognizable girls on hand. That can be good, but some of them give very flat performances here. Annette Schwarz is a star of course. Her scene is fantastic and includes both deep throat and great dirty talk. Friday is a well established size queen who works it well. Leah Luv is really dirty and sucks a huge cock. Isabel Ice is fun to watch and Tiffany Star is cute as hell. Plenty of the other girls offer good scenes if you’re into the genre. With ten scenes in the collection it is a good deal and gives you a taste of what you can get from If you like glory hole action, there is no better place to find it than here. Even if every scene isn’t a home run, there are enough great ones here to make this DVD worth having.


First into the glory hole is busty blonde Friday. She sits on the toilet talking about she has always had fantasies about being in a place like this sucking dick. When the cock comes through she lovingly sucks it It’s big in her hand and she sucks it while working her mouth over the head. Friday was always fun to watch and she seems to enjoy the pure raunch of this scene. Things get a little messy, but what I really like is that she pretty much stays dressed as she sucks. It’s like she’s just a hot chick sitting around waiting for a hard strange dick to suck. The guy pulls his cock back through the hole and then shoves it through when he is ready to dribble his load into her mouth. Friday makes the most of it, letting it drip down her chin and onto her tits. Great post pop play after a really hot scene.

Isabel Ice

Isabel Ice is a UK slut hanging out in a porn shop hoping to find something fun. She picks out a movie featuring the biggest black dick she can find. As luck would have it, the cute little thing is sitting in the stall watching a BBC rip open a little hottie not knowing there is a big one on the other side of the wall waiting for her. Before she sucks she shows off her body for a bit. Her nipples are perky and big enough to hang her bra from as she strips. This is really hot footage and leads us right into Isabel on her knees naked sucking a strange cock. She keeps looking over at the camera with a big smile on her face as she double jerks the meat. As she gets more into it, she rubs her pussy and shows the camera just how wet the taste of black dick makes her. It has her so horny that she bends over and pushes back, fucking that long cock. There is also a bit of ass licking and some solo play as she lets him watch through the hole. In the end he puts it back just in time for her to eat that load. Isabel sits on the floor playing with the cum while the cock shrinks inches away.

Leah Luv

Little Leah Luv looks so cute in her ponytail and braces. She strips and backs her pussy against a large glory hole while a stranger licks her pussy. There is a huge cock peeking through the hole and she just has to suck it. It’s way too long for her mouth, but she manages quite a few inches. Leah gives a really messy blowjob with spit running down her face and pooling on the floor. Using her hands she covers most of the dick, but still has enough left over to bob her cute head and fill her mouth. The messy BJ features a lot of spit play from this filthy little cock sucker. She even blows a big bubble with it while giving him a handjob. Leah holds her mouth open and lets him explode onto her tongue before sucking out the final few drops, spitting them into her hand and then slurping them up.

Summer Lynn

Blonde Summer Lynn wants to use the bathroom, but the seat is too disgusting to sit down. That doesn’t stop her from showing off her big tits or sucking a strange cock that comes through the hole in the stall wall. As she sits on the toilet rubbing her pussy, Summer can’t wait to taste strange meat. One finally pokes thorough she goes right to her knees to start sucking. The tit fucking is nice touch here. Bending over she pushes her panties aside and takes the long thin cock right up her pussy. The boob shots are nice here and occasionally Summer talks dirty. She just isn’t as hot as some of the other girls and since the action is all the same there isn’t a whole lot to recommend. The shot on her tongue is a highlight though and boob lovers will enjoy her.

Annette Schwarz

Little German cock beast Annette Schwarz revels in her filthy surroundings. She stands there talking about what is going to happen while rubbing her pussy. The dirtier things get the more Annette like them. As soon as the cock makes an appearance she starts deep throating int. There are few women in porn who suck with half the intensity that Annette shows every time she performs. After a quick fuck she uses both hands to milk it into her mouth. Whenever she isn’t sucking, this filthy little blonde slut is talking dirty and making us all wish we could have her on the other side of a wall. He ends up shooting all over her arm and then again all over her face. Annette licks up every drop and brings the heat level up in a big way.

Cindy Loo

Little blonde Cindy Loo has heard about the glory hole so she came down to check it out. She sits on a toilet surrounded by graffiti and just waits for something cool to happen. While she waits, she gets naked and opens up her tight pink pussy fro the camera. When one finally does make its way through the hole, it’s fucking huge. Cindy’s eyes light up as she tries her best to get her mouth around the fat head. Not willing to back off at all, she strokes it and bends over to show off her ass while massaging the head with her tongue. Somehow she shoves that thing into her pussy and manages to make it fit for a while. Turning back around she milks his cock until he dribbles a load onto her tongue. Cindy swallows it with a big smile on her cute young face.

Jules Sterling

Jules Sterling talks about the gross writing on the wall, but drops her pants anyway. It seems that the filthy surroundings bring out the true whore in her. She bends over, slips a finger into her pussy and masturbates while waiting for some fun. Filling her mouth she keeps playing with herself like a dirty little slut. Jules is rather average looking and almost seems to having more than talking to the guy through the wall than sucking him. It’s actually kind of hot and adds a “real girl” feel to the action. She doesn’t stop at just sucking either. The little blonde throws one leg up in the air and pushes her shaved pussy back against the dick until it nearly bottoms out. Closing her eyes, she intently strokes him until she shoots all over her hands and boobs. I think this girl might just return to the glory hole in her off hours.

Lilly Anderson

Pretty brunette Lilly Anderson heads into the bathroom for some fun at the glory hole. Inside she finds it to be gross, but changes her tune as soon as she finds a cock to suck. First she rubs her pussy showing off her body and talking to the camera. Her tattoos are a little off putting, but she has a cute face and sucks cock like the thought of blowing a stranger doesn’t totally gross her out. Telling us how horny she is, she sucks up and down the cock, bobbing her head and making most of it vanish. The shots of her fingers working her puss are nice, but the real fun comes from her dirty mouth and the way she talks when she isn’t sucking. She ends up jerking off the cock until it explodes all over her tongue. Give Lilly some solid, dirty girl props.

Melanie Jayne

Melanie Jayne is a skinny blonde Vegas dancer who strips for the camera to show us what goes in the champagne room. She spanks her thin tattooed ass and rubs her pussy. This scene is already shaping up to be one you can skip. Things do get better when she rubs her pussy while sucking the fat cock, but there are so many better BJs here. I like watching her use two hands, but the picture quality is not great and Melanie just doesn’t seem to be at her best even as she beats the cock until it blows on her face.

Tiffany Star

Tiffany Star is cute as can be as she struts into the bathroom and closes the door. She goes inside, strips down and shows off her perfect teen brat body. Leaning against the wall she rubs her pussy and stares at the hole, waiting for a long black cock to peek through. Going right after it, she turns up her finger action on her clit and jerks the stranger off into her mouth. Tiffany really looks cute squatting and taking the dick into her mouth. Her natural tits sway with every mouth stroke and she goes as deep on his dick as she can. Getting into position she bends over and pushes back on it. Unlike some of the other girls, Tiffany slams herself back against the wall. They like it so much that she does a creampie and lets is drip out for the camera.

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