Buzz Buddies: Frisky

Buzz Buddies: Frisky (Reviewed by Britney)

Reviewed by: Britney

Overall Rating: A+

Type of Toy: Pocket Rocket


Bottom Line: Super Cute & Powerful

Price: $24.99 at PEXXX

Manufacturer: TME Products

Size: Perfect.

Material: Waterproof Phthalate Free

Best For: Intense Vibration


When I first got this toy I was already in love. It’s a little vibrator with a cute little pink kitty as a handle. How adorable is that? It doesn’t even look like a sex toy. It looks like something that should go on my anime shelf or something. In fact that is where I have it. It’s tucked in among my other cute little knick knacks. I have this idea that I will leave it there until someone notices. If they do, I might, just might let them use it on me.

Oh wouldn’t that make for a great story.

I don’t suppose I can give this toy a great review just because it looks cool though can I? The Buzz Buddy is a basic mini vibe familiar to all of us as the pocket rocket. It is designed to deliver the same high intensity vibration and direct clitoral stimulation we have come to know and love. It is super powerful and comes with some nice tips to change the basic stimulation pattern. If the default PR nubs don’t do it for you can try one of the others.

The cute little kitty turns out to be more than just a really cool way to make a sex toy discreet and adorable. It serves as a really convenient handle. If I have had one complaint over the years about the handy little PR it is that it’s sometimes tough to hold on when the ride gets a little bumpy. (Especially in the shower.) The kitty makes for a nice additional bit of bulk to grab hold on and get to those hard to reach places from those hard to reach angles. Besides, it’s just so darn cute.

I tried all of the tips ,but in the end I went right back to the plain tipless play. Bareback for me with my little Frisky. It’s OK, she’s been tested and we’re totally monogamous. (OK, she is, I’m a little….well not so much.) Great feeling from this toy all around.

I love this toy. I love that it packs a serious punch. I love the additional length for easier user and I love the cute and cuddly little kitty. I love it so much that I have in fact decided to reward anyone who spies it in my room with a little show and tell in the bedroom. So guys (and girls) if you know me and you know the shelf I’m talking about, find Frisky and you can watch me use her.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: 1 AA: Not Included.

Clean Up: Soap & Water.

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