Bi Now, Gay Later

Bi Now Gay Later

Review by HeavyKinkster

Starring: Sabrina, Denis Reed, Manuela, Oliver Strelly, Winnie, Jess, David White, Nicolas, Frenki, Nicolas Bee, Max Bozman, Janine Sin, Adam Zarsky

All the stars were twenty something with hard cocks and big tits. I loved the raw sex and energy throughout the five scenes which lasted 35 – 50 minutes each in length.

Settings were basic with a couch and a second chair with no music just the sounds of sex.

Outfits for the guys were jeans and tees with the girls wearing corsets and thongs – which did not stay on very long. Accents included a slave collar and a wedding ring on two of the guys denoting their roles as Beta types in the scenes.

The Alphas were smooth and firm but not overly muscled while the betas were smaller and less muscular; all had decent sized cocks that never went totally soft (what can a guy do when getting his brains fucked senseless). The girls ranged from petite to chunky, all very easy to look at, with a nice box and big tits.

All of the betas and girls were into sucking dick (no deep throat), fucking each other with the use of strap-ons and being fucked senseless by the alphas. The alphas fucked for 30 minutes at a time and put their dicks in every hole available.

Sex scenes included seductive kissing and fondling by the Alphas while being sucked by betas or the girls – betas were in the middle of being fucked by the Alphas and sucked by the girls – Alternate straight fucking of the betas and the girls by the Alphas, including, stacked fucking in a doggie style position and the betas and girls switched places in a riding front position on top of the sitting alphas.

All cum shots were jerk offs over the girls’ or betas’ opened mouths and breasts and these Alphas came by the gallon.

I loved the raw sex of the Alphas and the submissiveness of the girls and Betas. I has hard from the start to the end on my first viewing. This DVD went over great at my
Pansexual Masturbation Party as a real mood setter.

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