Tori Black’s After School Special

Tori Black’s After School Special
142 Mins
Bluebird Films
DIRECTOR: Marc Twain & Martha Washington
THEMES: Lesbian Sex
STARS: Tori Black, Ramana Ryder, Ruby Knox, Sindee Jennings, Rebecca Blue, Celeste Star, Capri Anderson, Lily Labeau, Aiden Ashley, Melissa Jacobs


This movie uses Tori Black‘s name and face to draw us in. Why not, she’s a huge fucking star. She’s only in one scene though. That’s a huge disappointment for me. I’m usually not all that interested in all girl flicks anyway. Someone like Tori is likely to make me more interested of course. Having her show up only at the end is a let down. Worse than that, the first two scenes are really flat. The girls are cute so if you’re really into lesbian sex you might like them more than I did. Sindee Jennings is fun in her scene with cute Ramana Ryder. Rebecca Blue and Ruby Knox are OK, but I seemed to be mailing it in a bit. Things get a lot better thanks to Aiden Ashley and Celeste Star. They are really cute and begin to bring the heat up quite a bit. That was really the first time I was interested in the movie. The heat continues with Capri Anderson and Melissa Jacobs. When we finally get to Tori Black, she makes the wait worth our time. She and Lily Labeau hook up in the hottest action of the movie. Tori is gorgeous and she totally charge. Great toy play here. As a non-fan of the genre, it isn’t rare to see me less than thrilled by a girl/girl flick. It is rare to see me less than enthusiastic about a Tori Black movie. This is a nice looking all-girl flick that needs more energy to go along with the eye candy.

Ramana Ryder and Sindee Jennings

Early in the morning, Ramana Ryder and Sindee Jennings get up for class. People at school think that Ruby is weird because she’s “into girls.” Ramana doesn’t mind at all. She welcomes the other girl into her bed for some early morning fun. Odd how great they look for having just rolled out of bed, but I suppose that makes for better eye candy than reality. Sindee rides Ramana’s face for a bit and then kisses her to get a taste. They use a tiny little toy that looks like a toothbrush but apparently gets the job done. The toy play is pretty good and both girls are cute. Beyond that, this is run of the mill stuff and a little sleepy to be honest.

Rebecca Blue & Rudy Knox

Bad girls Rebecca Blue and Ruby Knox try smoking after school. When that doesn’t work they try lesbian sex instead. The schoolgirl uniforms add a bit, but this one gets off to a really slow start. Watching the skinny blonde spread her legs to be eaten is moderately appealing, but so far this movie has been really flat. It’s nicely shot and looks good, but there seems to be nothing more than girls mostly going through the motions. As she returns the favor I can’t help but wonder why Tori Black‘s name is in the title of this movie. She is only going to be in on scene and we haven’t seen even a hint of her yet. The toy fucking is a highlight, but I’m still waiting for this movie to get out of first gear.

Celeste Star & Aiden Ashley

When Celeste Star and Aiden Ashley come home from school they know just how to wind down. Nothing bad at school could take away the fun of a sweet kiss. The girls look really good together and for the first time I’m actually rather interested in the action. Aiden is really cute and Celeste is the sort of girl who always loves playing with other chicks. Watching them hook up in 69 is pretty fucking hot. They break out some toys and turn the heat up another notch. The combination of eye candy and genuine heat finally has me really enjoying what they have going on. Great close up shots on tight pussies being stretched by vibrating plastic help to make this the best scene of the bunch so far.

Capri Anderson & Melissa Jacobs

An after school detention session turns into lesbian sex when Capri Anderson and Melissa Jacobs square off. They tear at one another for a few seconds and then kiss like they have been dying for each other years. They move quickly to more intimate acts. Bending over the desk, Melissa looks back at Capri as she buries her pretty face while eating pussy. Though this isn’t as good as the last scene, it is still pretty good, especially if you like classroom sex. They 69 on top of the desk and prove that girls can get along best when they stop fighting and start licking pussy.

Tori Black & Lily Labeau

We finally get to see Tori Black in the finale. She sits in her chair rubbing her pussy through her panties and undoing her blouse. Lily Labeau comes in and threatens to tell the Dean. Tori is in charge though and tells Lily the way things work at the school. With no dick around the girls have to make due. It is nice to see Tori take charge and Lily is a perfect shy girl. It takes a long time for Tori to undress the pretty blonde, but that gives us a lot of time to enjoy the process. Putting her on the desk, the gorgeous blonde drives Lily crazy with her tongue. Lily doesn’t lick pussy like a girl who is new to this. She makes Tori very happy as well. They break out a little glass toy and use it well. Tori tantalizes Lily with it until she creams. The desktop action heats up in a finale that is worth sticking around for if you dig Tori and want to see her do her thing.

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