I Love Anal

I Love Anal

111 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Sunny Leone
THEMES: Anal Sex, Bikers, Big Asses, First Time Anal
STARS: Phoenix Marie, Aurora Snow, Cassandra Cruz, Bailey, Tiffany Tyler, Nick Manning, Dane Cross, Tommy Gunn, Allan Stafford


This collection of anal scenes features two very hot and experienced babes, (Phoenix Marie & Aurora Snow) and the first anal scene from hot little Tiffany Tyler. That should probably be plenty of reason for you to check it out. There isn’t much of a theme here (beyond anal sex of course.) Some of the scenes have interview set ups while others have little set ups. It adds to the variety and eventually all of the girls get it in the butt so that works out. The opening scene is an interesting one. Nick Manning is a biker who fucks the always awesome Phoenix Marie. Her curves carry the day, but Nick isn’t able to get the best scene from her. The anal is uneventful and he manages to pretty much suck all the heat out of the scene by trying to hot the spotlight. It isn’t bad, but Phoenix deserves better. Dane Cross tried to interview Aurora Snow, but just takes what she wants. Aurora looks hotter than ever and still does anal like few can. I’m partial to her of course, but her scene is the best by far. Cassandra Cruz is really good looking in a holiday themed sex scene. She looks great and even though the anal is a little weak here, the overall scene is quite good. Bailey doesn’t speak much English and doesn’t provide a whole lot of heat either. The eye candy is OK, but her scene falls flat. Tiffany Tyler‘s finale is very good. It’s her first anal scene and she takes it well. Her cute little booty opens up nicely and gives us something to stick around for. Overall this is a simple little anal flick with just enough reason to recommend giving it a rental.

Phoenix Marie & Nick Manning

Nick and Phoenix Marie are all decked out in black. He’s supposed to be a tough biker guy which means he gets to bark orders and slap her gently on the face. Somehow Nick playing tough and sexually dominating this women makes me want to roll my eyes. This is where we get to see Phoenix’s acting skills I suppose. She drops down to her knees and follows orders, sucking his cock and deep throating him without so much as batting an eye. As always, Nick talks way too much and tries his best to fuck her hard. You know that thing that we say about porn cocks looking bigger in the hands of petite girls? With that in mind, why would anyone shoot Nick with Phoenix’s ass? The actual sex is pretty good. Phoenix has great curves and gets her pretty ass spanked while Nick fucks her from behind. He has her bent over the bike and slides his dick into her ass. I have rarely scene Phoenix do a scene that isn’t at least worth watching. She carries the action here. The best shots come with her legs up over their heads as he bangs away. Nick pulls out and shoots all over her pussy and lower belly.

Aurora Snow & Dane Cross

Dane is trying to interview or audition Aurora Snow, but she isn’t about to let him set the pace. She just goes right after him and uses her mouth to make his cock disappear. Nice deep throat and sloppy head action here. She rolls him onto his back and licks his ass, proving that she is down for anything. Climbing into his lap, Aurora drops her hips and fucks that cock like she can’t wait to feel it all the way inside. Dane flips her over and fucks her pussy hard enough to make her boobs shake. Great energy here as Aurora gives back as hard as she gets. She gets back on top for the anal and holds her legs open to let the camera get in there close. After a sexy ass fuck, Aurora drops to the floor and lets him unload all over her perky boobs and smiling face.

Cassandra Cruz & Tommy Gunn

It’s a very happy holiday for Tommy when Cassandra Cruz dons a Santa hat and gives him a very special present. She sucks him hard briefly and then drops her shaved pussy right down over his cock. Nice close up shots as they fuck half clothed. He gives her a short break while she sucks her juices from his shaft before rolling her over, pushing her knees up to her chest and then slamming back into that tight little hole. Her body looks really good and it’s time to replace her butt plug with the real thing. The anal is good, but he goes right back into her pussy instead. Good looking sex her, though the anal is limited. Tommy shoots a load >, but the scene is good. Lee Stone is strong enough to lift Chyna up and fuck her in mid-air. He tosses her around like a spinner and she seems to enjoy his big cock. Chyna enjoys Evan Stone’s dick up her ass. The anal isn’t great, but the overall scene is very easy on the eyes.

Bailey & Dane Cross

Pretty brunette Bailey starts off with a good looking BJ. Dane is very pleased by the way she works her lips and then holds her head still to gently fuck her face for a while. He puts her onto the couch and fucks her pussy for a while. She is a nice looking thin girl who is only throwing out moderate energy. He bends he rover, fucking the pussy for a while before putting his cock in her ass. I like this as a piece of eye candy and she handles the anal just fine, but the whole thing is a little flat. There are some nice close ups and I like the way she smiles throughout the anal scene, but something just didn’t quite click for me. Dane finishes her off with a shot on the face.

Tiffany Tyler & Allan Stafford

Pretty Tiffany Tyler has never done anal before. That makes her scene a bit of an event. She and Allan star off outside while she tends to her horse. This gives us a couple of decent shots of her booty in tight jeans. I would really have enjoyed a lot more of this. They go inside where she slowly works her way out of her clothes and down to her knees. Great eye contact as she lovingly slips his meat into her mouth. When he tries to fuck her face she gags and pops up smiling. They take their time with the BJ, allowing Tiffany to suck his balls, stroke the shaft and show off her pretty face. They get up on the couch for some spoon where she arches her back. The lighting is a little off so her butt is obscured by shadows, but this is still great eye candy. Better ass shots come after she sucks him clean and gets up on top for cowgirl. Tiffany reaches back and warms up her ass with her fingers. It is finally time for her to lose that backdoor cherry. With a toy buzzing her clit she rolls onto her side (good lighting this time) and lets him slide between her cheeks. His dick stretches her tight hole, but she looks back with a smile and takes it well. Reverse cowgirl offers a great close up shot of her privates as Tiffany keeps buzzing her clit while her ass is violated. They finish up with some doggy that looks great, but her energy seems to have faded a bit. Blasting his load all over her sweet cheeks Allan happily finishes off Tiffany’s anal debut. This final scene is well worth waiting for. Tiffany is quite hot.

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