Mom’s Cuckold 5

Mom’s Cuckold

144 Mins
Reality Junkies
DIRECTOR: Bobby Manila
THEMES: Cuckold, Interracial Sex, Cum Swapping, Big Cocks
STARS: Zoey Holloway, Taylor Wane, Syren De Mer, Anjanette Astoria, Dyanna Lauren, Tyler Knight, Sean Michaels, Nathan Threat, Jon Jon,


The latest edition of Mom’s Cuckold continues the series themes and action. This is an interesting line. It focuses on some serious niche fetish material, but does it in a way that is generally appealing. All five women cheat on their husbands with big black, but the tone of each is slightly different. Some of the women fuck their studs in front of helpless hubbies as a way to humiliate them. Some husband’s actually set the action up and lovingly help their wives get bigger and better (or at least blacker) cock. This variety might drive some niche fetish fans crazy, but it keeps me interested. Zoey Holloway opens the movie by fucking Julius to remind her husband how useless he is. The scene left me a little bored, but the cuck action is pretty extreme including snowballing with hubby. Taylor Wane has a crush on the nude model in her art class. With her husband’s encouragement she invites him over and gets the shit fucked out of her. Syren De Mer is really bitchy and mocks her hubby while fucking in front of him. The sex is actually pretty good on its own in this scene. Things get much better when Anjanette Astoria steps up. She is a picky wife who insults her husband while taking a big black lover. Great eye candy and energy here with just the right amount of cuckold play. Dyanna Lauren wraps it up with a loving cuckold tale. Her husband just wants her to be happy and invites Sean over to take care of it. With hubby watching, Dyanna takes that big cock with grace and class. Overall Mom’s Cuckold 5 is a hit and miss collection of wives being fucked by big black cock. Some of the scenes are flat, but I like the variety and really like Anjanette.

Zoey Holloway & Julius Ceazher

Zoey comes home to find her husband asleep on the couch. She chastises him for being lazy, useless, impotent and pathetic. When she threatens to leave he gets on his knees and begs her to stay. Zoey calls her friend who sends her hot pool boy over to fuck her in front of her worthless husband. She makes him take his little dick out and play with it while she sucks a big hard slab of black meat to full mast. The trash talking is rather severe and he gets close up on the action while she sucks and then rides his face. The talk and the cucking is good here, but the sex is rather ordinary. There are hotter women and better fucks in the movie. If you are into the genre then you will like this scene a lot. She ends up taking a load on the face and in the mouth that gets spit into her husband’s mouth.

Taylor Wane & Jon Jon

Poor Taylor has to sit through dinner while her husband babbles on about something from work. When he finally shuts up for a minute she tells him that her art class has included some nude portraits. She can’t stop talking about his cock and shows her husband a drawing of it. He is intrigued about the idea of seeing her with it and they invite the young model over for a private showing. Jon Jon shows up and Taylor is on her knees in a heartbeat. His cock grows hard quickly as she strokes with her fingers while sucking the head. Her husband is there to cheer her on, watching as she enjoys choking on his thick schlong. When Jon Jon puts her on the table and eats her pussy, Taylor’s hubby is there to hold and kiss her leg. He just wants his sexy wife to have a good time. Taylor bends over the table and gets warmed up for some serious fucking later. She lays her head in hubby’s lap and holds onto her enormous boobs while her pussy gets drilled long and hard. She puts on quite a show, especially when squat fucking in his lap. Jon Jon shoots a big load onto her face and the hubby dives right in to lick it up.

Syren De Mer & Tyler Knight

Syren’s husband is trying to close a deal, but she just keeps chiming in, cutting him off at the knees and eventually masturbating right in front of the guys. When the client leaves, her husband tries to stand up for himself and gets verbally slapped down. Tyler shows up and now both he and Syren order the husband around. They make him watch as Syren gets down on her knees and carefully takes down Tyler’s pants. Syren does a really good job of taking every inch of that cock right in front of her husband. He doesn’t seem thrilled, but just sits there while she does to this stranger what she never does to him. She leans back into his lap while Tyler goes down on her. Sitting next to her while she rides the new cock, hubby puts his hands down his pants and gets something going on down there. They get a little acrobatic with the sex as they fuck standing over hubby for a while. There are good close up shots and the actual sex is pretty good in this scene. That gives it appeal outside of the narrow niche. They finish with a shot on her pussy so that hubby can lick it up.

Anjanette Astoria & Nathan Threat

Pretty wife Anjanette Astoria is just never satisfied. She is out shopping with her husband and he can’t do a thing right. From the back seat she criticizes his driving, his lack of money and his small cock. As luck would have it, they drive past Nathan Threat. Anjanette knows him from work and invites him back to their place. With her husband watching the pretty brunette gets on her knees and thoroughly enjoys that big cock with her mouth. It’s big and that’s just how she likes it. Anjanette is the prettiest girl in the movie so far and has a killer body. Her husband is a lucky guy and John is even luckier because he gets to actually taste and feel that tight little pussy. She enjoys the licking and then mounts up to ride his big cock. Great ass shots here as the horny wife gets filled up in ways her husband just couldn’t possibly handle. Poor hubby just sits and watches as she bounces her sexy ass up and down. He can’t do anything but shake his head, but we get one hell of a great view. Eventually she bends over his lap, but never stops taking every inch of the big cock. With her husband rattling off all of the things he has bought for her, Anjanette shows hi that all that she really needs is the pole being thrust into her hot married twat. After pounding away on her, John leaves his load just inside of her pussy so that hubby can have a snack later on.

Dyanna Lauren & Sean Michaels

All that Dyanna Lauren wants is to be left alone. Her husband can’t figure out what it takes to reach her. She wants to be left alone and isn’t at all gentle about dismissing him. While ripping into his lack of size, she lets it slip that should would really love a big black cock. All of a sudden the light goes on in hubby’s head and he calls in reinforcements. Sean shows up while hubby is hiding in the corner and he knows exactly what this frustrated blonde wife needs. He strips her down and starts licking her pussy. We get some really nice ass and leg shots as Dyanna grinds her pussy on his face. Since a big cock is what she wanted, Dyanna is really happy to find what Sean has in his pants. His long cock fills her mouth and try as she might she can only swallow about half of it. The action here is slower paced and really well shot. Dyanna takes her time sucking it and then spreads her legs just feet from her hiding hubby. Throwing her legs up in the air, Dyanna gets fucked with long deep strokes. The eye candy is really hot here and the husband watching secretly adds a new wrinkle to the fun. Great looking spoon as she shows off her legs and big tits. She turns over and takes his load all over her face. Very calm vibe here, but the sex is really good looking.

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