Official Basic Instinct Parody

Official Basic Instinct Parody

109 Mins
Zero Tolerance

DIRECTOR: Gary Orona
THEMES: Parody
STARS: Breanne Benson, Lexi Belle, Francesca Le, Brandy Aniston, Lyla Storm, Michael Vegas, Will Powers, Ryan McClane



This latest parody from Zero Tolerance and Gary Orona is an interesting one. When Basic Instinct hit theaters over twenty years ago it was controversial, groundbreaking and the water cooler topic of the year. The blend of violence and bisexuality really made it hard to forget. Of course it was a beaver shot by a then unknown Sharon Stone that really pushed the movie over the top. Of course this is a porn parody so the violence is toned way down and a quick pussy shot doesn’t even register. It’s kind of funny because with those two things stripped away we realize what a really dreadful movie Basic Instinct really was. That’s not the point though. The question is does Basic Instinct make a good porn parody? Eh. Kinda. It has some great elements including the look, music and even the story. There is a bit of a twist to really ramp up the sexuality, downplay the violence and get everyone naked. Beanne Benson plays the lead role and she has a killer body. Her wig and make up are odd though. She looks a lot more like Lady Gaga than Sharon Stone and that’s just not a good thing. She does a nice job with her dialog and sex scenes though especially with Lexi Belle. That lesbian scene was actually one of the highlights of the movie. Brandy Aniston is a star on the rise and she plays a hooker with a serious lust for cop cock. Francesca Le provides a good anal romp and Lyla Storm is as sexy as I’ve ever seen her. In the end, this is worth a look, but it’s not as good it could have been. The sex scenes are OK and the beaver shot was pretty well done. The story just doesn’t go very deep and with the violence taken out there isn’t a whole lot of tension. I think there might be a great parody possible, but this one falls short.

Lexi Belle & Breanne Benson

Playing the part of the lesbian sidekick, Lexi Belle looks smoking hot for this veggie opener. Breanne Benson comes to her after her initial contact with the cops and sheds her clothes. That is Lexi’s signal to get to work. She drops the floor and starts licking Breanne. Both women look really good though the wig on Breanne makes her look odd. Nothing odd about the way Lexi looks with her legs wrapped around her girlfriend’s body. The eye candy is very high, especially the tight shots on Breanne’s tight shaved pussy. We are off to a good start and the infamous beaver scene is coming up.

Lyla Storm & Michael Vegas

Shooter (Michael Vegas) is in therapy and after exposing some of his deep secrets he has his therapist (Lyla Storm) strip for him. The striptease is really fucking hot as Lyla slowly slides out of her short skirt and shakes her curvy ass. When she is naked, Lyla gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. She shows a great deal of energy as she drools all over the place and tries to totally inhale him. The camera zooms in just as she gets nearly all of his meat into her mouth. Mounting up, she power fucks him in reverse cowgirl for a while, sucking him clean before rolling over. He starts really pounding that pussy. She looks into his eyes and really shows her intensity while he just bangs the hell out of her. This scene is pretty easy on the eyes and very energetic. They end with a big facial shot that really ends things nicely.

Brandy Aniston & Ryan McLean

Curvy babe Brandy Aniston is a rising star. In this flick she plays a street hooker in a detaining room. Ryan is an Born Again IA cop who has clear distain for everyone around him. Brandy starts stripping to be searched and he protests, but eventually falls for her charms. Going down on the dirty girl, he gives her tons of attention. Brandy’s body is great and her make up is pure street walker. Turning around Brandy gets on the floor and slips her mouth over slicks him up. Good eye contact here and some great tongue skills. She is a very happy hooker who enjoys the way that pole throbs on her tongue. She gets up in reverse cowgirl and works herself up and down on his lap. Nice shots of her wiggling and sliding on his lap. He fucks her hard and then busts a big load all over her pretty face. I can’t wait to see more of Brandy.

Francesca Le & Will Powers

The case has everyone sexed up including Shooter’s partner (Will Powers) and his supervisor (Francesca Le). She gets naked and on his desk so he can eat that sexy pussy while she plays with her rock hard nipples. I love the way her legs look up in the air while she wraps them around his head. Francesca has always been a great cock sucker and she really pulls out the stops this time. She uses some hands free time to choke herself. He throws her back on the desk, grabs a leg and puts it on his shoulder for good leverage. Taking things to the next level she get gets up on top and rides him hard with that big dick up her ass. She is ready to take a big load on her face. Francesca never fails to deliver a hot scene.

Breanne Benson & Michael Vegas

The final scene is the inevitable fuck between Shooter and Katherine. She runs her fingernails down his chest and tears into his pants. Eventually she gets his cock out and starts bobbing her head on his meat. She uses both hands and her mouth at once to get him going. Breanne has a crazed look on her face as she gets a few streamers He bends her over and fucks that pussy. The lighting and camera style really comes through here. It isn’t exactly gonzo porn perfection, but it is pretty interesting. Breanne gets on top and works her hips perfectly. This girl has an amazing set of tits and really good sexual skills. He bangs her really hard, chokes her and they do their best to fuck in character with a great deal of tension. He pulls out and shoots a load all over her tight abs.

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