Teenage Spermaholics 7


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Teenage Spermaholics 7
210 Mins.
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Mike John & Tim Von Swine
THEMES: Cum Swallowing, Big Tits, Tit Fucking
STARS: Gracie Glam, Ayden Blue, Chloe Reece Ryder, Katie St. Ives, Chastity Lynn,


Mike John and Tim Von Swine co-direct this super hot gonzo flick that loosely follows their efforts to one-up one another. In Teenage Spermaholics 7, their efforts to fuck one another over by fucking various women is rather clever if not always very nice. The result of their all out friendly war is great porn so we’re the real winners. All five women in this movie are really fucking hot. Katie St. Ives is at the center of the fun. As Mike’s girlfriend she should be off limits, but Tim isn’t about to play by the rules. He sets her up for a little mini-bang that is really good. I’ve always been a big Katie fan and she looks great here. Great energy from this cutie. Tim may have helped get Mike’s girlfriend fucked, but the fun doesn’t stop there. First Tim steals new girl Ayden Blue out from under Mike. This babe has perfect tits and really knows how to use them. If it’s tits you want then be ready to fall in love with Chloe Reece Ryder. She is super hot and fills out a tank top like nobody’s business. Mark this girl down as one to watch. Of course we already know what Gracie Glam and Chastity Lynn can do. They are both fresh enough to belong here, but bring some experience to their scenes. Multi cocks are not a problem for these babes. Every scene is a winner in this movie. If you like cute young girls taking on more than one dick, you will love it. If you like girls swallowing big loads of cum, you will love it over and over. And if you like big tits, you will find more than enough reason to stroke yourself silly until Teenage Spermaholics 8 comes out.

Gracie Glam, Steven French & Mark Zane

The war started a week earlier when Gracie showed up at Mike’s place. Tim is really looking forward to fucking Gracie, but Mike sends him off to a different location so he can snag the hot little brunette. Gracie is shocked to find that Tim was “scamming” her and is happy to work with Mike. She strips down for an extended tease sequence that features the camera moving slowly up and down her body capturing all of her curves. The guys quickly double team this hot little babe, licking her at one end while she dutifully and gleefully sucks cock. Gracie is super cute and never misses a beat with her mouth as they switch from licking her slit to fucking it. We get some tremendous ass shots as she rides the cock, shaking her cheeks as she bobs her pretty little head. Gracie shows off some deep throat skills too. She makes Mark’s dick vanish with ease and then gets her sites on the heftier slab. There are great shots of Gracie fucking one at a time with her legs all pulled up to her chest so she can take them deeper. She is really a very pretty girl and a hot performer. They finish her off with two really big loads for her pretty face. Tim really missed out on this one. Let the battle begin.

Ayden Blue & Tim Von Swine

Getting even with Mike for the Gracie thing, Tim moves in on a brand new girl. Ayden Blue is shiny new with an amazing set of natural tits. Mike is set to shoot her in a POV, but Tim tricks him into being away for just long enough to get in there first. This hot little teen has a great rack and a hot body so Swine wastes no time getting her naked and on her knees for some POV action. Looking up into the camera, she wraps her perfect boobs around his rod and starts fucking him with her tits. Nice work here as she takes his balls into consideration during an expert round of oral pleasing. Mounting up, she pushes her shaved pussy down over his cock. Big clit fans will want to take note of the very noticeable nub she’s sporting between those smooth labes. Cowgirl is great for POV sex, especially with a woman this hot. Her prefect chest is ideally shown off in some footage that can only be described as spankably perfect. In between positions she stops to suck her juices off of his dick. She loves to have him shove it right back in and make her tits shake. Tim turns her over and fucks her from behind, playing with her sexy round ass as he goes deep into her. Ayden drops right to her knees and takes his big load right in her mouth. The two friends should be even, or are they?

Chloe Reece Ryder

Katie wants to smooth things over between Mike and Tim, but Swine is busy editing and masturbating to a new scene. Mike has Chloe outside by the pool. She is in shorts and a tank top and looks like a walking wet dream. He takes her inside for some incredible boob footage. Her rack is perfect from any angle, even behind. (Love the shots where the boobs are visible outside the ribs from the back.) The tease is great, but this hot chick needs hard cock to play with. Down on her knees she sucks both of them at once and the camera can’t help but also include her massive melons in the shots. Three cocks now surround Chloe and she sucks and strokes them all. (She looks a little bit like Katja Kassin at times.) They guys are quite happy to use her big tits as well. Chloe knows how to keep three men happy at once and we should all applaud her for that. She gets bent over and fucked while never letting her lips stray from a hard cock, To top it off she opens her mouth and lets them shoot big loads into her mouth. Holding the cum as it pools she waits until every guy is empty and then gives us a big swallow shot. When she is done with them, Chloe turns her attention to Tim for some straight up POV brilliance. It doesn’t get much better than looking right into the eyes of a super pretty young woman as she inhales a hard cock. Slicking up her big boobs she smiles while giving what she knows is an awesome cleavage fuck. Mounting up for cowgirl she works her hips up and down slamming her ass loudly against his body while her tits shake in a way that will win her scores of busy-babe loving fans. She keeps the heat high by continuing to delivering great blowjob footage in between positions. They finish up with another big shot all over her face and in her mouth. This girl is literally waiting to bust out in a big, big way.

Katie St. Ives

Katie goes in to talk to Tim to smooth things over, but is reminded of Tim’s last shot across his friend’s bow. Mike is already jealous of the fact that Katie used to make videos so he watches her old scenes and it drives her crazy. Fed up she decides that she might as well go back to making movies if he is going to be upset anyway. Tim grabs the camera and shoots a good old fashioned tease sequence. I am really glad to see this cute girl back. I loved her with short hair, but she looks fantastic these days and is just as cock hungry as ever. She gets right into the action, spreading her legs and talking dirty as the guys surround her on the couch. That body is just perfect and every position offers us a new angle of Katie’s sexy butt, thighs or perky boobs. The guys take turns on her and she keeps her energy level high from start to finish. It is nice to see a small group scene where the guys don’t get in the way. We get the chance to enjoy her body without much interference. There are some great ass shots throughout, but I love the way she looks with her legs up over her head for some deep fucking. When the cum starts flowing, most of it ends up in her mouth on the first two shots, but she wears a huge load at the end. Little Katie is a sexy glazed donut at the end.

Chastity Lynn

How did this whole war start? Well it seems that Tim has a daughter that he never met. When he found out, he tried to meet young Chastity. She is leery of her dad afraid he will flake. Mike makes sure that happens by telling Chastity the wrong day for the meet. When she shows up on the wrong day angry at her dad, Mike suggests she step in front of the camera for a little revenge. Clearing the set, Mike has the sexy blond girl pose in her clothes for a bit, but she picks up on the vibe very quickly. Her clothes come off and she dips her fingers into her sweet pussy. When the mopes come in, it is time for Chastity to get licked from head to (literally) toe. Though she came to meet her father, the horny blonde is more than happy with a big black cock as a substitute. Her pretty little face sucks its way around a circle of cock so fast it looks as if she was born for this. When the fucking kicks in, the guys keep her quite busy. Great close up shots from behind as her pussy grips strange cocks on every stroke. The ass shots are nice as well, especially when she is lap riding in cowgirl. They fuck her face at the same time and she really handles the action well. Chastity’s shaved pussy gets worked over by three cocks and it looks like she won’t be going back to being daddy’s girl any time soon. In addition to fucking her silly, the guys help the dirty little blonde put on a great show. They shows off her ass and pump her full of dick from every angle. Falling to her knees, she works each cock one at a time to earn her big creamy loads. When a guy cums she swallows it for us and then moves on to the next dick. When all is said done, Chastity has done plenty to make her daddy very angry.

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  1. Blowbangfan says:

    Chloe Reece Ryder is amazing! I hope to see her in more blowbang-themed movies this year. She’s one of the cutest girls to grace the business in the past few years and she is an absolute doll. Follow her on Twitter @chloereeceryder if you like cute busty babes with a dirty whore mentality. Trust me, Chloe is a true nympho and should be a big deal in porn if the right directors/producers take note. Here’s hoping Mike and Tim will have her for a few more movies. Jonni Darkko, Jules Jordan and Sam No (Mason) would all be great directors for this bubbly babe too. Nice review Roger and I hope Chloe was your favorite lady out of this cast too!

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