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This is the first official Rog Blog post since we made the switch over to version 3.0 of OK, technically I did a welcome to the new site blog, but this is the first time I’ve written just your standard blog in a while.

And of course the second I start this blog, the whole new world gets turned upside-down by the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. By now you have probably ready every nationalistic “USA USA” cheer piece, hand wringing “it’s not over” article, Bush couldn’t get him hatchet piece, “Curious timing” conspiracy theory, Trump “death certificate” joke and everything in between. I am not sure I feel like adding to that din, though I did my share of that on Twitter.

I did find it interesting to watch my list of FB friends who were on line grow exponentially as the story broke. My Twitter feed increased to an unreadable rate as everyone logged on and started to speak out on the event. Modern technology is really interesting and has changed the way we share news in ways that were completely unthinkable just ten years ago. Think about it for a minute. How different was the experience on 9/11 when Bin Laden’s plan was acted out? We all gathered our TVs and called loved ones. This time it seems we watched TV while hitting Twitter and social networking was the way we came together.

I immediately wrote that I didn’t believe in celebrating the death of human being, but that I would deal with the guilt later. That was a tongue in cheek remark, but to be honest the celebrations throughout this country have left me feeling a little ill. Not because I feel bad that Bin Laden is dead. The whole thing just feels a little beneath us. This isn’t a football game and no matter what anyone says, “justice” was not served. There is no justice man can serve on a man that evil. (And please, don’t anyone confuse that with me defending the dead piece of shit. I just expect more us.)

I’ve got nothing political to say about the whole thing other than to grin at the poli-cheers. The very people who would have rushed to give ANYONE credit other than Bush if this had happened four years ago are the first ones to say “see, our guy got him” while the same people who would have anointed GW rush to deflect credit. I’m going to stay consistent and give the current President as much credit as I would have given the last one.

Instead of politics, I would rather talk about the brave men and women who fight and die every day to protect this country. The men on that mission did their job and they did so in part so that I can sit behind a computer and type pretty much whatever the fuck I want without fear of reprisal. So what I choose to type is thank you. A big fat fucking THANK YOU to our service men and women at home and abroad. And to their families, thank you too. When all of the political smoke and mirror are done, your loved ones will still be doing their jobs and we owe all of you a huge debt.

This was not what I intended to talk about in this blog. It was supposed to be all about me. OK, more about Natalie Dawn and Jeff and the great job they have done re-doing but you know, sometimes it’s the guy in charge who gets the credit. (Har, har)

So when we’re don’t talking about the death of Bin Laden, whether we are safer, if anything has changed and all of the other media hype fall out, let’s try this again. I have a new site with awesome new features to talk about. I have new guest bloggers with a permanent home, some new photos to show off and a whole mess of work to do.

You know, I was about to say good bye, but it just struck me. 2.0 was launched just three weeks after 9/11. The new site was launched a week before Bin Laden was killed. Somewhere in there is a joke or two. Something about how maybe my design wasn’t THAT slow in comparison to capturing the world’s most wanted fugitive. Or maybe a crack about how the truly good things really are worth waiting for.

Either way, thanks for reading and stay tuned. There’s a whole lot more to come.

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