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Rog interviews sexy porn star Kacey of This special interview is a first for Rog and quite a treat. Kacey does the entire interview while sitting in Rog’s lap completely naked. The beautiful brunette starlet has been featured in dozens of adult movies including Gang Bang Auditions and Hellcats Review.
I did manage to explore her obsession with male co-star Mr. Marcus, find about her web site, and thoroughly annoy Kacey with relentless questions about the man who brought her into the adult industry.


Alright, here we go. Shhh, go ahead!


(she laughs)

This is a first. I’m doing a naked lap interview.


Well, Kacey’s doing a naked lap interview.

You can be naked too, if you want.

No, we’d never get to the interview. You sitting naked in my lap would be about a three-second interview. So, let’s tell everyone who you are.

Kacey, from

And everyone knows Kacey from her adult films as well as her website.


And you’ve been in the business for…?

Five years.

On and off?

On and off, yeah.

On and off, not steady.

Nope, not at all.

Five years, about how many movies? 20?

I’m guessing 50.

About 50. So, that’s really not a lot in this day and age.

No, definitely not.

And what are some of the best of those?

Do you want to know my favorite?

Kacey & Taryn Thomas

Yeah! Tell me your favorite.

Gangland 33.


First of all, Marcus was in it. So, obviously I’m going to love that. Then, I don’t know. Everyone just had a really great vibe there.

Now you like Marcus a lot.

I love Marcus.

Love Marcus. Of the 50 movies you’ve done, about how many has Marcus been in?

Probably only six, I think. A few of them.

You’ve requested him though a few times. I believe in an Anabolic movie you requested him.

Yup. (she laughs)

Didn’t you try to change your last name for a while? You were going to be Kacey Marcus?

(she laughs) Are you talking about the Nasty Girls scene?


Yeah. I had just got done with shooting a scene with Marcus, not a scene but a photo shoot with Earl Miller. And I ended up doing Nasty Girls after that.

Now, what are you-who are you shooting for now?

Just my website.

Which is?

There we go. Gotta plug that all the time.

(she laughs)

So right now, not videos, but are you shooting full scenes for your website?

Yes. Videos, webcam, pictures, everything.

So the full hardcore, softcore, pretty girl?

Yup, everything.

Solo scenes?




Yup, boy/girl, solo, girl/girl.

Now you are located in Florida, yeah?

Orlando, yup.

So you’re working with local talent there?


Not the Valley talent?

That hasn’t really worked out too well so far.

Gotta get Marcus to come down to Florida.

I know!

Okay, Marcus? If you hear this, you need to get down to Florida, because Kacey apparently wants to have sex with you.

(she laughs) Always!

I don’t know why she’s sitting on my lap when she wants to have sex with Marcus…or is that a good thing? Sitting on my lap reminds you of Marcus?


Yeah? What is it about Marcus that you like?

His personality, plus he’s hot. I love his dick. (she laughs)

Now, he’s not the biggest guy you’ve ever worked with, right? But he has a good-sized dick.

He’s just awesome, yeah.

Alright. Why does he always wear the hat?

I don’t know.


I have no clue.

He does sex scenes with hats on.

I know!


Have you ever done another scene with a guy with a hat on?

I don’t think so.

He’s the only guy. And he always does it.

He’s weird.

There’s something growing out of his head. It’s like some creature. It’s controlling him.

(she laughs) Probably.

But, you know, we love Marcus.

We do love Marcus!

You love Marcus in a different way than the rest of us love Marcus. You love Marcus in a way that’s making my jeans all wet-what’s up with that?



(she laughs)

God, she’s getting wet just thinking about you, Marcus. It sure is not my lap that’s doing it.

(she laughs)

Now, have you found it hard to find good talent for your website shoots?

In Florida, it is definitely extremely difficult. It’s not like it is in L.A. at all.

Where everywhere you look, there’s a porn star.

Yeah, exactly.

But there’s a lot of hot girls in Florida. No, yeah?

Yeah, too bad all of them suck.

Oooooookay. So a lot of hot girls who need some work on their scenes.

They’re all stuck-up.

Well, you need to teach them.

I know. I need to teach them some fucking deep-throating skills or something.

(he laughs) You can teach that?


I hope so.

How much can you deep throat?

What’s the biggest?


I don’t know.

Could you deep-throat Marcus?


And he’s what, like eight?

Probably. Maybe bigger. I don’t know.

How about Lex?

I don’t know.

Lex is like 13.

I don’t like Lex.

Why not?

I don’t know, I don’t like his personality.

Is his dick too big?

It’s not that, I just don’t like his personality.

But his dick’s not too big? That’s a big dick.

Yeah, it’s pretty big.

It’s like what, eleven, thirteen they said?

Something ridiculous.

So, you worked with Mandingo, right?

Wasn’t that the Joey Silvera scene?

Oh, yeah, I was thinking it was Lex. But it was Mandingo-that’s the biggest guy you’ve ever been with, probably?




The biggest guy I’ve ever been with is not in porn.

Really? So there’s a guy out there, bigger than Mandingo, not in porn?

It’s pretty fucking thick.

Was it a black guy?

Kind of like Mandingo-no, white guy.

Okay. Kacey’s going to be in trouble now. She says somewhere there’s a white guy out there with a dick bigger than Mandingo. Are you sure it’s not a horse?

I’m positive!

You’re positive it’s not a horse?

I’m not into bestiality.

I don’t know.

It’s not my thing.

Now where did you meet that guy?

A bar.

A bar.

Like, I kinda dated him for a little while.

Did you like his personality?

Yes, definitely.

Was he as hot as Marcus?


No. But bigger than Mandingo.




He was definitely huge. (she laughs)

(he laughs) Definitely huge. Alright, what’s the last movie you’ve done? It’s been a couple of years, right?



I don’t know the name of it. (she laughs)

Okay, but that wasn’t the Gangland movie?


That was like your second or third time around, right?

Yeah. I think I was like 20 or 21 when I did Gangland.

And you’re 23 now?


So you were just barely 18 when you got in. You were a naughty girl.

One month after 18.

Okay, let’s go back and talk a little bit about you. Where did you grow up?


So you were born and raised and now shoot porn there?


Florida girl?


What were you like as a young Kacey?

I was not normal when I was little. I was evil.

Do you think you’re normal now?

No! But I was evil when I was little. I used to hold my breath until I turned black and blue if I didn’t get my way, because I was spoiled.

Do you still do that?



Now, you just ask for what you want? Is that it?


Okay. So you got into porn when you were 18. Were you sexual before that?



(she laughs) Not like in videos, but I probably had sex with three guys.

So you had sex with three or four guys before porn?

Three. Yeah.

That’s not a lot.


When did you start?


So three guys in two years, and all of a sudden, what?

(she laughs) For the money.

You just decided, ‘You know what? I think today I’m going to go to the Valley and fuck the biggest black dicks I can find!’



Marcus was the first black guy I fucked, maybe that’s why I like him so much. (she laughs)

I see. Wow, that’s even better. So what made you decide to go out and, it’s kind of a big jump from girlfriend to porn.

An ex-boyfriend.

Oh, well, you talked about some of that in some of your movies.

He was in some of them.

He was in one of them, which one was he in?

I’m not telling you! It’s top-secret.

I’ll go back and find it.

You won’t know if it’s him or not. You don’t know his name.

It’s gonna be one of your first three movies. I can find that out, and if it’s not-is it a regular porn guy?

I’m not telling you.

You’re not telling me?

Kacey& Taryn Thomas


Wow, okay.

No, I’m not going to tell you.

Alright, then I won’t ask you again.

Don’t talk shit to me. (she laughs)

Why would I talk shit to you?

I don’t know!

You’re naked in my lap! I’m not talking shit to you! (laughs) I’m not doing anything to offend you and make you move!

(she laughs) Nope, I’m not telling you.



I’ll…give you a pussy pop.

You’re already supposed to. You already said you would.

I’ll give you five pussy pops.

I only want one. (she laughs)

(he sighs) Alright. So, what were the names of the guys you had sex with before porn?

(she laughs) I’m not telling you that! Because then you’re going to figure it out!

Why not? Come on, tell me.


Okay, well, what’s so bad about it that you can’t even tell me his name?


Is it embarrassing that you dated him? Are you embarrassed that you dated this guy?

I’m not saying anything. (she laughs)

Well, I’m just asking the why you got into porn, and you said it was because of an ex-boyfriend, that’s a big story. You did it to get back at an ex-boyfriend?


Or he brought you into porn?

I was with him. He’s not in porn, and I don’t know, we used to watch videos all the time, and then one day he said, ‘You should do one,’ just jokingly. And I wanted to, because I loved watching them, so then I talked to Chris from Anabolic.

And then the rest is history.


The rest is history.

Now, did you have sex with any of the guys you had watched before? You said you like watching porn.

Um, no.

No? Who were some of the guys you watched and liked?

I don’t know their names. I just looked at the girls.

Ah, did you have sex with any of the girls that you saw?

No. Devon was the first girl that I actually liked.

Ahhh. She’s gone now.

Yeah. I like big tits though.

Now, you have real tits?

Yes, I have real tits.

Now, when people go to, they’ll see plenty of natural breasts?

Mine. I only have one girl-girl scene on there right now.

Who’s the girl? Oh, I’m not going to know her, never mind. Was she hot?

Yeah. She was a bitch, though.

Really? So did you treat her like a bitch in the scene? Sometimes that’s okay, right? If she’s going to be a bitch, then just, you know.

No, she was just-oh, God, I do not like that girl.

Not a good thing?


Well, let’s not talk about it then.


Do you do a lot of boy/girl?

Yeah, I think there’s seven or eight scenes on there.

Same guys, or different guys?

Different guys.

White guys, black guys, both?

One black guy, so far. Then, the rest white guys.

So after Marcus, you were able to go back to white guys.


We weren’t sure about that for a while, you looked like you were hooked on Marcus.

I still am hooked on Marcus. I haven’t talked to him in forever.

There was a rumor that you got married. There were Internet rumors that you got married.


Are you serious? There is?

Yeah. Because you guys were so convincing in that scene that people were convinced that you were in love and ran off with him.

(she laughs) Maybe later.

So what were the other Internet rumors? There was one that you got pregnant with his baby and that’s why you left the industry.

Are you serious?

Yes! These are all things I remember reading.

Why don’t I know about this then?

Because you’re probably not reading the same stupid gossip sites that I was! So people would ask, and I would say, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know.’


So did you have Marcus’ baby?

No! I have no kids.

So do you want a baby?

No, I want no kids.

So no babies.

No, kids are not for me.

You just want Marcus’ dick. And his personality.


And you want to see what’s under the hat. Have you ever seen what’s under the hat?


You have? What, is he bald?

He shaves his head.

He shaves his head. So why does he wear the hat? Does he have an ugly head?

I don’t know, no, no! I have no clue.

Does he have like a pear-shaped head or something?

No! I have no clue what it is.

Because if he shaved his head and it was lame and he put a hat on it-no?


He has a sexy head?


So when did you get to see it?

Kind of like his dick.

How would I know what the sexy head of a dick looks like? They look the same to me.

(she laughs) I don’t know.

In my job, I don’t really see the head anyways. They’re always busy somewhere. Okay, so back to this. You would come out, shoot a few movies, and go back to Florida.


For months at a time.



So there was always these gaps, right?


A flood of Kacey, we get seven or eight movies at a time, and then she’s gone.

I disappeared.

So then the rumors started. She retires, she flakes, she’s under contract.

With Marcus’ baby.

Has Marcus’ baby. None of those are true?

None! No.

You just were in Florida doing what, dancing?


Going to school?


Just hanging out at the beach.

Yeah, I went to school.

Now, when you went back to Orlando, how long did it take for people to know, ‘that’s the porno girl?’

Not that long.

No, imagine that.

Since I grew up there.

Okay, so the people you grew up with knew?

Yes, unfortunately. Because they’re so annoying.

So they know you’re a big ol’ porn ho?

(she laughs) I’m not a ho, bitch.

I’m sorry, a big ol’ porn slut. So they know?


Are they surprised, or did they just kind of guy, ‘Oh yeah?’

Yeah, surprised.

Why surprised?

Look at me. Because I look so innocent.

You do, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t like the hellraiser of the school.


Were you as innocent as you look?

Hmm, yeah.

So you just let this guy convince you to do porn?


That’s why you hate him.

I don’t hate him.



He hates you.


Yeah he does, he told me.

(she laughs) You don’t know who he is!

How do you know that? I may have heard rumors.

I’m not talking anymore.

Is he still male talent? Was he male talent?

Sure. Whatever you say.

I’m just wondering if male talent went to Orlando, met this 18-year-old girl and brought her back. That’s quite a recruiting trip.

Um, that’s for me to know, and you to find out.

Alright, I’ll find out. I’ll check your earliest work and go, ‘Oh, that guy doesn’t belong!’

(she laughs)

Okay, so Marcus was the first black guy you ever had sex with.


But you only had three in. Do you know how many guys you’ve had in the business?

(she laughs) No.

50 movies, probably what, 70 guys maybe? Maybe not even that.

Yeah, what about the Gangbang Girl and the Gangbang Girl Auditions? That right there is 17.

But most of those guys too you probably did in solo.

Oh yeah.

Marcus was in all three, right?


So, at least 50.


So that’s a whole lot more. Have you had a lot more sex off-camera since then, or are you just too busy?

No. A lot more guys, or sex?

Oh, are you more into girls now?

No. I’d rather have dick, definitely.

But you like girls.


Did you like girls before you got into porn?

Yes, I told you I watched Devon. That was my favorite girl.

Did you have sex with her?


So you were attracted to women but hadn’t had sex with them.


Um, so what was your first girl-girl experience?

Um, I think I was 18, and I hooked up with this girl and her boyfriend.

And not a porn girl.


Was this before or after porn?

Um, right after.

So you just came back all horny.

Yeah, pretty much.

Now, the first time you came out, did you only do single guy scenes?

The first time I came out to L.A.?

The first time you came out to do a movie.


Well, let’s see. Oral Consumption with Erik Everhard and Mr. Marcus, so that’s two right there.

Was that your first movie?


Wow, we’ll get back to that.

No, I want to hear what you have to say.

Just that, to have that as a first movie is kind of severe.

I loved it.

They were doing toe-sucking in that, right?


And then ass-licking.

They don’t do that anymore?

Now, it’s all about as nasty as they can do it. It’s not quite just dicks and toes and ass. It’s a lot of dirty-


And Marcus had funky toes, didn’t he?


He had like toe fungus.


It’s pretty nasty. So you like him even though he has funky toes?


So your first movie was Oral Consumption. Were you nervous?

I was, but I drank some vodka, so that helped calm me down.

So you went from three guys in your whole life to five guys in a couple of hours.


How was it?

It was good.


I wasn’t supposed to have sex with Marcus in Oral Consumption, but I did.

Because you liked him so much?


It was like instantly, you wanted that guy?

Yup. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t too happy about it.

What about Erik?

I’m not so into Erik.

Oh, I remember that story. Boyfriend didn’t like certain aspects about Marcus?

Oh, he didn’t like that I fucked him on that scene.

Did your boyfriend know you were going to do a scene?

He was out there with me.

But he knew.

He knew it was an oral scene but not about us fucking. But who gives a shit? He knew I was doing porn.

Did he think you were just going to be an oral porn girl, you were only going to blow guys?

Who knows?


Ah, so he was a dick.


Who was?

I don’t know, you tell me.

So Erik and Lex, err Erik and Marcus, two pretty good looking guys the first time out. Much better than it could have been, and a lot of girls end up with Ed Powers or worse. If there is such a thing.

Yeah. Erik’s not my own type.

No, what’s wrong with Erik? He’s white?

I don’t know. No, it’s not that.

He’s Canadian. You don’t like Canadians.

No, I don’t like his personality.

You’re racist against Canadians.

(she laughs) I’m not racist.

He’s not as laid-back as Marcus. He’s a little more hyper.

He fucks too hard. I don’t like that.

You like slow and soft?

(she laughs) No!

Just not as hard as Erik.


Yeah, not as hard.

Not a battering ram style.


You’re a small girl.

I know.

So on, those boy/girl scenes, who’s directing? Are you directing the scenes or the camera person back there?

Pretty much.

So you get to like, be in charge?


That’s kind of cool.

Yeah, it’s completely different from what I’m used to.

Unlike that first scene. Now who was doing that, was Mike doing that at the time?


Mike John.


Okay, because they switched directors at one point.

Mike’s the one who shot that.

And he didn’t keep you for himself?


Would you have done Mike, if he was part of the scene?



I don’t think so.

Okay. What exactly did you have to do in that in the scene, it was Oral Consumption 7?


2. Well, I was close.

(she laughs) Not really, five apart!

I’m thinking how it looked in the thing. Now you obviously suck dick, big deal, right?

That’s my favorite.

Is it really?


What about the toe-sucking, do you like the toe-sucking?

Um, at the time I did. I used to like doing that. But now, I don’t know.

But Marcus’ toes are freaky.

Stop telling me that!

It was gross! It was hot to watch you, but I have to say that was gross. And then, what about the ass-licking, was that something new?

No, that wasn’t new at all. I’d done that with the guy at the time-I don’t know his name.

The guy you will not name. The ex-boyfriend who we have established has no name and is a dick.


But you don’t hate him.

I don’t think he has a dick, though. (she laughs)

Was he jealous because Marcus was so much bigger?



Now, he wouldn’t like you sitting in my lap because I’m huge.


Yeah, massive.

Any bigger than Mandingo?

Hell yes! You think you’re sitting on my leg right now. Uh-uh. No. It’s a prosthetic foot.

(she laughs) Did you see that guy at Convention?


In the wheelchair?


He was freaking me out, completely. He took his leg and wrapped it all the way up and here and was like, ‘Can you do that?’ He had this freaky face, and ugh, Christ that guy scared me.

Okay. So after Oral Consumption 2, where you got nasty and had sex with Marcus.


Bad, bad, bad girl.

Yup, yup, yup.

Did a good scene, though.


You obviously had a good experience, so you were ready for more.

Actually that experience was not fun at all, my first time in the light.


No, I did not get along with Anabolic, at all, the first time.

But you liked Marcus.


Who else did you work for? Just Anabolic?

The first time, yeah. Actually, the first, second and third time, I think.

Wow, so you were kind of like an official Anabolic girl.


Was that on purpose, or was it they called, and they kept calling and calling?

No, they called.

Because I’m sure a lot of people wanted to work with you, they just didn’t know how to get in touch with you. Do you think that was a good way to do it, looking back? Or do you think it would have been better to hit a few companies up?

I don’t know. You know, I kind of wish I had just done a couple of Anabolic videos, and I don’t know.

Tried a little more variety? You would have widened your exposure, obviously. But you didn’t really need a lot of exposure to be popular, because you did those movies, and people loved you, because you have this innocent face and you were just nasty. In a great way.

(she laughs) Nasty in a good way.

You, and Aurora Snow, and Gauge.

Is Gauge even around anymore?

She’s at the show. I don’t know if she does movies anymore, but she’s around.


We were actually right near her booth.


Were we?

We were almost to her booth when you got mobbed by another batch of fans.


But you guys all came in like, almost the exact same time.

Yeah, I was supposed to do a scene with Gage actually for Anabolic, but I never did.

But you all looked super, super young because you were all 18, 19 and you looked young, had natural bodies.


A little bit of tattoo work at a time where girls had fake tits and tattoos everywhere.


And people noticed right away.


Were you getting any feedback then or you were just out of the loop? Did you know how popular you were getting?

Um, not really. I mean, maybe if I lived in L.A. I would.

But you were kind of isolated.


And probably weren’t reading the Internet a whole lot then.

Yeah, not really.

Do you get a lot of feedback now, on the website?

Yeah. Definitely.

Have you found that most of the people who contact you on are new fans who found you through the website, or are they people who saw Oral Consumption and Gang Bang Girl?

Yeah, people from before.

So they’re following your porn career into the web.

Yes, the whole time.

So that’s cool.

Yeah, it’s just awesome.

So you saw on the floor today-

Yeah, that was so overwhelming! Jesus.

Some guy brought what, a stack of DVD covers because he read on my site, ‘She’s gonna be there,’ so okay, he’s gotta bring his stuff.

Yup. That was pretty cool.

There was one guy who was very upset, because that year he got his Anabolic poster signed by everybody, except you. And he kept coming back, over and over. So whoever that guy is, you should go to and bitch at her until she signs that poster.

(she laughs) I’ll sign it.

Get his ass down to Orlando, and get it signed. So, how long were you in Orlando before you came back? We’re doing like the whole history of Kacey here.

I think, um, I want to say almost a year, but it was probably eight months or something.

And Anabolic called again, and you went back?


And was that the Gang Bang auditions?

I believe so, either the second or third time I went out there.

That was Kacey and five guys. First time with that many guys, right?


Yeah. How was that? The scene looked great.

It was fun.

Was it fun?

Yeah, it was fun. Gang Bang Girl was definitely a new experience.

Was that the third time through?

I think so.

But that of course is a big honor. They don’t pick many Gang Bang Girls, and they picked you. You don’t think so. No? Not an honor? Was it a chore?

I don’t know. Well, yeah.

How many-was it 12?


Did you like all 12? I won’t ask you to name who you didn’t like. Did you like all 12 guys?


Did you get to hand-pick all 12 guys?

Some of them.


Some of them.

Not all of them.

Which is better than a lot of girls. A lot of girls get thrown out there and here’s your guys.


So who did you hand-pick?

Marcus. (she laughs)

Marcus, duh. Besides Marcus, who did you pick?

(she laughs) I don’t remember.

Alright, alright.

Jesus, my memory’s horrible!

Now is that the most guys you’ve ever had sex with at one time?


Would you ever do it again?


For the right amount of money?

A million dollars? (she laughs) So pretty much I’m never going to do one again.

Now in the Darkside, how many guys were there? Three or four? Or five? Not Darkside, the other one.



Oh, four.

Four guys. And Marcus again, and three other guys?

Marcus, Wesley Pipes. I don’t remember the other two.

Do you like Wesley’s personality?

He’s a little bit of a maniac.

He talks a lot.

(she laughs) Yeah. He’s all like super-hyper, and he’s a spaz. But he’s really nice.

He has a long dick. Do you like long or thick?

I prefer thickness over length.

So Marcus is definitely thick. But Wesley’s skinny, but really long.


Okay. Now what was your set-up for the Gangbang Girl? They always have the cute little set-up.

The car thing, the used car lot.

Oh yeah.

Did you watch it?

I watched it, but I watched it five years ago. I’ve watched 37 or 40 Gangbang Girls.


I’ve been watching it since you were born, probably!

(she laughs) Christ. Yeah, the used car lot thing.

Is that something you would ever do in real-life?

(she laughs) No.

And they gave you a crappy car in the end, didn’t they?

I don’t think they gave me a car. They fucked me over.

But I thought they gave you the keys to a crappy car.

Did they?

I think. I remember now, it was mostly on a couch inside the office, right? It was supposed to be like a car lot office?

I think so, I don’t know.


It was hot. Very hot. Yeah.

(she laughs) Yup.

So, other than Marcus, who are your favorite casts to work with?

Really, no one else.

Just Marcus?


How about girls?

Really, the only bigger starlet I’ve worked with is Jenna Haze, but I didn’t like that too much.

You didn’t like it? What happened, was it not a great experience?

She just annoyed me…a lot. Sorry! (she laughs)

No, what did Jenna do that was annoying? I’m sorry, what did Jenna do to you that was annoying?

Her voice.

I see.

Everything about her just drove me insane.

Was she good though? Does she eat pussy well? Not particularly?

No. Is that mean?

Okay. Well, that’s a diplomatic answer. Did she taste good?


Okay, so she just wasn’t that good with the girl/girl scene.


Do you think you’re more into girls than she is? Or you think she’s just lame?

She’s just lame. (she laughs) I do not like her. Sorry!

Wow, you don’t like a lot of people. You don’t like Everhard, you don’t like Lex, you don’t like Jenna Haze. You don’t like Jules Jordan. You don’t like Mr. Marcus.

I like Jules Jordan!

Now, since we brought him up-you’ve worked for him more than once, right?

I think two or three times.

He liked working with you.

Yeah, he’s awesome.

And you’ve worked with Joey Silvera.

Yeah, I love Joey.

Yeah, a kooky little scene. Joey’s scenes are always kinda odd.

He’s such a spaz, too, but he’s awesome.

He put you out on the street, right? Or no?


He does a lot of scenes putting girls on the sidewalk in skimpy little outfits.

He didn’t do that with me. Maybe he likes me more. Maybe I’m special with Joey.

Did he let you pick the guys?

Oh, Mark Davis! That’s my other favorite guy.

He was probably in all of those early Anabolic things with you.

I think he’s in Gangbang Girl. And he’s in a Joey Silvera’s scene with me.

So it was Mandingo, and Mark Davis, and somebody else we can’t remember.


Was the other guy good? Well, we can plug his name in later. ‘And that other guy.’

(she laughs) And that other guy. Does Mark Davis still do videos?

Sometimes. Not very often.

He’s old.

Yeah, he’s like my age.

How old are you?

No, no, I’m 38. He’s older than that.


Yeah, I’m old.

Shit, I’m fucking a 36-year-old. So you’re not that old! (she laughs)

Thanks! I’m not too old for Kacey to fuck. Or I’m almost not too old. I’m only two years too old for Kacey to fuck. And there was a time, another rumor was that you had stopped doing white guys.


That all you were doing was interracial.

Rumors, rumors, rumors.

I’m addressing it because all of these people are wondering is it true? Once you went black, did you go back?

Yes, I went back.

You went back and forth.

You know what I heard?


Once you go Mexican, you’ll never want sex again. (laughs)

Ohhh, no. What is that one that Jimmy and Kahn are always saying on the air? Once you go white, your box will stay tight?

(she laughs) That’s awesome.

Okay. So you did go back after black?


But you go back and forth, right?

Back and forth.

You like them both.

Yeah, but you know, I’ve never been with a black guy in my personal life.

Really? Only on film?

Only on film. Is that weird?

Now, the black guy you did for your website,


Is a he regular porn performer?


So, that’s almost like private life. I mean, he’s a civilian.

Yeah, kind of.

Could he be in porn?


Does he need some work, maybe? A little more experience?

Some length.

Oooh, oh, wait a second, now how big was he?

Small, for a black guy. Apparently all black guys don’t have huge dicks.

Were you surprised when you saw his dick?


Because if you’ve never had sex with a black guy in your personal life, that means you’ve worked with porn black guys. Mandingo, Wesley Pipes, Marcus.


And of those guys, Marcus is the smallest, and he’s pretty big. (laughs)

He’s the smallest?

Well, the shortest.

The shortest? (she laughs)


He’s the shortest in height, too.

Well, that’s true. So were you surprised to see that this guy didn’t whip out?

Yeah, definitely.

Were you disappointed? Does it show in the scene? Can we see in your eyes, ‘Aw, man!’

No. It was definitely still fun.

‘I could have hired a white boy for this.’

(she laughs) I don’t know, but I need to get Marcus on my fucking website. That’s all I know.

Well, you know, we’ll talk to his people.


You were talking to his people last night.

(she laughs) I was wasted.

A little bit, a little bit.

A little bit? (she laughs)

So we want to get Marcus on


So, Marcus, write to Kacey. Kacey wants to fuck you again.


Do you think maybe he’s bored of fucking you?


(he laughs) No, but he hasn’t called you, in how many years?

He doesn’t have my phone number anymore. And I don’t have his.

Don’t you feel rejected? Don’t you feel sad?

Are you trying to make me feel bad? (she laughs)

Just a little. Because you wouldn’t tell me.

Marcus still loves me!

Marcus probably does still love you.


But he loves everybody, so don’t feel special.

No, only me.

Alright. We should probably move forward.


If you could pick one scene you’ve done, we’ll do videos then we’ll do your website, one of your video scenes that you think was the hottest, which would it be?

I’m still going to have to say Gangland 33, just because that’s the one I enjoyed the most.

Was it just the four guys worked the best?

Everyone had an awesome vibe, and all of us had a few drinks beforehand, so it was just awesome. I loved it.

Would you continue the scene when it was over, after the cameras were off?


You would have been just like, ‘Okay, get the crew out of here, we’ll finish up?’


Have you ever done that?



Well, with Marcus maybe.

Have you fucked Marcus in your private life, maybe?

He’s the only black guy I’ve fucked in my private life. But I don’t really consider it that.

Okay. Well, yeah, because it was a business contact.

Right. But I’ve fucked him off-camera before.

Okay, is he the only guy? In your 50 movies, the only guy you ever fucked off-camera was Marcus?


Did he love it?


You’re in love with this man. Now, for the website, what do you think would be the hottest scene?

Do you really want me to tell you?

Yes, of course!

Getting fucked from behind, on all fours, and my head’s in the toilet, and getting fucked in the ass. I think it’s so hot. (she laughs)

Did you think it was hot at the time?

Yes! I’m all into that.


Which part? Getting fucked in the ass or having your head in the toilet?


Well, we can go finish the interview on that. You want me to go put your head in the toilet?

No! (she laughs)

That would make for some cool audio. Echo. I can just like spank your ass with your head in the toilet, I can’t fuck you in the ass.




Well, I might be right now, and you wouldn’t even know it. I’m actually in your ass right now, and you can’t even feel it.


Yeah. That’s how good I am. Okay, so that scene was your favorite because it’s what, just nasty?

Yeah, it was so dirty and just hot. Completely hot.

Is that with a local Florida guy? Whose idea was it for that scene? Was it yours or his?

Mine. I have a dirty mind.

Did it evolve into the toilet?

No, that was planned out.

Was that inspired by real-life events?


Did it happen in real-life and you were like, ‘I like this!’

Well, I’d done it before.

Was it a clean toilet?

Yes, it was clean! We poured rum in the toilet to make it look like piss. (she laughs)

You’re a very dirty girl.

I know.

What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever done? Besides Marcus’ toes?

Piss stuff.

Did you get pissed on or did you do the pissing?

Pissed on. I have to have a lot of drinks to do that, I can’t just do that.

Do you prefer girls or guys to pee on you?

I’ve never had a girl pee on me.

So you like guys peeing on you.


Would you like a girl to pee on you?


We’ll tell Aurora later.


You should really try to get her, because she really has trouble peeing on camera.

Does she?

She’s really shy about it.


She’s done it, but it took her a long time.


So that’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done.


Was there anybody through out the five years that you didn’t get to work with? Other than Marcus-although you worked with Marcus, you want him for Was there anybody you missed working with?

That I wanted to, that I just haven’t?


Tegan. I told you that! You were supposed to introduce me to her and you didn’t. Was she there?

She was gone by the time you got here. She left after the Awards Show. She’s looking good.

I’m mad at you then.

You weren’t there!

Didn’t she pop out a kid?

Yeah, two months ago. She has a nice, flat tummy. She looks good. I’ll show you the pictures later. And she owes me a blowjob. Two.


Two, yeah.


I know.

She owes me pussy licking.

I collect them like baseball cards.

So what do I owe you?

You’re doing it. You don’t owe me anything. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, you owe me that blowjob, remember?

Sure, that one.

Right, that one, you know, that one from that time.

Right, I remember.

Good, just a few more drinks and that’ll make sense.

Right. (she laughs)

Now, you said earlier you like sucking dick. Speaking of blowjobs, is that still your favorite thing to do?


Has it always been your favorite thing to do?

No. But can you believe I had intercourse before sucking dick?

I can believe it. At 16, I can believe it.

Yeah. And I didn’t like it at first.



What didn’t you like?

I don’t know, it was just weird for me. But now, that’s absolutely my favorite thing to do.

When did it become your favorite thing to do?

When I was 17. (she laughs)

So it didn’t take you very long to start liking it.

No, not at all.

Is that your favorite thing to do on camera?

Yeah, definitely.

Which makes sense, you did Oral Consumption.


But you were doing more than sucking dick. Do you do stuff like that on Are you licking on toes and licking asses?

Ass-licking, no toe-sucking.

Who had the worst-tasting ass in porn?

No one, if everyone showers.

Who had the best-tasting ass in porn?

I don’t know! Christ. (laughs)


I hope everyone tastes like soap.



Have there ever been any really horrible experiences with ass-licking?


Like someone farts?


No? None of that?


What else? What else should we talk about?

I don’t know, what should we talk about?

Now you’re on the floor today. Right now, you’re not really looking to shot movies. You’re looking to shoot for

Yup, just my website.

But maybe the right project, you’d be interested?

The right price, the right project.

The right guys?

The right guys.


Marcus, again.

Let’s say you were going to shoot another four-man scene for whoever. Tell me who I should call to work with you. Marcus, and what other three?

Mark Davis.

Even though he’s old? You said he was old.

I know, but I still love him. He’s awesome.

So Marcus, Davis.

I don’t know who else. Those are my two favorite guys.

Any other two guys?

Yup. Black guys.

So Davis is the only white guy?



That’d be kinda hot. Three black guys and one white guy, and a little white girl like me?

I’m not that into that. I wouldn’t like three black guys and one white guy with me. But that’s just me, you know? But you’re different from me. You’re kinda nasty that way.


But, three black girls and a white girl would work. How about you, me and three black girls?


Not so into the black girls, or not so into me?

Black girls. (she laughs)

Ooh, what a good answer. Alright, really quick, height?






34 C. I don’t know anything else.

And natural still, five years later?

Yup, always will be.


I promise.

Your word, on tape?

I promise, I do not like fake tits.

Do you try to shoot girls for with natural tits?

The girl on there that I hate has fake tits, but actually hers weren’t that bad.

It’s probably hard to find natural tits.


Girls who will do porn.

Yeah, unfortunately.

And you have the tattoo back here that I’ve been rubbing for the last hour. Any others? I don’t see any, you’re naked. Oh, okay, what is this for?

It doesn’t mean anything.

It’s just pretty?

Yup. And this one.

Any more? Okay, that’s a heart. And the one on the back, is that a special symbol?

It’s a girl’s face.

Okay, well, I’ve never seen it up close.

Have you never seen my ass, Roger?

No, I’ve actually never seen your tattoo. I’ve seen your ass a lot. Oh, is it anyone special?

No. It’s from my favorite band.

What’s this lettering on your back and this round spot here?! So, is that about it? Did we do it?


You’re working for the website, some special projects. I mean, do you have anyone in mind that you’d like to call if they’re reading this?

I’d definitely work for Anabolic again, of course, because I got along with them really good.

And Jules Jordan?



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