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INTERVIEW: Alicia Alighatti

Alicia Alighatti

Last day of AEE, everyone is exhausted, but I am here with Alicia Alighatti. Would you spell that for everyone trying to find you on the web right now.


Nice job picking a name that no one can spell. Does it have any special meaning?

At the time I got into the business I was reading Dante, but I figured that using his name wouldn’t be good so I added a few letters.

Intellectual, nice. And the glasses with braces is a good look.

Yeah, a fourteen year old look.

If all fourteen year olds looked like, we would be in trouble. Where are you from?

I grew up in Pennsylvania, then moved to Virginia for four years and then out to L.A.

Did you move specifically to make movies?

Yes. I had been doing movies for a while and traveling back and forth. That just got to be too much. Spending five hundred dollars to fly out every time was ridiculous.

How do you like California?

I love it. The only thing that drives me crazy is the traffic.

When did you move out?

About eight months ago.

So this is your first California winter. How do you like 87 degrees on January 5th?

I love it.

Somehow all of the things that people hate about California go away in January. Traffic sucks though.

I hate the traffic.

Do you live in the Valley?

No, I live in Hollywood so I have to dive into the Valley.

But you like everything else?

I do. I love the weather.

What about the people?

The people are fine. The people are nicer back home, especially in Virginia. You get that whole southern thing, but there is nothing to do there. There is just a lot of cows and green.

Are you out here for a while?

I don’t know if I’m going to live here the rest of my life, but I’m going to finish college here.

So you’re a student now?

Alicia Alighatti

I’m in junior college now, but I am going to try to transfer to UCLA.

Has anyone in class recognized you?

No. When I have no make up on, my hair pulled back and a hat on, I don’t look like a porn star.

Even now you don’t really have that look. What are you studying?

I was studying international relations and French. I’m not sure what I will be majoring in so I’m taking mostly general ed classes.

How many movies have you been?

I have no idea. I have been for a little more than a year and I work about five days a week.

So that’s a lot.

Quite a few.

You have done a few Anabolic/Diabolic movies I see.

I did A2M 5 which was on the rental charts for quite a while.

Is ass to mouth something you did in your private life?

I had actually never had anal sex before the business. I tried it and loved it so much that I went a little crazy. I got hurt doing it. I stopped doing it and we are going to wait a bit until I heal and then go back to it.

What else should people look for?

I won two awards last night for “Darkside.”

What for?

For Best BJ and Best Group scene. It was a lot of fun shooting that movie.

Any other movies stand out?

“Spanking the Bad Girl” from DVSX. Bobby Manila shot it with me and Tommy Gunn.

Did you get spanked?

Yes I did.

And do you like that.

Yes I do.

Are you a bad girl?

I like to consider myself a closet freak. I am really nice and innocent on the outside, but once I get going I become a completely different person.

What were you like growing up?Alicia Alighatti

I was very aggressive. I always played with the boys, I rode horses all the time. I was used to bossing around 1200 pounds of horse flesh. So some 150 pound boy trying to tell me what to do made me laugh. I was not a girlie girl who played with dolls.

Would the people you few up with be shocked to see what you’re doing?

They have already seen it and they were shocked and yet not that surprised. I was always very adventurous.

But you weren’t a big slut or anything?

Not until college. I hit college and went a little wild.

How many guys?

I honestly have no idea. I slept with a good number of guys though.

Did you re-define the freshman fifteen?

Yeah, you could say that.

Have any of those guys contacted you?

Yes, a bunch of them have.

That must be fun?

Shooting them down is fun.

The ones who are dicks anyway.

Right. They can kiss my ass.

I’m sure they would.

They do. When I go home they want to take me out and buy me all these drinks. Fine, spend your money on me.

How is normal sex different than porn sex?

For me, it’s more intense. I do really off the wall scenes, but in private life it is even more intense. I have to have it that way. Normal sex just doesn’t turn me on any more. I like to be choked, have my hair pulled and my ass spanked.

How tall are you?





Alicia Alighatti

Yep, all me.

Are they going to stay that way?

Oh yeah.

Promise, on tape.

I promise on tape, you have my word.

Brunette hair, great long legs, gives great scenes.

Thank you.

Who was the guy who did your first anal?

Michael Stefano.

So not huge, but not small either.

It was so good. I was scared. We booked it as a standard boy/girl and I said I would do the anal if I thought I could. I thought about it the whole night. I didn’t eat, and when we started to warm up it felt really good. He made me cum during the warm up and it was on after that.

Who is the biggest guy you’ve worked with?

Shane Diesel who is like a Coke can.

How was that?

It actually hurt. It was too much. I like him a lot and we had great chemistry, but I just couldn’t enjoy it.

So it is possible for dicks to be too big.

Oh yes.

Is it possible for a dick to be too small?


How small is too small?

The Minion from Anabolic.

What if he had good skills otherwise?

What do you mean otherwise?

If he ate great pussy and was a good lay.

I still need at least an average sized dick.

If you choose the perfect dick size onto your dream guy, what would it be?

Honestly, Michael Stefano has the perfect cock. It’s about eight inches, perfectly shaped no curve.

He’s a little bigger than average.

Yeah, just a little.

Alicia Alighatti

So you do interracial, have you had any negative feedback on that?

No. I haven’t really talked to anyone about it?

Was that something new to you?

No. I dated black guys before.

But you came back?

It isn’t always all that they say it is.

Does it depend on the guy?

Yeah it really does.

If Shane is too thick, what about someone like Lex?

I can’t say for sure because I haven’t worked with him, but I am guessing it would be too long.

Obviously if I ask you who your favorite guys are, Michael’s name is going to come up again.

Yes. The best scene I ever did was a DP with Michael and Manuel Ferrara. I came so hard I was shaking. Manuel and I both speak French so I we were talking to each other the whole time.

Is he the sort of guy you would normally be attracted to?

Not really. I either have chemistry with a guy or I don’t. It isn’t about a type.

What about girls?

Penny Flame. I love her. She won Best Actress for Darkside. I told her I was leaving my boyfriend for her.

Why don’t you keep the boyfriend and bring Penny into the mix?

Because I’m jealous and don’t want to share her.

Any others?

Alicia Alighatti

Alicia Angel and I have been all over each other, but we haven’t worked together yet.

Are there any guys on your wish list?

I don’t really know any of the guys I haven’t already worked with.

You said you did DP scenes. Is that something you did before the business?

No, I had never even done anal.

Before porn what was the most guys you ever had sex with at once?

Just two.

A boyfriend and a guy?

No, two guys I picked up at a party.

Have you had more than two in porn?

Yeah, I had four.

How was that?

It was actually a lot of work trying to coordinate everyone. There are only so many places to put it.

Do you prefer one on one?

My favorite scenes are boy/girl/girl because I get to play with both.

The two college guys you banged after the party, how comfortable were they with it?

They were very comfortable.

Were they too comfortable?

No, there was no gay thing going on.

Did you ever see them after that?

Alicia Alighatti

Yeah, I still see them from time to time.

How often do they ask to do it again?


They want to come back.

You did some work for Steve Steele ( where you got to pretend to be hypnotized.

That was a lot of fun.

Have you had a lot of chances to act in features?

No really and I would like to. I didn’t really have dialog in “Darkside.” I did “Dream Teens” for Hannah Harper and had a few lines in that.

So you would like to do more of that?

Yeah. Book me.

Have you done in acting outside of porn?

Just a few plays in college. I really didn’t have time, but I enjoyed the few I did.

Have you done a lot of interviews?

Not really. I’ve done a few by phone.

Is this the best?

I guess, sure.

What is the dumbest question you have been asked?

From an interviewer or a fan?


I had a fan come in and ask me how many guys I’ve slept with. I don’t know. I’ve been in like 100 movies. I stopped counting. I can’t think of one that an interview asked.

Do you have a web site?

Not yet, I’m just on MySpace.

How many different ways have you seen your name spelled on box covers?

Oh my God. When I search for myself I have to do like eight different spellings.

Do they always get Alicia right?

No, some of them spell it with an “sh.”

So will you have a web site soon?

I don’t know how soon. Right now I’m so busy working and with school that I don’t have time to get it done right.

Any tattoos or piercings?

Only my ears.

Any plans for some?

No. I don’t like sharp pain so I don’t think I could handle that.

Is there anything I forgot to ask you about?
Alicia Alighatti

I don’t think so.

Then let’s take some pictures and we’ll be done.

Great, thanks.

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