Official Psycho Parody


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Official Psycho Parody
124 Mins.
Zero Tolerance


DIRECTOR: Gary Orona
THEMES: Parody, Hookers
STARS: Sara Sloane, Ryan McLane, Kagney Linn Karter, Breanne Benson, Michael Vegas, Katie Jordin, Francesca Le, Dane Cross, Lee Stone, Mark Wood, Eric Masterson


I suppose it was only a matter of time before Hitchcock got a porn parody. (With a name like that, why not?) Sara Sloane and Ryan McLane take the leads in Al’s most famous scream fest. Though we have scene the infamous shower scene parodied at least a hundred times, this should be interesting. One can only imagine what is going to happen in the shower and what will be washed down the sink. As usual, the mix of porn and horror is a fine line to be walked. No one wants core with their stroke material. (OK, I can’t so “no one”, but not many.) The story and feel of the movie is pretty true to the original. It would be tough to do Hitchcock properly, but I do applaud the effort here. The script is good with a few laughs thrown in for good measure. I loved the lighting and music. They have done a great job of re-creating Psycho for a XXX audience. Sexually the movie is decent and the scenes stay within the feel of the flick. (Especially in the bonus black & white version.) Sara Sloane is the hottest chick in the movie. She plays her role perfectly, but sadly is in just one scene. Kagney Linn Karter and Francesca Le also provide single-scene highlight fucks with Katie Jordin and Breanne Benson rounding out the cast. Overall, the Official Psycho Parody is a very good movie that will keep you interested, make you smile and ultimately make you wish that they had kept Sara alive long enough to get fucked a second time.

Katie Jordin, Eric Masterson & Dane Cross

Helping her boss close a big client, Katie volunteers for a little “afternoon delight” at the office. The guys help strip her down to her hose, bra and heels before Eric dives in and makes a meal of her lovely pink folds. They turn her over on the desk so that Dane can puts his meat in her eager mouth. Katie is very cute and does a pretty good job of keeping both men happy at once. Spinning her around they switch ends so Eric gets head while Dane works over her shaved pussy. I am sure that Katie has great typing skills, but clearly her biggest assets to the company are her tight pussy and her willingness to give it up. They splatter her pretty face with a double shot of cream to seal the deal.

Sara Sloane & Ryan McClane

Giving the original a hilarious twist, Normal ends up getting lucky with his beautiful guest. Sara is sexy, funny and totally campy as she leads him right to her shaved love box. The action is highly stylized here and totally hot. Sara looks gorgeous and is thrilled to see the hard cock he has waiting for him inside of those frilly panties. The BJ is fantastic as she takes charge and never slips out of character as she rides his dick. The way she fits perfectly into the vintage look. I think she would be perfect in a “Mad Men” parody. Watching her squat on his cock is pure strokeable smut that should not be missed. He flips her over and shoots his load all over her stomach. This is a strange way to lead into the shower scene that made Psycho famous, but it works.

Kagney Linn Karter & Lee Stone

Taking a break from investigating the missing girl, private dick Lee Stone enjoys the company of a hot blonde hooker. Kagney is perfect in this role wit her legs up in the air and a big smile on her brightly painted lips. His tongue gets her warmed up and then she just inhales his cock. It rises quickly as she sucks the head and strokes the shaft. Kagney is really good with her mouth and likes the way his dick pushes deep into her pussy. She throws her legs out and just lets him pound her like crazy. The fuck me pumps and hairstyle fit the feel of the movie and the balls to the wall sexual heat is plenty good. When she gets on top Kagney works her hips really fast and has her ass bouncing like you wouldn’t believe. That’s skill my friends and it’s visually pleasing to say the least. She slides off of the bed to let him jerk his cock right off into her waiting mouth. Whatever he paid her, Lee got his money’s worth from this hot hooker.

Francesca Le & Mark Wood

The local sheriff isn’t too worried about investigating the disappearance. He is too busy doing a little cross-dressing and nailing his hot girlfriend. Francesca likes the way her man looks in heels and takes his cock into her mouth to get it ready for some naughty fun. Great as always, she gives an expert BJ and then spreads her legs some for some oral attention of her own. She fucks him hard enough in reverse cowgirl to actually work up a serious sweat. That’s nothing short of blistering hot my friends. This hall of fame performer once again proves that she is always good for a strokeworthy scene. He shoots all over the heels and then watches as Francesca cleans the load off with her mouth.

Breanne Benson & Michael Vegas

Going in search of her sister, Breanne ends up fucking sis’ boyfriend. Hey, you’re sure your loved one has been killed and you’re hanging out under the same roof with a madman, why not boff? He gets her down to her bra and panties quickly and then takes his time enjoying her smooth skin. I don’t know how a guy gets over Sara, but I guess this is a good start. He leans her against the bed and kneels to sample the treats she has between her legs. She drops to the floor and bobs her head to take his meat between her lips. The action is good here with some nice lighting to fit the feel of the movie. After Sara, Kagney and Francesca, Breanne doesn’t quite match their enthusiasm. Her cowgirl is very good though with hard hip movements and some great eye candy. She’s a cutie. They go for some hot standing doggy in the center of the bed. This may have started a little slow, but it finishes strong. Really nice facial finish here as well.

Bonus: BTS, Trailers, Gallery, Popshots and a second disc featuring the complete movie in black and white.

this new cock in a way that has her squeaking every time he hits bottom. She likes being a dirty girl while


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