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I have with me the lovely Luci Thai.

Good to see you again Roger.

This is our second interview and you are looking great as always.

Thank you.

You have been working very hard for the last year.

Absolutely. Very hard.

Since we covered your history last time, let’s get right to the things you’ve been doing in the last twelve months.

I’ve been doing lots of movies and I’m back here signing autographs again this year.

Have the fan reaction been any different this year?

It has been the same.

Everybody loves you.

Of course they do.

I have this lovely calendar from Anabolic, let’s find your picture.

It’s tragic.

But it lists a bunch of movies you have been in. There is a picture of you with five dicks in your face. What movie was this from?

That was a mini gang bang and it looks like my Gangbang Auditions scene.

That is a whole lot of happy dick and one smiling Luci. How was that scene?

I don’t remember. I know that it’s crazy any time I do a gangbang scene so I’m sure it was wild.

Do you like them?

They are OK. I prefer one on one scenes. I’m a romantic kind of girl.

That explains why you have made so many Anabolic movies.

Yeah, because they are so romantic.

LuciThai About how many movies have you done?

I would say that I’ve done about a hundred.

In how long?

In about a year and a half.

You have been a busy girl.

Very busy.

And you do pretty much anything right?

Pretty much. No double anal yet. I shouldn’t say yet though because I am not going to do that.

Not ever?

No. I can barely take one, why try two?

What about a standard DP?

That’s fine.

One in each hole works for you?

That’s perfect. I love it.

You have to save something for your wedding night.

Right, double anal has to be saved.

It’s going to be a big night for the groom and another lucky guy.

Yes it will.

For those who don’t know, what is your ethnic background?

I am Cambodian and Thai. LuciThai

Do you speak both languages?

I know a little Cambodian but no Thai so to the fans who come up and speak Thai to me, sorry. I don’t understand it.

Clear this up for us. Is Lily Thai related to you?

No she is not. I have a sister in the business. Her name is Nyla Thai

Is she older or younger than you?

She is one year younger. I am twenty, she is nineteen.

Did she follow you into the business?

Pretty much.

Did you try to stop her?

She is her own person. It wouldn’t have mattered if I tried to stop her. She would have done it anyway.

Have you done any movies together?

A couple.

Were you in the same scene together?

Yes, but we weren’t doing anything with each other.

Is that something that has only happened on camera?

Oh yeah, we barely even hug off camera.

So you haven’t shared a guy off camera?

No, never.

Had you ever had sex with the same guy at different times?


But now you have.

In the business yes.

Do the guys compare you? LuciThai

All the time.

Who do they say is better?

Me of course. I think it’s kind of rude when they say “I think you’re better than your sister.” She is my sister after all.

Are you better though?

Of course. She knows it. Ask her.

So it’s OK for you to say that you’re better than she is, but it’s not OK for guys to say it?

That’s right. I can say it and she can say it, but other people shouldn’t.

What makes you better than her?

I’m a better performer in general. I am into my scenes and I know how to perform. She is more into making love and having a calm scene.

You don’t like to make love?

I love to make love in my personal life, but I know how to go wild on camera.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you kidding? Don’t you see this ring on my finger?

I do see a huge ring on your finger. LuciThai

I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have a fiancé.

That’s just the engagement ring?

Yeah. It’s going to get bigger. I’m a very lucky girl.

He’s pretty lucky too.

Yes he is.

Is he in the business?

No. I don’t think he wants to be in the business. He said he wants to do a scene with me, but not with anyone else.

Would you be OK if he did a scene with someone else?

I would kill him. This engagement means no more for him.

So it’s OK for you to go out and fuck other guys, but he can’t fuck other girls?

Of course. It’s all about me.

Would it be safe to say that you’re a bit of a princess?

Not at all. I’m just well taken care of it. It’s worth it for him because I’m worth it.

How long have you been engaged?

About two years now. We won’t be getting married until 2008.

So you were engaged when you got into the business?


Is that something you talked about?

We talked about it. I’m not going to put my personal business out there, but we still talk about it. Let’s leave it at that.

After the wedding will you stop performing? LuciThai

Of course not. Nothing is going to stop me. Not even kids.

So you plan to be around for a while.

Oh yeah. I want to be bigger than I am right now.

You are getting noticed these days.

I want to be bigger. I want to be up there with Jenna and Tera Patrick.

Who are your favorite performers to work with?

I love working with good performers who know what they are doing. I like working with Talon, John Strong and Michael Stefano because they all know what they are doing.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with, but would like to?

Not really.

What about girls?

I love working with Nyomi Marcella. She is great.

Have you worked with her a lot?

Only in one movie, but we are good friends.

Does being friends make it easier to do a scene or harder?

Much easier.

Have you had fun off camera?

No. It’s strictly off camera. Neither of us are that into girls off camera.

You aren’t that into girls? LuciThai

No. I prefer men.

One man in particular.

Yes. Off camera I am relaxed and faithful.

But on camera?

On camera I can be as wild and dirty as anyone.

Do you like working with big dicks, little dicks or in between?

Little dicks of course.

So can a dick be too big for you?

Hell yeah. Mandingo is too big.

Small to average works better for you?

Yes it does. I enjoy it more so the scene is better if I’m not in pain.

Do you have a web site.

What will fans see there?

Not a whole lot right now. I am working on the site right now. It will grow really soon.

There are some pictures of you on my web site in one of the Rog Rules shirts.

In the white tank top, I remember. LuciThai

We need some new ones?

Sure, that’s a good idea.

You said you wanted to be around for a while. Do you want a contract?

Not really. I would prefer to work for everyone.

Do you want to do any features?

I prefer gonzo. I’m not into memorizing dialog or being on set all day.

You just want to fuck?

Exactly. I want to fuck and go home so I can relax.

What about dancing?

No, not at all.

What about working behind the camera, maybe shooting your own stuff.

That sounds great, but right now I want to concentrate on what I can do in front of the camera.

If someone hasn’t seen one of your movies what would you want them to see first?

Any of the movies I have done for Anabolic. I love working for them.

How tall are you?

Five-One and I’m a hundred pounds now.


I’m a 34b-24-34.

Just a B?

Yes, only a B cup.

They look bigger.

Probably because I’m small.

And they are natural. LuciThai

Yes, all mine.

Absolutely fantastic by the way.

Thank you so much.

Are you going to stay natural?

Not forever, no. After kids or later I want to get them bigger.

But natural for a while?

Yes for a while.

You have some tattoos yes?

Yes, a butterfly and this one on my arm.

Do you want to get more?

No. I regret having these done.

When did you get them done?

When I was sixteen.

Why do you regret them?

I just prefer the innocent, natural look.

You still have that going for you.

Thanks, I try.

Do you feel any differently about the business now that you’ve had a whole year in between shows?

No. I feel the same. I’m still happy with it.

Have you had any bad experiences?

None at all.

Have the fans been respectful and polite?

Yes. If you let them know that you’re in charge, then they respect you.

You were signing over there next to Nautica Thorn. She is very cute.

She is totally hot.

Have you worked with her?

Not yet, but it would be a good scene.

How about with a guy?

That would work.

What about with me?

That could be fun. We should hook that up and make it happen.

I think that’s a good way to end this so thank you Luci and good luck.

Thank you.

Luci Thai’s Movies

6 Responses to “Interview: Lucy Thai”

  1. JS69 says:

    Hey Roger, what is Luci (Dev) doing now? Does she plan on escorting again? I hope so. Did she make out all right with the DUI or is that still pending? I think Luci is the most gorgeous woman on planet earth. I would like to see her do a scene with more dialogue although back when this interview was done she wasn’t interested in scenes with dialogue. The one scene that I know of, when she finds her neighbor sleeping on her couch, gives you a sense of just how sexy the right scene with dialogue would be for Luci. Her voice is beyond sexy and spectacular and having her be in a scene where she is seduced or doing the seducing would be sensational and a huge seller. I only wish I could have the opportunity to direct her in a series of scenes that I already have worked out. Enough scenes to create an entire DVD which would be such a huge seller. I know of so many many guys that are obsessed with Luci even to this day. Any response you have for her fans would be appreciated Rog. Thanks in advance.

  2. says:

    I hope she stops makeing moveis and focuses on her life shes a beautiful woman who has much more talent than to be sulting around. The whole porno bissness is degradeing to woman all over the world and im a man. In fact im 19 years old. my Email Is feel free to email me anyone so we can discuss what i spoke about if you dissagree with me email me,

  3. Farty Fartsalot says:

    She kinda seems like a bitch…

  4. Gary says:

    She does come across as kind of stuck up and even a little brooding. I also get the sense that she’s a very stubborn person, which could be a reason we don’t see many more vids of her b/c she never wanted to contract.

  5. Tom says:

    I am straight but would definitely love to rub another dick along with mine inside her

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