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Hello my good friends and welcome to a world that can’t possibly exist. If your feet seem a little chilly that is just Hell freezing over. No not because John Kerry won the election (He hasn’t yet. At the time of this writing he is still four days away from victory) but because the Boston Red Sox have finally beat the curse and picked up a World Series championship. More on that later. Just remember everyone, as you read this, don’t look up. You never know what kind of farm animal droppings might be falling from the sky. (Cows or pigs most likely.) Keeping with a baseball theme though, we have more free agent moves than the winter moves this month. It seems that every company has signed a new director this month. They are all ramping up for the trek to Vegas in January.

I hope that any of you in Boston have been able to survive the shock of actually winning for the first time in eighty-six years. At least it seems that the city has managed to survive without burning to the ground and that is a good thing. It was an amazing season for the Sox, highlighted by the 0-3 comeback against the Yanks and topped off by a thorough ass-kicking of a really good Cardinal line-up. Hats off the Sox pitchers, especially Schilling who nutted up like a fucking monster and looked great. I hope everyone can enjoy the beauty of this moment and I want to personally thank the Red Sox for giving me a moment I have been waiting for since I was eight years old.

Now that baseball season is over it is time for the free agent market to blow up. Porn beat them to the punch by making all kinds of roster moves. Usually it is contract girls who move from company to company, but right now directors are the hot commodities and they are moving around pieces on a chess board. The biggest move involves one of the pioneers of gonzo porn, Ben Dover. After years of making movies for VCA, the randy Brit has jumped over to Kick Ass Pictures. His first release, “Ben Dover’s Kick Ass Adventures” has been selling like hotcakes and a second installment is slated for mid-December. Though the move has left a big hole at the top of the VCA gonzo roster, Ben’s former protégés Super Mario and Big Omar will do their part to pick up the slack.

Perhaps the reason for the lack of movement among adult talent lately is because so many of them are in or are heading to the maternity ward. Bridgette Kerkove just recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Work is that she will be back in front of a camera before too long. Also ready to add their families are recently retired porn babes Serenity and Wendi Knight. Best wishes to all three women, their adoring partners and to the beautiful young babies they are bringing into the world.

The grass isn’t even dry on the baseball fields and we are already kicking off the NBA season. With the power shift moving from the West to the East last season and the crumbling of the Laker empire we should see a lot of good stuff this year. Houston, Orlando and Dallas will be a lot of fun to watch, but I say that the road to the title will go through Minnesota and Detroit. Though I missed my baseball predictions (I had the Yankees taking the series from the Cubs) I am ready to go out on a limb and pick the T’Wolves in 7 games over the Pistons.

Video Team lost both its top contract directors this month. First on the list is eccentric auteur David Aaron Clark. Though he is best known for his extreme Asian girl fetish (A damn good thing if you ask me) Clark has made some very original movies for Video Team. His “Asia Noir” and “AZN Super Idols” movies are a fine mix of hot sex, Eastern philosophy and whatever else is going through Clark’s twisted mind. They also show off his original vision for what smut can be. It will be interesting to see how well he fits in with the Madness look.

For most people it would be more than enough to be considered the father of gonzo porn or to run a successful company. John Stagliano isn’t most people. After years of owning the gonzo market, he threw all of his energies into a feature, “The Fashionistas” that swept every award imaginable. The DVD was just as successful and ground breaking, but even that wasn’t enough for John. He took his masterpiece to the City of Sin, Las Vegas and turned it into a stage show. The show debuted last month at Krave, an alternative-lifestyle club on the strip. Following the plot of the movie, Fashionistas is sexy if not as racy as some would expect from an adult film pioneer. Opening to positive reviews, Stagliano has shown us all that he is capable of anything short of getting the Cubs to the World Series. I doubt if even he can weave that kind of magic.

Van Styles is the other Video Team director to find work elsewhere. He has joined the Hustler team. With Clive McLean, Ray Anderson, Mark Kismet and Denis Marti already on board, Hustler has a great collection of directors already and Styles will bring something fresh to the table. With both Clark and Styles gone, Video Team is left with huge holes and no one is quite sure how or if they will attempt to fill them.

Adding to a growing list of companies under its distribution umbrella, Pure Play Media has added a very big name to its roster. After Private closed their North American wing (Private USA) they teamed with Pure Play for a distribution trade. Pure Play will distribute Private products here while Private will push Pure Play’s product in Europe. On the heels of the Private move, Pure Play also inked a deal to distribute product from Danni’s Hard Drive. Already one of the most successful soft-core girls in the world, Danni will be working on her hard-core girl/girl with the new distribution company. In addition to Private, Pure Play currently distributes product from Seymore Butts, Score Group, Simon Wolf and Score Group just to name a few.

John T Bone has bounced around quite a bit in recent years. He has been making some interesting features for New Sensations and has now signed and exclusive gonzo contract with Phoenix. “I have this incredible access to some of the most beautiful women found anywhere and I simply could not obtain enough release positions with New Sensations to justify more production in South America”, stated T. Bone when asked about the reason for a new gonzo deal with Phoenix Releasing. “New Sensations is truly one of the greatest companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In fact they just released the latest volume of my ‘Domina’ movie line last week which is selling very well.” The move adds a proven veteran smut-master to the ever-growing list of talent amassed by Phoenix.

Digital Playground hasn’t had time to shoot their new contract girl Teagan Pressley yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing titles with the teen superstar on the cover. Anchoring a new Robby D Line “Jack’s Teen America” Teagan gives an amazing anal performance and is joined by Nautica Thorn, Jayna Oso and other teen beauty contestants for one of the hottest all-sex movies of the year.

Shane is back and making movies for Phoenix as well. Best known for her work with Seymore Butts and then for creating her own gonzo line with “Shane’s World” the spunky sex goddess is behind the camera for Shane TV. “My life is really great now, but I missed hanging out with the friends who like to get naked and have sex. I thought this would be a great first step for me to test the waters once again”, offered the blond LA cutie. Though she is married now and keeping herself out of the sexual action. Shane is trying to bring the same energy and spontaneity to her movies that she offered to the legions of devoted strokers who loved every one of her on-screen romps.

With all of the directors coming and going, Wicked decided to get into the act and re-upped with a contract girl at the same time. Last Years Best New Starlet Storm, has signed a deal keeping her with Wicked for another year. She has made quite a splash and won over legions of fans with her good looks and hot performances. More than just a performer, Stormy is a true triple threat, writing and directing for the company as well. She stars in Wicked’s first interactive series and her directorial debut “One Night in Vegas” will hit stores in lane January. It looks like it is going to be a very busy year for the beautiful blonde bombshell.

As November rolls along, the Rog Reviews Fan Faves poll will weed out the challengers and eventually crown winners in the Best Female, Best Male, Best Newbie, Best Director and Best Company categories. Anyone who wishes to vote in the polls must register at Hopefully we will have a high voter turn out this year without any need for the courts to get involved.

By the time I speak to everyone again the Rog polls will be almost done, but we may still not know who won the national election. Hopefully everyone will get out there and vote. Read all you can, consider the issues and pick the candidate who best matches what you want in a leader. Whatever happens, I will keep following things in Porn Valley and no matter what anyone says, I doubt if the sky will actually fall between now and then. If it does then we can all dig out together. Until next time, get involved and then get along.

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