New Release: Grudge Fuck From Dvsx

Grudge Fuck

Directed by Guy Capo
Starring: Vicky Vette, Shayna Knight, Katrina Kraven, Jennifer Luv, Selena Silver, Olivia O’Lovely, Gen Padova


Wanna’ get back at someone, just out of spite? Need a new way to settle a dispute? Nothing evens the score like a hardcore GRUDGE FUCK. Connect these aggressive displays of mouth fucking, ass pounding, and gash gouging… all design to get the upper-hand on the situation. Six scorching scenes, delivered with high impact, are sure to leave an impression on both your mind and your mattress. Once the gloves come off, so do the clothes and before you know it, you’re in the middle of spite-driven GRUDGE FUCK!

Vicky Vette
Shayna Knight
Katrina Kraven
Jennier Luv
Selena Silver
Gen Padova

Dear Adult Press and Fans:

Ahh… revenge is sweet but getting even has never felt so damned good! Director Guy Capo is at it again with his latest perversion “Grudge Fuck”! Have you ever wanted to get even with someone you knew in high school, your lover or maybe even your daddy? Well here is your chance to even up the score. Capo brings you 2 twisted hours and 6 hate-filled scenes of getting even in the sickest way!

Grudge scene 1 starts with Katrina Kraven and her soon to be X-boyfriend in the middle of a nasty break up. The only resolution for this couple seems to be one last grudge fuck or at least this is what he has in mind. All this player hate talk has is making “Mr. Grudge” as angry as he is horny. He grabs Katrina by the hair throws her on the couch and he flips one leg up, jams his cock arsenal in her ass with no warning and no lube! After getting banged every which way but loose the scene ends with a cum shot to the face for this butt slut, and a middle finger to go along with the words every woman longs to her after a deranged banging, “Pack your shit and get out!”

Grudge scene 2, “Hottie hoe” Selena Silver plays a spiteful girl who has had a grudge since her high school days. She meets up with her old school mate who used to think she was just a fat bitch! This dick soon changes his mind after meeting with her now, but the tables have dementedly turned. Selena turns dick into her own personal grudge toy fortunately, she still loves playing the bitch! After forcing him to fuck her in the ass, he says he’s sorry for his thoughtless banter, but one things for sure he will never forget this hardcore grudge fuck lesson this phat-bitch, just laid on him, you go girl!

Grudge scene 3; “Cum into my parlor” said the spider to the flies. What’s it like to be used and abused and then thrown away when you’re done? Shayna Knight and Gen Padova play a couple of escorts who have just walked into a trap. This player hater has a burning grudge on his mind and that is to pound the hell out of these two money-grubbing cock junkies. Shayna plays the deep throat part on the floor while Gen is cock-slammed doggy style from bedside. Next the prick puts the two girls ass to ass in an upside down bunny squirt position with four holes showing with knees on the floor between their two heads creating an X-box player! He jabs at the two back and forth with his poker from one rabbit-hole to the next, this scene is not only creative at getting even it also gets away with wrecking the shit out of these two willing cum-dumpsters!

Grudge scene 4, a phone call to daddy has Jennifer Luv off the hook with a vengeance when she decides to get even by fucking her new black boyfriend against daddy’s wishes with daddy on the phone long distance listening in whether he likes it or not!

There are two more grudges to cum and trust me; you will not want to miss any of it! This is one non-stop grudge fuck from start to finish and they’re all going to get it in the end but it is going to be the hard way!

And don’t miss the Grudge Fuck release party on! Guy Capo and Nicki Hunter will be hosting the release party on their show Around the Block, at 5pm on Tuesday, October 26. They’ll be interviewing the stars from the movie, Olivia O’Lovely, Shayna Knight, John West, and Cheyne Collins, as well as giving away a free copy of the movie! So be sure to tune in!

Jennifer Main

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