Jesse Jane….denies Rog On Daily Noise Show


Some of you may have heard the Jesse Jane interview on yesterday. For those of you didn’t hear it, you can check it out in the archives section on that site. At any rate, it’s a great interview. Jesse is fucking awesome. If you listen, just be ready to get major wood listening to her talk about how flexible she is. Damn girl.
I love that they asked and she answered the question about Evan Stone’s balls. On the other hand, Jesse….girl… KNOW you promised me blowjobs three separate times. Then you go and deny it LOUDLY with a squeal on the air? How could you break my heart like that? Are you just upset because I willed one each to Jimmy and Kaan? All right, you can give me all three by yourself.
Listen to the interview….I think she made the expression shown in the second image attached to this article as she vehemently denies the owed bj’s. (And hey, what happened to my Kid Rock autographed stuff?)

See, I knew there would be some sort of feud before Vegas……

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