Spanish Harlem



Spanish Harlem


120 Mins.

3rd Degree

DIRECTOR: Dawayne Dane

THEMES: Latin Women, Interracial Sex




STARS: Chanel Chavez, Luscious Lopez, Olivia O’Lovely, Havana Ginger, Jasmine Byrne,


Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a “Rose” in Spanish Harlem? I don’t see any Rose here. I see a Chanel, an Olivia, a Jasmine and even a Luscious, but not a rose anywhere. Maybe a “Ho” in Spanish Harlem is more appropriate. Of course in this case, it is the Harlem that is going to find its way into the Spanish Hos. With specialization all the rage in porn it isn’t a shock to see interracial movies broken down into ultra-specific interracial lines. There are lots of Latin lines so they have it broken down to this black in Latin title from 3rd Degree. Frankly it doesn’t matter to me who is doing the fucking. If Jasmine Byrne is the one getting fucked then it is going to fucking hot. Normally 3rd Degree movies are shot by Chris Streams, but this time it’s Dawayne Dane behind the camera capturing all that black on Latin love.

Chanel is up first and she can’t keep her hands off of her pussy as she does a short interview. Some more Spanish hot talk might be good, but the guy behind the camera is anxious to help her rub that sweet little slit. Chanel asks for black cock and gets it. Her pretty mouth gets busy, but just when the footage is starting to heat up; he lifts her in the air and drops her body down on his hard rod. Taking a break to suck it a bit, Chanel keeps her mouth full as they switch positions. The anal doggy footage is fantastic with her little butt high and exposed as his big cock splits her cheeks. She takes it in the ass very well and is quite vocal. Some more Spanish would be good, but she seems too lost in the moment to worry about what language she’s moaning in. It doesn’t matter what she’s saying because this is a fantastic anal scene. Chanel caps it off by taking a nice shot on the face. There is no nee to cut away so quickly, but this is such a great scene that I am not about to complain too much about the very end.

There is no easy way to say this, but if this movie were shot in Brazil I would have some serious questions about Luscious Lopez and what surprises she might have inside of her panties. She’s got a nice body, but there is something manly about her face that makes me wonder. We open with a bit of teasing as she puts a toy up into her ass. They give her a huge cock to play with and she stretches her lips as far as she can to accommodate the size. There is some really good blowjob footage, but we move on too quickly again. I think she just wants to feel that big thing in her pussy. Luscious opens up and takes every inch in there. She’s very vocal and happy to roll her legs to the side so that he can fuck her ass. The scene is pretty good, but the facial is very hot. She takes the load on her tongue and holds it there for a moment before swallowing it.

Olivia O’Lovely is a veteran of every Latin-themed porn line known to pervs the world over. She has also been in just about every big booty porn made in the past few years. (Before Katja took over, Olivia was the booty queen.) Starting with a toy, Olivia gets her pussy all juicy, but it takes a real cock to make her purr. She puts her lips around a black cock and is right in the middle of a great blowjob, when the guy pushes her back on the couch to fuck her. (Why the short BJs in movies these days?) Olivia’s legs are up in the air as he pounds away, but you know she has something even tight in mind. She gives it a playful lick and then rams it right between her massive cheeks. Riding his lap, she shakes her hips to make sure that he’s balls-deep in the back door. Ass lovers will enjoy the cowgirl footage, but the deepest footage comes when she turns over and lets him work up a good load. Pulling out of that ass he drips right onto her face. She looks ready for round two already.

Havana Ginger is a girl I haven’t seen before. She has a huge mouth and a big rack that is spilling out around the edges of her tiny bikini top. Her pussy is very pink and she rubs it hard to get it nice and wet. Sadly this chick is the first to use the always annoying fake gag sounds instead of giving a good blowjob. For the first time in the movie I wouldn’t be upset to cut quickly from oral to pussy fucking. Naturally this is the longest blowjob of the movie and it’s a total waste. This costs the movie a bit in the overall rating. I’m going to mark all movies down that employ this needless and stupid technique. She pulls her legs up high and has his cock in her pussy in no time. I love her flexibility and watching her get fucked with her feet up over her head is a whole lot of fun. He slips just as easily into her ass and she spreads her cheeks to take every inch. Her butt gapes after a long fuck and she takes a huge load in her mouth. Once we got past the lame gagging, this was a pretty decent scene though Havana can’t hold a candle to the girl up next.

Jasmine Byrne is the hottest new girl of 2005 and perhaps the hottest chick in all of porn right now. She looks great, knows how to tease and plays up the Latin theme perfectly. With very little tease, Jasmine starts sucking. Most of the blowjob is great, but she too uses the quacking sounds to strip away the tremendous heat. Her lips look great around his cock, but those sounds are awful. There is a lot of blowjob footage and when she isn’t quacking it is fantastic. Jasmine bends over an invites him to fuck her harder from behind. I love the way her body looks and she knows how to talk better than any of the other girls in this movie. He slides his cock into her ass and she just keep screaming as that thing stretches her sphincter. There is some great footage of Jasmine on her side with her ass plow-fucked. In the end she gets right down and opens that pretty mouth to let him shoot his wad all over her tongue. Jasmine is a fucking queen who should be wiping up the competition for every award known to porn-kind. If we could just convince her to stop the fake gagging sounds then she would be the perfect girl.

There is some great action in this movie, but if you’re looking for a lot of Spanish dirty talk you might be disappointed. There could definitely be more of that in every scene. If the bi-lingual appeal is low, the oral sex score is even lower. Almost all of blowjobs are painfully short and when we aren’t being shorted on the sucking, we are plagued by lame gag/choke sounds. Once we get past the oral though, this movie takes off in a big way. The anal action is good in every scene and more than saves the flick. Jasmine gets the highest marks of course. She is so damn good in every scene and this just another fantastic ass fuck. Olivia offers her big ole butt as well and loves every throbbing inch. I loved Chanel’s scene and even Havana proves to be quite the anal slut. As much as the movie was lacking great oral action and was a bit short on pussy fucking, these Latina asses are beautifully displaced and get well fucked by the brothers lucky enough to get up in there.

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