Asian Booty 2

Asian Booty 2


195 Mins.

Elegant Angel




THEMES: Interracial Sex, Asian Girls, Big Asses, Anal Sex

STARS: Asa Akira, Mika Tan, Katsuni, Cece Stone, Jayla Starr, Lucky Starr,


This is a movie I was really looking forward to. LT shoots great porn in any genre. This one though is right up my alley. Hot Asian girls with great butts getting royally fucked between the cheeks. Yes please, sign me up for a dozen movies just like this. In all seriousness, LT has put together a great stroke flick here. From the first scene to the last, this one features hot Asian asses pounded by black dick. Katsuni opens the movie and proves that she hasn’t missed a beat. All that time as a contract girl hasn’t slowed her down at all. This is a pretty good scene and features Katsuni cutting loose a bit. Asa Akira follows that with a slam dunk. She looks great as she always does. Her anal action is just off the chart hot. This is an early favorite for awards and that’s all there is to it. Cece Stone does a pretty good job as well. She’s cute and really takes cock deep into her throat. Being slammed between Asa and Mika Tan makes it tough for her to stand out though. Mika’s scene is another amazing anal romp. She looks great and takes every inch of cock in every hole with tremendous skill and incredible heat. OK, so I’m a fan, but honestly as a critic this is still just great fucking porn. So is the final scene. Jayla and Lucky double team the cock and work it hard. Great anal, nasty talk and a cum swapping kiss to be enjoyed. Overall this is the sort of movie that will make everyone happy. Just enough tease to be fun and then solid sex scenes that deliver for fans of interracial sex, Asian girls, big asses and most of all, anal sex.

Katsuni & LT

Free from her days as a contract girl, Katsuni is ready to give it up in a big way. She strips quickly during the tease and is already ready to fuck when LT shows up. He goes right in after her ass of course, rubbing her from behind while he licks her crack. She spins around ready to take his cock in her mouth. Giving her usual BJ, Katsuni shows off deep throat skills and strokes the meat with great intensity. Nice booty shots as she rides the dick, taking every inch. LT flips her over and really pounds away on that pussy. Katsuni has always come off a little cool in her scenes. This one has a bit of that, but there are times when the pretty ice princess things slips away. There are some great moments here including Katsuni standing on the couch for doggy and then repeatedly sucking her juices off of his cock in between fucks. She drops to her knees a final time to take a load in the mouth. Katsuni licks up every drop. She is still as naughty as ever and totally into taking the big ones.

Asa Akira & LT

I never think of Asa as a booty girl. Yeah, she has a great ass, but her whole fucking body is perfect. She’s also got a great face and everything else you could ask for. So if she ends up in booty movie, which works too. The tease is excellent here and she does her best to show off her hot little ass in tight shorts. The blowjob is instantly hot as Asa does her best to shove it all down her throat. She stops short and then gags on it slightly while flashing brilliant eye contact. Asa leaves the cock dripping and licks up the streamers. Turning around she sticks her ass high in the air and fingers both holes. Looks like she’s more than ready to get fucked. Back on her knees she smiles while he fucks her face. This scene hasn’t even really taken off and it’s already going to earn a spot on my porn favorites list. He puts her on the couch, makes sure that she is good and wet and then starts power fucking that hot pussy. The vag is great, but his attention eventually turns to her ass. Asa has the great butt, but damn it looks tight. The energy level matches the eye candy for this scene and that isn’t easy given the beauty on display here. Speaking of display, there’s a nice big gape shot for those of you looking to see Asa hold one open. Spreading her open in RCA, LT bounces the gorgeous Asian spinner on his dick and makes sure that everyone can see just how hot she is. She smiles as she jerks his load all over her pretty face. I’ve said all I can say about Asa. She is perfect as LT floods her mouth with cum I can only say that I’m ready to watch this fucking thing again.

Cece Stone & LT

Sexy Cece is a tall girl with great legs and a tight little ass. She shows off her naked ass for a while, winking at us as she puckers. That’s an interesting start, the BJ that follows is quite a bit hotter. Cece sucks and licks up the side while looking into the camera that is literally inches away. She really goes deep well and does so more than once before turning her ass up to let him fuck her pussy. After a few strokes in the pussy he slips it into her back door and doesn’t miss a beat. Though it isn’t as hot as the last scene this one features some great close up shots of the ass fucking and a lot of great deep oral. I am going to keep an eye out for more Cece, especially after watching her take a great big load on her pretty face.

Mika Tan & LT

There is nothing about Mika Tan that isn’t hot, hot, hot. She’s perfect for this kind of movie too thanks to her lovely back side. We watch her soap up and tease in the warm water. Looks like she’s added some curves since the last time I saw her and damn. Seriously, DAMN. Few women in porn have ever sucked cock like this superstar and she goes right to work on LT. starting at the balls she makes him glad he’s a man one inch at a time. If there was ever a woman who should give lessons on giving head, it’s this gorgeous creature. He bends her over and takes a good look at her big beautiful ass. Mika is ready for fun and lets him slide that long cock right into her. Nice shots of her pushing back and taking everything he’s got. The ass shots are spectacular. First during the vag and then the anal. Mika’s ass fills the screen with delicious juicy goodness. LT flips her over, spreads those lovely legs and fucks first one hole then the next. Great anal energy and the butt shots here are the best of the movie by a long shot. Capping the scene with a big load all over her face, Mika smiles and licks it all up. I don’t think this woman is capable of doing a bad scene.

Jayla Starr, Lucky Starr & LT

Don’t clean your screen, you aren’t seeing double. LT has two little Asian sweeties for the finale. Despite their last names being the same, these two girls aren’t sisters and they get right down to proving it with a serious pussy licking session. The girls use toys on themselves, on each other and thoroughly enjoy the taste of Asian pussy before ever letting LT get there for his. When she shows up they are actually in the middle of a dildo assisted DP. With a real thing to play with, the girls pass it back and forth, sucking and gagging on cock while also licking ass. This is a pretty nasty little scene with one Starr shoving the other’s head onto the cock and doing some serious hair pulling. This looks like a great party for LT with two cute, filthy girls doing anything and everything he could possibly want. He stacks them in his lap for easy access. (If Charlie Sheen can do it, so can LT) The dirty talk and deep anal is as good here as anywhere in the movie and the girls end up sharing a big load of cream at the end. Not quite as good as the Asa or Mika scenes, but this one is still pretty good.

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