A V N Noms: First Short Thoughts And Hall Of Fame Email


OK, so we didn’t get to cover the AVN noms on the Daily Noise show today. I’ll break down the list over the next few days, but I have three initial reactions.
1. The performer lists seem stronger this year. Lost in all the bickering last year was the fact that I thought that 2004 was a down year in general. It was not so much a slam on the AVN noms which are freaking HARD to do, but a general thought on the industry. This year there are some stand out women. I do think that the newcomer class is good, but not as amazing as last year. At first glance these noms look pretty good and I applaud all the people who worked so hard to get them done. (That doesn’t mean I’m not going to pick at a few of them though.)
2. Hall of Fame: (Y’all better laugh. This is in response to a half dozen emails I got this morning.) Jenna is in, Stephanie Swift is in, but Rog is not. This year was my 10th in the industry so I failed on my first eligible year. As one of you pointed out, perhaps they figure that since RogReviews.com has only been around for 7 years, I’m not quite on the eligible list. Or as another of you pointed out, maybe I’m just going to be a Steve Garvey or Jim Rice. (I know many of you have no idea what that means, but the guys who wrote in with those comparisons obviously know how I feel about those two players.) Or maybe it’s like one of you wrote…and I quote…“HAHA Rog, you aren’t Hall of Fame material. FUCK YOU.” That one came in unsigned so maybe we should start a poll to see who we think wrote it. Ideas? Tony T? Tod Hunter? Mike Ramone? Skeeter Kerkove? Lizzy Borden? Jules Jordan? Michael Raven? Robby D? Jenna Jameson? Don Sutton? My high school English teacher? Email me your ideas and we’ll get to the bottom of it.
Come on people….it’s a joke. Have some fun with it will ya?

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