Inside Moves


Inside Moves
Vivid Entertainment


100 Mins


DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas

THEMES: Pretty Sex




STARS: Lexxie Marie, Liza Harper, Eva Angelina, Sativa Rose, Kurt Lockwood, Jack Venice & Steve St. Croix.


This movie may not be as talked about Thomas’ other release this month (The New DMJ) but we’re going to give it a look to see what he’s got in store for us. New Vivid Princess Lexxi Marie is the lead, but Eva and Sativa are two of the hottest gonzo girls in the business. They certainly add to the eye candy factor of the cast, but also are capable of turning in great scenes. How much they are allowed to shine will be up to PT and the Vivid style. I’m tuning in to see what Lexxi Marie can do, but if we get something decent from Sativa and Eva, that will be a huge bonus.

Liza has an emergency with a place she is remodeling. She has to run out and find someone to decorate the place and just happens to run into Lexxi Marie painting in an alley. Lexxi even stays with Liza while doing the work. This naturally leads them into a drug induced lesbian liaison in the bathtub. It’s not a full scene, but sets up the tension between the two women. Actually it sets us up for an odd little montage that is a tribute to good editing, but might give you a headache. It does finally end with the scene between Liza and Lexxi. The lighting here is very interesting and the scene is very pretty. It’s soft of course, but does feature Lexxi’s hot body quite nicely.

There is a romance brewing, but it’s not going very well. The dialog seems to be giving Lexxi quite a bit of trouble. Liza handles the next sex scene as well, getting together with Kurt Lockwood for an afternoon delight. She gives him a nice looking blowjob. The lighting is normal here and even with some music that could stand to be a bit softer, it’s a pretty good boff. Slipping a condom onto his dick, Kurt bends her over and fucks her hard from behind. They move to the bed to get more comfortable and Kurt brings a toy in for her ass. (Liza has let her ass get all furry for those who like that.) He gives her a solid pork in the butt and leaves his seed all over her muff. Since he finished a bit too soon, she has to have Lexxi come in and finish the job.

As we should have expected, the fame and success is creating more tension between everyone. That doesn’t stop Lexxi from seducing Sativa Rose in the bathroom. Steven St. Croix eventually joins the dimly lit mix and is quite happy to have two such pretty girls to play with. It’s really too bad that there isn’t more light because I would really like to see these two pretty girls sucking cock. We do get some good shots of the hot bodies here. Sativa looks great in doggy and Lexxi shows off her big tits in reverse cowgirl. It’s a very subdued scene, but both girls look good enough to get him off.

The highly charged sexuality carries over to two of Lexxi’s fellow artists, Jack Venice and Eva Angelina. They take a break and the pretty girl has her mouth around his cock in the blink of an eye. Most of it is pretty good, but there are some low angle shots that don’t show her off very well. Evan seems to get a bit thicker every time I see her. She has that new set of big tits that bounce nicely when she’s doing RC on the stairs. The sex is decent, but that pretty face gets totally glazed with hot cream. It’s a quick little scene, but totally worth it to see her wearing that spunk.

Things are about ready to wrap up, but Lexxi has to get busy with Lockwood at least once. With Liza passed out upstairs, she gets down and dirty at the kitchen table. This time there is enough light for us to enjoy the way her hungry mouth. Kurt gets a nice sloppy blowjob from the beautiful little blonde. Her favorite position seems to be reverse cowgirl and given how good she looks in it, I think it should be our favorite as well. By the time Kurt rolls her over he is ramming at full speed, but is just about done with the action and ready to shoot a load on her face.

The story is actually more interesting to watch than it is to describe and though Lexxi struggles in her role, Harper and Lockwood are pretty good with their lines. In some ways this movie was stronger then DMJ, but it won’t leave as much of a lasting impression. The sex scenes were more straight forward and half of them were pretty good. Some of the dimly lit action is very pretty, though this kind of style always hurts the heat. At least it’s done well though so if you like softer scenes, you will love these. I enjoyed Lexxi’s scene with Lockwood and Eva’s stairway boff. Those scenes are the best of the bunch and aren’t killed too much by the lighting. You know what to expect from Vivid and if you like that style mixed with a dialog driven script and a lot of pretty girls, then this is worth a look. (And as a bonus, the three Lexxi scenes in the DVD extras include some really hot action from this girl. Check those out.)
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