Weekly Pipeline: Happy 4th Of July


I’m going to try this and see what sort of feedback I get so if you have any input…..let’s hear it.

Weekly Pipeline: Week of July 4th

Adult News:

I don’t know how many of you get AVN each month, but did you see that Holly Randall shot a recent cover on fresh new talent in porn? Holly is pretty fresh herself and is following the footsteps for her hall-of-fame mom Suze. She has been co-directing with her mom as well so we may have a second generation female pornographer on our hands.

Vivid has another new girl. (What else is new?) This time they have dipped in the mainstream modeling world to pull out Steffani Morgan. The nineteen year old California girl has been modeling for about a year, but has never even done a nude shot yet. It is quite a leap from non-nude model to porn chick, but Vivid seems intent on taking girls from outside of the talent pool and turning them into stars. Stef is really cute so who knows what might happen.

Jenna Haze is a free agent. After a little chat we had at XRCO I knew something was up, but then had to read about it on AVN like all of you. Jenna, how could you do that to me? First the food court and now this? Oh it hurts.


I am finally finishing up the interviews I did in January at the AEE. Look for Chanel Chavez, Kat and Nautica Thorn this week or next. Sal Genoa and Patrick Collins are the last ones from the show. For some reason I can’t find the one I did with Paige Turner which is too bad because she was one of my favorite interviews. Once these are done I’m going to get some new people to interview. I’ve already promised the first one to Van Styles so that should be interesting. Beyond that we’ll have to see who wants to sit down and talk for us.

Lots of new reviews again this week including some older titles on VHS. Dirty Sharry was one of my favorites back in the day and it’s still fun to watch Christy Canyon play a hooker or Bunny Bleu give us her little girl act. On the DVD side, I reviewed Ivan’s “Texas’ Asshole Massacre” which was funny and let us all see that Kami Andrews can actually act. People looking for a more traditional sex comedy may want to check out “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?” from Jonathan Morgan. Stormy stars in the flick and Nicole Sheridan tears it up sexually.

Outside World:

I spent a day and a half this week watching the fifth season of HBO’s “Oz” which is new to DVD. I know that a lot of you love “The Sopranos” but for my money “Oz is the best show HBO has ever done. Since I missed all of the final season I can’t wait until that one comes out on disc. It’s been quiet for new releases other than that box set. I ordered a copy of “Race the Devil” this week. I doubt if any of you have any clue about this movie, but it scared the crap out of me as a kid. It’s a cheap DVD release if you want to pick up a bad 70’s action/horror flick with one of the best endings ever. (And for those of you who saw it I have to ask, are you able to open high cupboards without flinching?)

I’ve been to the movies twice in the last month. Once to see “Crash” which was pretty good, but ultimately wimped out I think. It has some great performances, but you can probably wait for the video release. I also snuck out on a Wednesday afternoon and caught “Batman Begins” which was thoroughly entertaining. I’m never going to like anyone as Batman as much as Michael Keaton, but Christian Bale did a pretty good job. Best of all we finally got a Batman movie with a plot. It’s not quite as dark as the Burton flicks, but a far cry from the Shoemacher versions of the Dark Knight. If you get a chance, check it out before it leaves theaters.

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for another championship season. I love watching Duncan play and seeing him win is always a nice thing. He’s such a far cry from other superstars who spend more time complaining, breaking up teams and (allegedly) raping women than they do working on their game. Of course I had money on the Pistons from a bet I placed months ago in Vegas. Had they pulled off the win I would have picked up some decent change at 15 to 1. Oh well, you can’t win them all right?


There is a lot going on in our country and in our world, so I’m more than a little disappointed to see so many politicians (Mostly Republicans) wasting time on the flag burning issue. How many times do we have to re-visit this thing?

I love this country. I love the potential of America, the ideals of democracy and I believe in everything good that the flag stands for. Forgive me if I sound patriotic, but that is how I feel. America is far from perfect and not without stains on the national soul. So when I see someone burning the American flag, either here or abroad it pisses me off. I feel that it is a slap in the face to the men and women who have sacrificed and died for everything America is and can be. Let’s be clear on that part. I am not particularly in favor of the pactice. I just don’t see why we’re spending so much time trying to make the act criminal.

Unlike some people my feelings for these ideals and the flag the represents them do no change based on who is in charge. It’s beyond politics. The catch here is that one of the things I love about America is the fact that we are free to disagree with our leaders and our institutions. The fact that someone can burn the flag is one of the things that makes me find the act so completely disgraceful. To make it illegal goes against one of the things that I believe it stands for. I know it’s a circular argument, but I wouldn’t want to live in a country where it’s illegal to burn the flag and because it’s legal to burn it I can’t imagine that I would ever want to. So can we please just drop this issue and get back to things that are more important? (Don’t get me started on the time and money wasted by the stupid steroid hearings.)

Last minute update: I want to personally thank Tod Hunter for winning a bet for me. The pre-mature bitching about whoever the next SC nominee might be won me the beverage of my choice during my next trip to the National Sports Grille. The equally predictable link to a hatchet site rather than a news site doubled my winnings. (And score some irony points for making a joke about the President not doing his own thinking in one breath and then linking to a site tells everyone what to think about a nominee who doesn’t even exist yet.)

Call me crazy but I’m going to wait and see who gets nominated and then consider his/her position on the issues BEFORE I paint them as a slave-owning, fascist homophobe who eats children on the weekends. Not partisan enough for some of you I suppose, but hopefully a few of you can appreciate thinking that goes beyond what blogger A or talk radio guy B tells me what to think.

Reader Email:
The doc writes:

Teagan truly is the second coming of the goddess of porn , the first
of course being Ginger Lynn.

I hear she has recently been augmented…. but have not seen any
flicks since the enhancement, must say I was disappointed to hear she
caved in, but wont judge yet…

I have to say that I agree that Teagan really is the hottest thing to happen to this industry in a long time. I would argue that there have been some big deals between Ginger and Teagan (Jenna, Kaitlyn Ashley, Aurora Snow, etc) but Ms. Presley certainly has everything it takes to be a superstar.

As for her recent augmentation I must agree that the idea didn’t thrill me. I felt she was perfect the way she was. On the other hand I have seen her with the new boobs and have to say that they are pretty damn amazing. I’m still a fan of the real thing over fakes, but if you have to go this route then you won’t find a finer pair of bolt-ons than the one Teagan is carrying around these days.

That’s it for this week everyone. Enjoy your holiday, eat lots of hot dogs, play safe and take some time to thank your lucky those who sacrificed so much to give us the freedoms we enjoy.

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