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So Kat I hear you had a run in with security.

Yeah it was crazy. I just went to the bathroom and came out and security was waiting for me.

What happened?

I was going to the bathroom and these two guys were following me. So I asked a guy if he could wait for me and then walk me to my room in case the guys tried to follow me. I went pee and came out. The guy was gone and so were the guys who were following me. I felt better, but then here comes security. They said "we hear you're being harassed. Do you want to press charges against the guys?" I said that I didn't. Then they asked me if I had been drinking. I said "Yeah, in my hotel room." They said it was still illegal.

You aren't twenty-one.

No, but I was in my room. I wasn't making a scene. They just turned the story around and it sucks.

(Chico Wang sits down with us.)

Chico: Let the record indicate that security was called when Chico Wang showed up with his twelve year old girlfriend.

Shut up.

Let's address this because you really do look young. How old are you?

I'm nineteen.

How old do you think you look?

I know I look young, maybe sixteen or so.

The braces help with that look. Has the fact that you look so young hurt your career at all?

No, it's helped me. I get a lot of work. I do all of the younger stuff.

Is there a teen line that you haven't done yet?

I don't know. There might be a few.

How many movies have you done?

I have no idea. Way over a hundred. Kat

How long have you been in the business?

Seven months.

That is a lot of work. What percentage of those movie has the word "teen" in the title?

At least seventy-five percent.

Does it ever bother you?

No. It's easy. I'm just being me. I am a teenager after all.

Where are you from?

Sherman Oaks.

When you were growing up did you know that you were right in the middle of the porn world?


How did a nice Valley Girl like you go from high school to porn?

I was living in a sober living place and my roommate asked if I wanted to do it. He introduced me to my agent and I started. It wasn't really that hard. He asked me and I did it.

Were you very sexual before you got into the business?

No. I lost my virginity five months before I did my first scene.

How many guys did you did you have sex with in those five months?

I think three.

So your first scene was guy number four.


Who was it with? Kat

Some guy named Marco.

Do you remember who shot it?

It was for Silver Productions out in Rancho Cucamonga.

Was the first scene a pleasant experience for you?

No. I was freaked out.

But you went on to do more.

Yeah I just figured that I would do more. When you don't know what you're doing you get freaked out. I learned and it got better.

Let's look at your list of Anabolic/Diabolic movies. I see a swallowing movie here. Was that the first time you swallowed cum?

No. I swallow all the time.

But Down the Hatch was with more than one guy right?

Yes, there were a lot in that scene.

You do anal right?

Oh yeah. Look at the picture on the calendar.

That appears to be a big penis in your ass.

Yes it is. Do me a favor though, hide that.

The calendar?

Yeah. My mom is on her way over and she doesn't know I do anal.

If she sees this she might find out.


You could just say that they are faking it or that the photo is doctored.

I don't think that will work.

Kat Were you doing anal before the business?

No. My first anal ever was on a shoot for Skeeter Kerkove.

Who was the guy?

Johnny Thrust.

That wasn't too bad then?

No, they got me a small guy for my first time.

Have you done bigger since?

Yeah, Chris Charming and others.

Is Chris the biggest guy you've had in your ass?

He is one of them. I've had a lot.

You've had a lot of guys in your ass. That sounds hot say that again.

I've had a lot of large hard dicks in my ass.

Do you like that?


I think I love you.


Who are your favorite guys to work with?

Kurt Lockwood is my favorite. I don't mind working with anyone, but he is really into making out and that makes it hot.

Do you like girls?


On and off camera? Kat

With the other girls in the agency I do it off camera, but I don't pick up girls in clubs.

Who are your favorite girls to work with?

Chanel Chavez.

She named you as her favorite. Have you guys worked together?

Once. It was in a movie for Red Light District.

What is your ethnic background?

100% Mexican.

And yet they try to slip you into Asian lines?

Sometimes yeah. I don't mind.

Were you born here?


Do you speak Spanish in movies?

Yeah, I did that for Chico in a movie for Anabolic.

Do guys ask you to talk dirty in Spanish very often?

Yeah they do.

Is that a more popular request than pigtails and white socks?

It depends on who I'm with. Brian Surewood loves pigtails. When I'm blowing him he likes to use them to hold onto my head.

Can we try that later?

Sure. If you can handle it.

Do you have web site? Kat

Not yet. Chico is helping me get content together for one.

Don't use him, he's horrible.

No he's not. He's great.

What is it like having sex with Chico?

I wouldn't know.

That isn't what he said.


Is there anyone you haven't worked with, but want to?

Yeah Jean Val Jean. I want to work with him.

Have you had any bad experiences?

Some guys I have worked with have had bad experiences because of my braces.

When did you get those?

Two years ago.

What is the worst thing that has happened?

I got a guy stuck on them when I pulled out. I don't remember who it was, but I felt so bad for him.

Has he worked with you since?

Yeah, he loves me. He wasn't upset with me.

How tall are you.

Five feet tall.

Maybe in heels. I doubt it very much. And you have natural boobs. Do you plan to stay that way?

For now there will be no changes.

How about tattoos?

No tattoos. I don't want any.

What do you look for in a guy? Kat

In bed or in general?

If you were looking for a boyfriend, what would attract you?

Someone who is easy to talk to, has a sense of humor and is open minded. I just want a guy to be there for me, but also to let me be. I don't want to feel tied down.

What do you look for in bed?

I like a lot of sexual tension so that everything comes out in the bedroom.

Does size matter?

Yeah, big is good. Not too big, but big.

As big as Chico's?

I haven't seen Chico's.

So how big do you like them?

Around eight inches. Much bigger is too big, but big makes it better.

Is length or thickness more important?


Is this your first show?

Yes, it's my first time signing.

Are you getting a lot people who know your work?

I've had a lot of people come up to me with my box covers.

Is that flattering or creepy?

It's totally cool.

How do you feel knowing that most of these guys have jerked off to you?

I like to masturbate too so I'm cool with it.

Do the people you grew up with know what you're doing? Kat

My mom and step-dad know. Some of my friends know.

What about the people you went to school with?

Some of them, but some of them think I'm just like a hooker or something.

Why is that?

You know how some of the movies have that as a little plot? Well they saw that and thought that they just picked me up on the street.

Do the guys you had sex with know?

No. I don't talk to them.

Do you think that your on screen performances would shock that first guy?

Oh yeah. I have changed a lot.

If someone hasn't seen you in a movie, what should they get?

Anything with a DP because those are usually my best scenes.

Would you do one off camera?

I would now yeah.

So if Chico and I buy you drinks later and can both fuck you?

I don't know about that.

But with the right two guys you would?


What about double anal?

No. I can take a lot in there, but I don't want two dicks in there. I don't think I have to do that.

Have you done a gang bang?

I did a five guy for Auditions. Kat

How was that?

It was a little too much. I wanted to try it, but I think it's too much. Three guys is my best number. More than that and I lose focus.

Sounds good. Anything else.

Nope I think you covered it all. Thanks Roger.

Thank you Kat.

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