The White House Officially Acknowledges Mary Carey


Rog Says: I got my invite to this thing as well. Not ready to fork out money for this one. Unless of course I can room with Mary. For that I’d do just about anything.

THE WHITE HOUSE officially acknowledges mary carey – sidesteps questions concerning her appearance at presidents dinner

If the powers that be didn’t know who Mary Carey is thanks to a quick thinking reporter they do now, and the White House is getting nervous.
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The president and the porn star

Be there when pop culture history will be made as former gubernatorial candidate and adult film star Mary Carey attends the 2005 President’s Dinner in our Nation’s Capitol. Carey will accompany her boss Mark Kulkis President of Kick Ass Pictures and Honorary Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council, to the exclusive fundraiser he was personally invited to.

The President of the United States could quite possibly be close enough for the Secret Service to pass the salt to the vivacious adult film superstar as she dines with Republican bigwigs from around the country. All eyes will be on Carey and Kulkis as they locate the table they bought with a sizable contribution to the NRCC. The standard, non-exclusive “donation” Kulkis and Carey put up has caused a small uproar in the media prompting such conspicuous questions such as; Should Republicans accept donations from tax paying, law abiding pornographers? Who will be seated at their table? Does the President know who Mary Carey is? And is she a natural blonde?

All those questions and a lot more will be answered on the evening of June 14th when porn and politics share the same room. For the first time an MC and some waiters will oversee he proceedings and not a judge and jury. Before the dinner Carey plans to officially announce her run for Lieutenant Governor of California and sees this evening as the perfect networking opportunity to gain support.

Mark Kulkis and Mary Carey will be representing the oft over looked adult entertainment industry who collectively contributed over $10 Billion to the national economy last year. Kulkis see the Republicans as the “pro-business” party, and points out that no group is more pro-business than pornographers. Their invitation and ultimate appearance at the 2005 President’s Dinner has been the subject of serious debate within the mainstream media. Mark Kulkis and Mary Carey are willing to defend their positions as representatives of such a controversial industry.

Due to the expansive activities pre-arranged for attendees of the dinner Kulkis and Carey will have limited time to spend with the press. Due to time constraints we are unfortunately limited to Monday June 13 to schedule any face-to-face interviews. At this moment we have a few select spots open. If you would like to interview either Kulkis or Carey together or separately please get back to me ASAP so I may arrange it. For those of you not covering the dinner phone interviews will take place the week prior to the dinner and can be arranged anytime.

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