Adult Expo Notes Part 3


Day Three: I had breakfast with Jeff and Bill and managed to forget to swing by the sports book to place my football bets. Since almost everyone had told me to come by on Saturday for interviews, I was ready to get a lot of work done. My first stop was to interview the owner of Ghost Pro. They are a company that has been doing web sites for a while and have recently begun to make some noise with DVD release. They focus on new girls and creampies. It was a good start to what was to become a very long day.

I needed to talk to Alex Ladd and Guy Capo at DVSX (And I wanted an interview with Katie Morgan, Gen Padova and the other hotties they had), but their booth was so busy that I never got close. (Alex was actually in a meeting at that time anyway. Since the JM Productions booth was right next to DVSX, I introduced myself to Jeff Seward, the owner of the company. He told me about the Gia Paloma OD which was kind of scary. After a few moments I asked Jeff if he would be willing to do an interview. His name is on the list of requests from readers and I was hoping to get it for you. I don’t need to go into the details, but as Jeff posted on his web site, the gave me a “piece of my (his) mind.” Apparently there may some changes coming and that would be unfortunate. I just hope that several years of completely fair reviews can speak for themselves. Even if they don’t, it was still nice to finally meet Jeff and hear what he had to say. Hopefully he heard what I had to say in return. Either way I stand by all of the great things I’ve said about JM over the years. (I just disappointed so many people by not throwing gas onto the fire. Sorry guys.)

After that I went over to the Elegant Angel booth hoping to improve the general mood with an interview from Ms. Tianna Lynn. The busty cutie would look super fine in a Rog T-Shirt and I was looking forward to checking those boobs for their reality score. Since Tianna was so busy I went into the little room they had in their booth and got a great sit-down with Patrick Collins. I can’t believe that it has been almost five years since we did our interview. As always, Patrick had a lot to say and I think that everyone will be pleased when that interview goes up. Tianna was still busy when I finished, so I took off hoping to get rid of some of the trophies I still had in my bag.

I worked my way against the flow of traffic to the Sin City booth. It was right at the entrance of the show so it was no small task, but I was determined to give Aurora Snow her trophy. I was also hoping to get in for an interview with Aurora, Shay, Hannah and Arianna Jollee. Sadly that was not to be. Two years in a row without an Aurora interview? That isn’t good. We have to fix that. As usual, she was beautiful and gracious as she posed for pictures with the trophy. Hell, she even got a little suggestive with it. That was more than a little bit nice.

Right across the aisle was the Wicked booth. I had a trophy for Brad Armstrong for his Best Feature, Eye of the Beholder. He didn’t have clue about the site, but was very nice. He even told me to wait a bit until Kaylani was back at the booth to take some pictures. I did that and hoped to get an interview with her and the rest of the Wicked Girls. (I’ve still never done that after all these years.) By the time she got back and posed for pictures though, the lines were long and none of the girls could spare the time. I did get to sit down with Brad for a while and he gave me a good interview. This year I got a Wicked guy, maybe I will finally get a Wicked Girl sometime this year.

On my way back to the Elegant booth I stopped in at Red Light District. Erik Everhard was there to pick up his two trophies. He added a RRFF award to his second consecutive RRCC as Best Male Performer. After thanking the voters and posing for pictures, Erik told me to come back in a while so he could set me up with a long line of the hot babes RLD had signing in their booth.

The girls at the Elegant Angel booth still weren’t ready so I sat down with William H. It was an interesting interview and as off the wall as he is. (If that is possible.) Not that William wasn’t a great interview, but his tits just aren’t quite as nice as Tianna’s. There still wasn’t time to get the girls so I made the rounds again to see who I could get.

I was all set to interview the whole Extreme/Evolution crew, but everyone was in meetings there as well. Lizzy Borden is back and looking for tips on how she can once again reclaim the award that was named after her. (As some of you may recall, Lizzy won the first two RRCC awards for worst movie and then the award was retired when she stopped making movies. It has since been named after her and may make a comeback this year.)

While I was at the Extreme booth I got a chance to talk for a brief moment with Kami. While we were talking Julie Night said something that I couldn’t hear to me. I asked her what she said and she mumbled something about being called “unattractive.” Since I was in the middle of a conversation with Kami about things she thinks I said I told Julie that I don’t think I have ever called her “unattractive” in anything I have written. She said “well someone did” and walked away. Since then I have done a search of my reviews and can’t find a single review with Julie in it where that word was present. I know that people never like to hear negative things written about you and I don’t run away from the things I have said, but it is getting a bit annoying to have to defend myself against things that I didn’t actually say. I was actually just getting to the heart of something with Kami, but she had to pose for some sexy butt shots for the fans. It’s interesting to find out that almost everyone who has issues with me lately has heard about things indirectly. When they actually stop and read what I actually said, they find that it isn’t quite as bad as they were lead to believe. Seems like something to look into.

I made a trip over to the Pure Play booth which was just on fire with activity. It was hard to get interviews, but I was able to talk to Felix Vicious (about her boyfriend and her virgin butt), Michelle B (A very hot British blonde), Katsumi (About her new pussy mold) and even tried to interview one of the hugely busty Score girls.

Before my final interviews, I had to get rid of the last of the trophies. Jules Jordan picked up four this year. His RRFF as Best Director was number four. He added an RRCC in the same category as well as trophies for Best DVD (Invasian) and Best All-Sex Movie (Flesh Hunter 7). It is an annual thing with Jules, but the fan fave awards for Best Female and Best Newbie went to girls I’d never met before. Monica Sweetheart was very nice and Lauren Phoenix was amazingly sweet. Though I’m still convinced that she has no clue about the site, she gave me a huge hug, posed for pictures and thanked all of the fans for voting.

For the final stop of the year, I cruised over to the Red Light District booth. Erik Everhard had arranged for me to interview a number of the girls. While I was waiting for the first, someone who worked for RLD (Sorry I didn’t get his name) tried to get me out of their little room by rudely announcing that this wasn’t “a public showing of the game.” I let him know I was there working and he gave me a bit of attitude. I ended up interviewing Katin (about her recent retirement) and a few other girls before getting to the big finish. Along the way, the same guy gave me attitude during just about every interview. It was an odd feeling and I’ve never run into anything like that at Red Light. Thankfully I stuck around long enough to get an interview with Keri Sable. She is a very beautiful young woman. Last year I happily proclaimed that Teagan was the next big thing and if I had to pick a girl this year who might take off in the same way it would be Keri. She’s the next big thing. You heard it here first.

That’s about it from the notebook this year. Tomorrow I will take a look at the interview request list and see how I did. (Not very well, but I did try to get as many as possible. I’ve also got a list of the many cool people I met so I’ll throw that one up tomorrow and hopefully get all the photos ready to go as well.

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