Adult Expo Notes Part 2: Snowflakes And Confrontation


Day Two: My morning started off with some pre-breakfast roulette at the Casino Royale. As I sat there playing my favorite game, I caught a glimpse of Tom Zupko playing video poker at the bar. We talked for a bit and he told me he wanted to meet me after breakfast to head over to the show together. As sat eating and watching the rain I noticed that the drops had begun falling slowly and were actually drifting. Yep, it was freaking snowing in Las Vegas. Right there on the Strip, snow falling right before my eyes. Hey, I’m a SoCal boy who doesn’t ski. I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow falling like that before. I snapped some pictures, but we’ll have to see how they came out. By the time Zupko and I headed over to the show, the now had stopped and turned in a really cold rain. That wasn’t a lot of fun, but it is always nice catching up with Tom. He is a very interesting guy and is one of those people who just gets it. In a year when I caught crap from a few people who don’t, it was nice to be able to talk to someone who actually reads what I write and is able to understand it. After all, I have never written a review as negative as the one I wrote about “Anal Ball” all those years ago and yet Zupko and I have become friends.

Before my interviews on day two, I met up with LondoCat from www.sfbayvideos. For those who don’t know the site, it is the home of Mr. Marcus and also the best place to go for good chat about interracial porn. I got the history of the site from Londo and found it quite interesting. It is always good to hear about how sites like this came about and follow the growth. Since I also got to meet Marcus for the first time this year, I am hoping we will get an interview soon.

RRFF Awards: I had passed out the fan fave award for best company to Evil Angel on the first day. Tricia Devereaux accepted the award again and posed for pictures. I don’t think they have ever lost in the poll. Perennial poll winner Jules Jordan collected his fourth straight fan fave award. Erik Everhard collected his first win in this poll as did Monica Sweetheart and Lauren Phoenix. I was a bit nervous about the reaction of those two ladies as they really aren’t even aware of the site. Thankfully, they were both very nice. More on that later. The only fan fave not given a trophy is the most wanted celebrity. In the past it has always gone to Britney Spears, but this year Lindsay Lohan took the title. Some day I’ll have to make up those trophies and send them to the stars.

Anabolic Booth: I made my annual trip to the Anabolic/Diabolic booth where I talked to Chris and Gregg for a bit. They had heard of the recent friction between one of their directors and myself. Both of them assured me that none of this was in line with the way they feel about my site, me personally or honest reviews. As always they remain open to independent reviews whether they are positive or negative. I got set up for the usual line of hot girl interviews. First up was Paige Turner who is absolutely charming. She’s a cute girl with a great body and I can’t wait to see her in action. I got a second shot at interviewing Luci Thai and Nautica Thorn who are both about as perfect as woman can be. Kat was cute as can be and looks even younger in person than she does on film. Chanel Chavez was also at the booth and has a new haircut that makes her even hotter than ever. This babe is great looking and actually blushed any time I mentioned that she was on her way to being a star. In addition to the great looking girls I got a very interesting interview with one of Anabolic’s directors. No, not that one. I interviewed Sal Genoa . He’s an interesting guy with a lot of talent. I think you guys will be happy with the interviews I got in that booth this year. Sadly I missed Tony T on that round. He wanted to talk to me and was polite enough to wait until I was finished with the girls. Sadly he couldn’t wait around long enough and our discussion would have to wait until later.

The floor got really crowded in the afternoon and it was very difficult to move from booth to booth. I tried to get in to talk with the folks at DVSX, Sin City and Red Light District, but my timing was off each time I swung by the booths. This is the most frustrating thing for mat the shows lately. There never seems to be enough time to hook up with the people I want to interview. On the other hand, business must be good if the lines are that long and the company big-wigs are always in meetings.

Pleasant Surprise #4: I swung by the booth and said hello to Wankus. They were doing hourly live broadcasts and I was invited to stick around for one. Though I was nowhere near as exciting as Chloe, Julie Meadows or the Penthouse Pet sitting next to me, but it was still fun to take part and no one threw anything at me so that has to be a good thing.

Unpleasant Surprise #4: By day two I realized that my habit of leaving all of my important phone numbers at home on my desktop is really an annoying thing. I was supposed to meet up for beer and food with Mike John and Erik Everhard and didn’t have the numbers, missed meeting with my friend Tom because his number was here and began steadily cursing myself with each missed appointment. Next year I am going to program the numbers into my phone or at the very least put them on my laptop so I will have them when I need them.
Pleasant Surprise #5: Jamye called me during a Seymore Butts seminar and said that he told the audience that he reads two review sites, mine and CAVR. That kind of made the day a little better.

Unpleasant Surprise #5: When I talked to Shane it was clear she didn’t remember me, the site or the dozens of reviews I sent her way back before I had a site. Clearly you can’t win them all.

Non-Surprise #1: I did finally get to meet and talk with Tony T. Exactly what was said doesn’t need to be addressed, but suffice it to say that all of you who were betting that he was joking or that he would take a swing at me all lost money. While he did not attack me physically, he made it quite clear that he is very upset by what I wrote, doesn’t like me still thinks I called him a “mother fucker.” (For the record, I didn’t.) That was it though, no big deal. Sorry guys, no cage match.

My disappointment over forgetting my phone numbers was eased a bit when I finally hooked up with old pal Jeff of IAFD fame. We were joined by a couple of our friends in the Café Lux for may annual plate of Asian nachos. (Laugh all you want, but I made three new converts. Those are the best things on the planet.) I was supposed to have a drink with Zupko, but his mind was elsewhere. Since we stayed in the Café Lux to drink, we missed the whole Gia Paloma thing at the circle bar, though I get to say hi to Brandon Iron, Mike Stefano, Van Damage and a few other people as I wandered around looking for TZ.

You know, for all the “fuck you” attitude I got, the kicking myself for forgetting my numbers and the running around I had to do, I have to say that a day which starts with snow and ends with Asian Nachos is a pretty fine day.

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