Top Guns (Digital Playground Blu-Ray)

Top Guns
146 Mins.
Digital Playground
THEMES: Military, Blondes, Big Boobs
STARS: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Selena Rose, Stoya, Raven Alexis, Ben English, Erik Everhard, Scott Nails, Tommy Gunn, Mick Blue



Top Guns is Digital Playground’s mega-hit for 2011. It features contract stars Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Stoya and Selena Rose and that alone makes it worth watching. Riding the current wave of popular parodies, Top Guns takes us into the fast-paced world of fighter pilots as the best of the best train to be the betterest of the best. To add a little twist to the original, the DP Girls are the first female pilots allowed to fly with the boys. When Jesse and Riley aren’t trying to outdo Kayden and Stoya, they do battle with the sexist cockpit jockeys who aren’t about to give in to equality easily. Of course none of this stops anyone from fucking each other silly. There are classic scenes redone here including the volleyball scene (Yes ladies), impromptu karaoke and plenty of aerial battle sequences. As a feature, Top Guns kicks ass. It features great special effects, a nicely done script with laughs and a bit of tension. It works very well as a couples-friendly feature as well thanks to a great looking cast on both sides of the gender aisle, the solid story and the action. (Sexual and otherwise.) The sex scenes aren’t as hard as most gonzo flicks, but that isn’t what you’re here for. You are here to see Jesse and company fuck in and out of flight suits, tear military uniforms off of hot guys and shoot commies out of the sky. There is plenty of that here. All of the girls are hot. Jesse proves that she’s still as hot as anyone during her bathroom romp. Stoya is impressive as always as is Kayden Kross. Selena Rose makes her DP debut and is really good in limited action. Top Guns has everything, hot chicks, fast planes, action, adventure, sex and a dose of nostalgia and plenty of white hot action.

Jesse Jane & Erik Everhard

Bandit (Jesse Jane) and Baby Boo (Riley Steele) are invited to be the female team invited to Top Guns. After the famous bar scene, Jesse and Erik end up in bed together. (Hey, singing oldies worked for Tom Cruise so of course it works for Everhard.) He takes her to the bathroom where he quickly learns that she would rather have him tickling her twat with his tongue than serenading her. Showing no fear of being caught, she drops to the floor and takes his joystick right into her talented mouth. As always, Jesse attacks her oral sex scene with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. She takes Erik’s cock deep, gets it really wet and is more than ready to be slammed on the bathroom counter. He flips her over and gets her hard from behind. Lifting her off the counter, Erik holds her open and let’s Jesse bounce up and down on that pole. She bends over for another round of doggy before spinning around and taking his load all over her face.

Stoya & Mick Blue

When they aren’t out-flying the boys, the girls still know how to turn things on. Stoya flirts and teases with some snappy dialog and then makes her furry fun box available for some up close and personal training. Great eye contact as she returns the favor, teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue before sliding it into her mouth. Gagging a little she asks him if he likes it and then gives a hot hands-free bout of oral. By the time he is done with her mouth, they are both ready for some good old fashioned boning. Great looking doggy as she bends way over and pushes her pale flesh back to take every inch he’s got. After a very enthusiastic fuck she opens her mouth wide for a big load right on her tongue.

Riley Steele & Marcus London

All of the girls seem to like blowing off steam in the same way. Riley picks up on Marcus in the bar and offers him a dance. (That’s girl power for ya.) He loves what he sees when she drops her pants and reaches around to finger pussy while kissing her pretty ass. Riley appreciates the way he turns her around and continues the licking. In return she sucks his cock, getting it wet enough for streamers and then using her hand to really put some finishing touches on a stunning piece of eye candy. They stand up over a barstool for some wicked looking doggy. Riley has a hot little body and looks great from any angle. She rolls over and looks into his eyes while the slams into her tight shaved pussy. It doesn’t take him long before he is shooting is load all over those smooth lips.

Kayden Kross & Scott Nails

Everyone is pairing up. Kayden finds a way to express her growing lust for Scott. They end up tearing each others clothes off in the locker room. Scott grabs her legs and pulls her pussy up to his face while she holds onto the bench for dear life. Kayden is a little gentler when she gets her mouth and hands on his dick. The eye candy shots are great as the camera lingers on her body and then settles in on her face as she expertly manipulates him. After some good looking standing doggy, she straddles him and bounces up and down while rubbing her clit. Kayden shows great energy here and we get to enjoy one of porn’s hottest bodies in full glory. This is very hot sex that isn’t going to scare away the female viewers. Great eye candy and passion. She also provides plenty of dirty talk as she helps him get to the edge then moves her face into position for a perfect shot. Making sure she is thorough, Kayden sucks it clean and swallows the last few drops.

Reverse Gang Bang

These movies generally end with a big all-star girl bang. Tommy ends up right in the middle though. Jesse, Riley and Kayden start off by taking care of him while Stoya focuses on new girl Selena Rose. Great multi mouth BJ action here as the girls all take turns. Selena gets a chance to shine that rode up really well. Yeah, she’s going to fit in just fine. These scenes always move quickly and if you’re trying to focus on one girl they can get frustrating. Instead, just try really hard to enjoy the action as a whole. It’s not like you have a bad option no matter who the camera is pointing at. The two brunettes do their best to steal the show, but Jesse isn’t about to let that happen. Stoya and Riley share the cock briefly, but beautifully. For pure eye candy it is tough to beat the sight of all of the girls lined up while Tommy takes turns fucking them from behind. (Great fantasy material here too.) The girls get down and share the load with Selena first at the feeding trough. It gets kissed down the line in a five-girl snowball that will not soon be forgotten.

Raven Alexis & Ben English

We had to know that these two were destined to be together in the end. You can’t have two such strong-willed characters not hook up in the end. He takes her on his desk and kisses her slowly. This is shaping up to be a very sweet scene. Not sure it belongs after the big bang, but it sure is working the couples angle pretty hard. Working his way down, Ben finds her pussy to be quite tasty. In turn she licks the head of his cock like a lollipop until it looks ready to burst in her hands. Mounting up, she shows off her lean, sexy body while sliding up and down on his tool. It is always fun to watch Raven fuck because she is so pretty and yet so earnest in her efforts to please. Ben gives it to her hard, but when she is in control Raven gives it that little extra to push things over the top. He rewards her hard work by stroking off until he explodes all over that pretty face. Great way to finish the movie even if you were hoping for the group bang as a send off.

Bonus: This combo pack comes with both DVD and Blu-Ray copy of the movie. It also includes a disc of extra features including trailers, gallery, slide show, FX making off featurette, bloopers, deleted scenes, BTS & bonus sex scene (Unplanned POV fun with Riley and Jesse)

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