Cuckold Club

Cuckold Club
114 Mins
Bluebird Films
THEMES: Classic Porn, Horror
STARS: Mason Moore, Tory Lane, Allie Haze, Ashli Orion, Valerie Summer, Tommy Gunn, Danny Mountain,


Bluebird has brought us a lot of good stuff lately. With this title, they venture into the cuckold world. Unlike other titles in the genre, this isn’t a strictly interracial thing. The guys fucking the hot wives are white just like the cucked hubbies. They just pack more heat and know what to do with it. There is a bit of variety at play here. Some of the cucks sit and cry, others try to get involved while still others are helpless. All of the women enjoy the fun, give active, vocal fucks and dish out verbal abuse. Tory Lane really dishes it out verbally and openly mocks her husband’s total lack of size. He get his, but not without paying the price. Ashli Orion and Mason more are very enthusiastic, but it’s tough to beat little Allie Haze for pure strokeable heat. This isn’t always a gentle or fun movie, but if you dig the cuckold fantasy then there is plenty here to enjoy. Just remember guys, this could happen to you if you don’t treat your women right.

Mason Moore & Tommy Gunn

Fed up with the fact that her man won’t fuck her, Mason goes out and finds someone who will. Tommy has no problem hanging out on the couch with the hot wife and getting a little frisky while her old man works on is computer. She looks really good in shorts and a tank top that barely contain her big fake breasts. She finally tells her husband to watch what a real man can do. Giving him a dirty look and plenty of trash talk, she gobbles up the new cock and loves each throbbing inch. The head itself looks pretty good as she bobs on it with her big tits hanging out. The cuck play really picks up when she bends over and faces him while being slammed. This isn’t gentle action either. Mason screams at him to cry while she is made to squirt by her new lover. This is a hard core cuck scene so if you’re looking for something light, you better skip it lest you end up with hurt feelings or something. She ends up taking his load right in her mouth and savors the flavor while her old man watches.

Valerie Summer

Valerie is being railed hard from behind by some dude when her husband comes home. She explains that this guy is a “real man” and knows what she wants. Apparently what she wants is a hard dick. Hubby has to get in really close to watch how it’s done. This pretty wife rides her new lover and dismounts to suck him clean every few minutes. The talk includes a confession that she sold a necklace he bought for her in order to pay for the services of the young stud. She makes him shine her shoes while getting fucked. This scene is a little less mean spirited, but Val makes sure to let her husband know how much better this guy is than he could ever be. Finishing off with a flurry, he beats off right onto her face while her husband watches with panties on his head.

Tory Lane

Tory is making out with a hot young guy while her muscular husband sits on the couch and watches. She has plenty to say about his body building obsession and marvels at the size of her young lovers’ dick. Drooling all over his cock, she mocks him into tears. Always great at dirty talk, Tory is really just perfect for this type of scene. The talk is harsh and the action is top rate. She rides hard in reverse cowgirl and then sucks his cum from his dick with a filthy smile on her face. At one point she makes him stand in front of her with his cock hard while she mocks it. When hubby gets angry she sucks his cock. The dynamic gets a little odd when she fucks her husband and mostly ignores the other guy. It becomes more of a humiliation scene as she clearly prefers the other cock. The boy toy shoots a load all over her tits and face before hubby dumps his on her boob.

Allie Haze & Rocco Reed

Allie and Rocco were friends in high school and her husband has had enough of their flirtation. Imagine his surprise when Rocco just takes his wife’s tits out and starts sucking them right in front of him. She coos while her old boyfriend licks her pussy and happily sucks his hard meat with her husband just a few feet away. It seems like this marriage might be over because Allie is just too happy to be back with Rocco. She finishes the BJ and mounts his cock, ordering her husband to watch her bounce up and down. He can’t stand to watch as they kiss and fuck in cowgirl. Too bad because he’s missing out on a great view of her sexy ass. Hubby has to stand with his cock out while she get slammed form behind. The body slapping and loud moaning are quite hot, but his cock remains limp as a noodle. They finish up with a big shot onto Allie’s face. She sucks him dry and stars into his eyes while taking every last drop.

Ashli Orion & Danny Mountain

Sexy little Ashli is rocking some tiny shorts and bikini top. Her husband is too busy on the computer to notice as she wiggles her as for him. As she rubs her pussy, her angry grows. How dare he ignore her when she is so ready to play. The next day she comes home, Ashli has Danny with her. She drags hubby to the bed so he can stare at her ass while she devours the new meat. Good dirty talk here as she insults him and enjoys gagging on the big dick. Apparently hubby never even eats her pussy and that’s just not OK. A hot wife like this needs attention and when she doesn’t get it, she is going to make sure he feels the sting of humiliation. With her husband in tears, Ashli gets pounded deep and blames it all on him. If he had only fucked her like she wanted, she wouldn’t have to take it from big dicked strangers. When hubby tries to leave, she drags him back and makes him watch as she licks her own cum from the new cock. Danny ends up shooting his hot load all over her ass before she cleans him off with her slutty little mouth.

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