Pervert (Hustler)




100 Mins


DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas



STARS: Lizzy Labeau, Samantha Ryan, Crissy Hines, Sarah Shevon, Bobbi Starr, Otto Bauer, Eric Swiss, Anthony Rossano


Paul Thomas is one of the most celebrated adult film makers of all time. He has more awards than even he can probably count and after years at Vivid, he has made a serious move. Hustler has put out the first post Vivid PT project and it’s an ambitious one. It is a feature in two chapters, both with distinctly dark bends. Otto Bauer plays a pervert in the first half. He likes to watch, but ends up getting himself some pretty good action. Eric Swiss has strange relationship with his therapist in the second chapter. The dialog in this half of the movie is very tight and the sex is rather intense as well. If you were expecting the usual, then you don’t know PT. This isn’t just another stroke flick, but it is also not another garden variety adult feature. Pervert takes us on a journey that is unconventional, but still hot. Bobbi Starr and Crissy Lynn are particularly hot, as is Samantha Ryan. If this is the first chapter in the next book of Thomas’ storied career, then I can’t wait to see what the rest of it looks like.

Lizzy Labeau & Derrick Peirce

Lizzy hits on Otto in the bar and invites him into the men’s room. When she gets there, Derrick is taking a piss and she switches horses in mid-stream. (So to speak.) She takes his cock into her mouth and pushes him out of the stall to give them a little more room to enjoy one another. Derrick bends her over the counter and fucks her like he isn’t worried a bit about being caught. He pulls her back into the stall to let her eat the cum from his cock before she mounts up for a ride on the pole. Otto is there watching as the spunky little blonde gets plowed right there in the bathroom. As she sits on the floor with cum dripping down her chin, Lizzy gives Otto her number. Yes, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Sarah Sevon & Otto Bauer

When Otto goes to see Lizzy for some fun, he ends up locked up in the bathroom with her slave Sarah. They start to have fun, but Lizzy puts a stop to that quickly. She makes her slaves clean, eat from dog bowls, and has Sarah running on a treadmill. Eventually they all fuck though it ends up looking like a series of fetish images rather than a traditional looking sex scene. Thanks to a strap on, there are two dicks to keep both girls busy in one way or another. There is even a brief bit of DP for Sarah’s sexy holes. The girls share a load.

Bobbi Starr, Crissy Lynn & Eric Swiss

Eric picks up a couple of very hot street walkers and takes them home. His tastes are quite specific and involve bondage, stockings and more than a little bit of control. He holds Samantha’s head while Bobbi sits on her face to smother her. This is more of a tease than anything else. The rest will have to come later.

Bobbi Starr, Crissy Lynn, Eric Swiss & Anthony Rosano

Coming back for more, Eric brings a friend along the next time he goes out. They both get to have fun with the girls this time. Bobbi proves once again that she is just amazing with her mouth, taking Eric to the balls with seemingly no effort at all. Big titted Crissy is really cock hungry and jerks off Anthony while sucking him deep. The side by side fucking is fun and features Bobbi riding dick and getting her big ass fingered. I like both of these women so moving the action back and forth doesn’t really kill the heat like it sometimes can. You have to love the way Crissy works herself into a sweat as she works hard to get a load. Her reward is a big creamy load that she savors on her lips and tongue. Bobbi also gets one right in the face to enjoy.

Samantha Ryan & Eric Swiss

Eric’s shrink is just as twisted as he is and she likes it when he takes charge. She knows he’s a bit crazy, but that just turns her on all the more. Teasing him slowly she finally takes his cock out and starts sucking and stroking it. He stands up and starts fucking her face while she fingers her pussy and gets herself off. Moving to the couch, he fingers her until she looks ready to claw her way through his back. Samantha gets bent over and fucked hard in the pussy while nearly being fisted in the ass at the same time. He ends up cumming all over her pussy and then feeding it to her on his fingers.

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