Introducing the Russo Twins


Introducing the Russo Twins


180 Mins





STARS: Tatiana Russo, Taylor Russo, Halie James, Celeste Star, Bill Bradley, Barry Scott, Johnny Sins, Jerry & Tommy Gunn


Vivid has found the latest porn sensations and presents them for our viewing pleasure in this three-hour sex odyssey. What makes Tatiana and Taylor the “must see” porn babes of 2010? They are twins y’all. Identical fucking twins. The Russo Twins are identical, sexy and ready for porn stardom. B Skow has been given the task of introducing the twins to porn fans the world over. Brand new to porn, the twins break in with a bang. They share a cock for the first time, work side by side with guys and girls and get some one on one time as well. The interviews are quite interesting. B Skow always seems to find a way to keep the conversation flowing. To kick things off, the girls work side by side and take two dicks. It’s all fun as they enjoy sucking and fucking. Great scene here that really shows off how much the girls look alike. Tatiana gets fucked by Tommy Gunn and later her sister gets it from Bill Bradley. I don’ know who I would pick if I had to chose just one. I think I’d sign up for the Johnny Sins treatment. He gets them both at once. I’m down for that and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. If you have ever wanted to see twins go nuts, then you will love this movie. How far can the Russo Twins get? That’s up in the air, but for one movie at least, they steal the show with great looks, good energy and a massive dose of fantasy appeal.

Tatiana Russo, Taylor Russo, Barry Scott & Jerry

These two lovely blondes are about to do something that they have never done before. They have never shared two guys before. B Skow interviews them for a while, finding out about how the twins lost their virginity and other intriguing nuggets. The girls look identical except for their ink. (Tatiana has a boob tattoo and Taylor has one on her shoulder.) They get undressed and really do look identical. Twins are such a universal guy fantasy that everyone watching has to be wishing they could be the dude to slide right in between these hot babes. His Brand New Faces series always features great interviews and this one is plenty interesting. Barry and Jerry come in and the twins are more than happy to stop talking and start sucking. Tatiana gets all the way to her knees while her sister squats to suck. There are some nice shots of the one on one before the girls double up on Jerry’s cock and balls. The guys bend the girls over on the desk and fuck them from behind. Great close up shots of the fun as the guys pound away. Twins on a desk is a nice visual and the energy level is plenty high. They climb on top and show that the nice ass gene run in the family. The side by side reverse cowgirl is pretty hot and you have to enjoy the way the girls are so willing to do whatever it takes. They kneel and take loads on their faces and boobs.

Tatiana Russo & Tommy Gunn

Going for a little one on one with B Skow, Tatiana talks, strips, rubs her pussy and describes how she tastes. She lubes up that pussy and lets her fingers have a good time. The rabbit toy she has gets going and she doesn’t let up until it is buried in her hot little hole. She is all warmed up when Tommy comes in. He slides some fingers into her pussy and keeps things going. She’s happy to take his cock into her mouth and she does a really good job keeping him throbbing. Great hand action here as she sucks and flashes her eyes to the camera. He bends her over and grabs her ass as she pounds her hard enough to make his balls slap against her. That shaved pussy slides up and down on his rod during some great reverse cowgirl. She loves the taste of her own juices on his dick as she sucks him clean. He shoots his load and she licks it from her fingers.

Tatiana Russo, Taylor Russo, Celeste Starr & Halie James

Apparently guys aren’t the only ones who did the whole twin thing. Celeste and Halie start out with a serious make out session with the twins. They all get on the couch and slowly start to undress. I’m hot and cold on lesbian scenes, but the twin factor makes this four way pretty damn interesting. With the two experienced pussy lickers going after them, the Russo Twins are having a ball. Turning over, they show off their asses while being licked. If getting eaten so close to a sibling bothers either of these two babes, they certainly don’t show it. Breaking out toys, Celeste and Halie fill their new friends with rubber cocks from behind. Trading places, the twins prove that they know how to make girls feel good. Halie looks like she might just explode as she gets fucked.

Taylor Russo & Bill Bradley

Now it’s Taylor’s turn to play. She is naked in no time and has her fingers up in that tight little twat. The toy play is good as she fucks herself with a big dong. It’s short though because she wants to try the real thing. Bill gets her going by licking her pussy and slapping it gently until she is moaning like crazy. She breaks out her toy and shoves it into herself while she sucks Bill’s cock. He enjoys working his meat between her lips and she seems right at home. This hot footage is followed up by some hot cowgirl that shows off her cute little butt. Great energy here as she has herself one hell of a time getting fucked. He bangs her hard in mish and leaves his load all over her cute little boobies.

Tatiana Russo, Taylor Russo & Johnny Sins

For the first time ever, the girls are going to share the same cock. Johnny is the lucky guy, but before he gets them we get to watch them. As they lube themselves up and rub those pretty little pussies. Toys out, the girls race each other to a hot and sticky climax. They clean their toys with their mouths and then let Johnny take over. He fingers them both and then starts licking one at a time. The girls wait patiently and then pass the cock back and forth. Even if the twins weren’t so good at oral, the idea of having two identical twins sharing your cock has to make the old soldier stand up and take notice. Taylor moves down and starts fucking first while her sister does some face riding. Nice energy and the fantasy aspect is just awesome here. When the sisters switch places, Taylor masturbates while watching her sister get banged. Great side by side shots as Johnny slams away and finally sprays both pretty faces with cum. That’s a fantasy come true right there.

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