Heist, The


Heist, The (Vivid)


Movie Type: Feature

Production Company: Vivid

Director: Toni English

THEMES: Hookers


STARS: Ariel Daye, Crystal Breeze, Jill Kelly, Julia Ann, Missy, Michael, Tony Tedeschi, Vince Voyeur

Reviewed by: Erica Marshall


Julia Ann is a prostitute who knows more than one way to make money. Julia, with her band of hoods waiting outside in the van, replaces a couple’s regular call girl only to distract the couple while her partners-in-crime ransack the place and steal all their valuables.

Jill Kelly, not your typical PTA wife is all hot over Julia and throws her back on the bed. Jill goes down on Julia’s sweet pussy, fingering it slowly so it’s nice and moist for her husbands throbbing cock. Julia takes a pussy full of dick while Jill caresses her husbands balls. This is a really sexy couples scene and Jill’s filthy commentary is actually a turn-on. The boys have finished their job already, getting away with some expensive diamond jewelry.

They’re done before the threesome inside has barely gotten started so they sit in the van and listen (with their high-tech listening device) to Jill enjoy Julia’s warm tongue in her pussy while her own tongue sucks and teases her hubby’s chubby. Her husband shoots up all over Jill’s tits and Julia makes her exit.

Tension ensues back at the van between Julia and one of her partners (Tony Tedeschi), he seems to be the jealous type. The crew finds out later that the jewels they ripped off were fakes so they plan one last heist. Tony decides that they should hit up a local whorehouse where money laundering takes place. Julia and the others (Vince Vouyer and Michael Knight) agree that Tony’s plan is the perfect heist. The gang goes into the whorehouse for some action. Vince and Michael get lucky with a cute redhead (Ariel Daye) while Julia interviews with the madam for a job at the house.

Tony meanwhile waits on the couch and is entertained by two hot ladies intent on making his night extra special. The blonde wins and he follows her upstairs. Vince gets his fabulous cock sucked while Michael teases her clit with his fast and hard tongue (I mean it, this guy’s good-where can I get one?). Vince gets first dibs on her and he fucks her from behind while she sucks on Michael and enjoys a good slap on the ass. Michael gets his go eventually and he fucks her pussy doggie while she blows Vince and then they trade again, Vince pummeling her pussy from behind. The girl gets a back full of Vince’s love juice and she’s creamed on her face from the front by Michael.

They tell Ariel that they don’t have any money and don’t plan on paying for the sex. In the interview room the madam (Crystal Breeze) has a little dress rehearsal with her prospective employee, having her drop to her knees and suck on her wet pussy. Julia Ann fingers her cunt and makes her cum, more than once. Jill later rams a long, clear dildo into Crystal’s tunnel while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Needless to say, Crystal cums once again.

What Crystal doesn’t know is, the whole time Crystal’s crying out in ecstasy, Julia Ann has been removing pieces of her jewelry. Tony’s getting some really hot action with his blonde trick (Missy), she’s in this cute pink teddy and plants her pussy down firmly on his face. He uses his entire face, eating and sucking with his mouth while his fingers slide into her juicy cunt, fucking her hard and fast. She rubs her clit and cums in his mouth and then jumps off him, hurriedly takes off his underwear and takes his big cock in her mouth.

Tony and Missy have some great couples sex that ends with Missy cleaning up the mess Tony made all over her face. Vince and Michael have now caused a scene with the bouncer and this gives Julia and Tony a chance to search Crystal’s office for the dirty money. They get away with millions and the gang is free and clear. Back at the office the group divides up the money and the crew goes their separate ways. Well, not all the crew.

Tony and Julia stay behind for one last farewell fuck. This is the best scene in the film-a really hot couples boy/girl with a lot of action. This is a great couples film. The sex is safe but incredibly hot, and the acting is really good. The Heist is a good pick for couples or for ladies who are looking for a decent story coupled with sensuous couples sex. I really enjoyed this flick and would recommend it to anyone who wants the Vivid signatures (glamour and gloss), with some hot action and a digestible storyline.


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