Crock of Love


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Crock of Love


125 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures

DIRECTOR: Glenn Barren

THEMES: Comedy, Groupies, Interracial Sex


STARS: Evan Stone, Misty Stone, Nikki Rhodes, Aiden Starr, Andy San Dimas, Victoria Lawson, Natalia Rossi, Justin Long, Mikey Butders

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Oh man, what a great title and a great idea for a porn parody, For those of you who aren’t addicted to VH1’s version of train wreck TV, Rock of Love is basically a dating show where some of the scariest ex-strippers and desperate attention whores you have ever seen compete for the heart and bankroll of a vapid over the hill rocker (Brett Michaels). In this movie Evan Stone plays the lead perfectly. He’s appropriately cheesy and ultimately funny. The collection of women vying for his attention is a lot hotter in this movie than in the real show. You start with Misty Stone and It’s tough to go wrong from there. Her scene is very good and sets the tone. Nikki Rhodes plays dumb really well and turns in a nice scene. Aiden Starr takes on the big cock of Justin Long and works it perfectly. Andy San Dimas is hot in a lesbian scene and then cute little Natalia Rossi wraps things up. This is a simple little parody that is fun to watch and has decent sex. They don’t try too hard and that actually helps. It might be fun to actually watch some of the Rock of Love skanks duke it out in a porn flick, but the eye candy is better this way.

Misty Stone & Evan Stone

Misty is having some problem with the other girls so Evan pulls her into the bedroom for some private time. She won’t shut up no matter what he tries so he just covers her mouth long enough to take off her panties and stuff them between her lips. With Evan eating her pussy, she forgets to complain and starts begging for that cock. Evan slides it into her shaved pussy and goes deep. Moving into spoon, Misty shows the sort of body that any aging has been, or young stud would be happy to play with. Right in the middle of the fun she starts talking shit about the other girls. This time he shuts her up by stuffing his cock right into her mouth. Great looking blowjob here as Misty proves that she should be declared the winner of this contest right now. He goes back into her pussy for a few strokes and then unloads all over her pretty face. How in the world is the first girl to be eliminated?

Nikki Rhodes & Mikey Butders

Mikey works security for the show and he’s smart enough to know that Nikki is dumb as a box of rocks. She is worried about how to make orphans happy in the challenge. He tells her that he’s an orphan and that orphans love slutty party girls. Putting two and two together she decides to practice by making him feel good. He really enjoys her perfect natural breasts and sweet, sweet body. One thing every guy likes is a hot redhead with an open mouth. Nikki provides that in spades, bobbing her head up and down on his cock until it is throbbing and ready to penetrate her hot red snapper. It glides in easily and she shakes her tits for the camera as her box gets banged. Nice reverse cowgirl shots here as well. Nikki knows how to make it look good and if you like natural boobs the shots of her set shaking will keep you interested. He feeds her a big load that gets all over her face. I don’t think Nikki is going to win, but she gets a prize anyway.

Aiden Starr & Justin Long

Aiden loves to party and ends up hanging out with Brute’s drummer. She knows she is going to be in trouble for flirting and will likely go home. Aiden decides that if she is going to go down, she might as well go down in a blaze of big cock glory. Justin’s big dick barely fits into her mouth, but that doesn’t stop Aiden from sucking it like a true super slut. With her lovely natural tits shaking as he goes, she jerks and licks that thick cock like a woman with a serious case of dick lust. Moving her body on top of his, Aiden works her hips until that long pole disappears into her tight little hole. She is fun to watch thanks to a nice long ass and those fantastic boobs. This is another solid sex scene with a very big dick stretching a cute little pussy. Justin proves that he can go long and hard and keep a steady rhythm. Aiden may miss out on the has-been train, but she gets a big load of cum all over her tummy as a parting gift.

Andy San Dimas & Victoria Lawson

Andy is kind of a crazy lesbian who plans to take out the other girls by proving that they can’t handle some girl on girl love. She suggests some sexy pictures with Victoria in the kitchen. Their modeling session quickly turns to girlie fun and Andy‘s plan is in full swing. She likes Victoria‘s boobs and quickly gets the pretty girl past her initial shy phase and into the “fuck me with your big fake cock” phase. Who needs a self deluded has-been rocker when you have a pretty girl like Andy to sit on your face and lick pussy? They break out the strap on and give us some good looking doggy. Riding that rubber dick Victoria looks ready to stick with the L-Train from now on.

Natalia Rossi & Evan Stone

Once she wins the competition Natalia is only too happy to suck on Brute’s big dick. Nice looking BJ footage here especially when he climbs up and fucks her face while she spreads her pussy fro the camera. Her pussy is ready for cock and they get to it a little too quickly. Even though she is the winner, they seemed to have saved little time for Natalia to really show off like she might. There are some good ass shots and she seems to be talking dirty during the mish. He pumps her hard in this position and then pulls out to shoot the load all over her adorable natural boobs.

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