Pure (Evil Angel)


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196 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: David Aaron Clark

THEMES: Asian Women, Bondage, Violence


STARS: Asa Akira, Keni Styles, Lana Violet, Jessica Bangkok, Destiny, Mr. Marcus, Jake Malone, Valentino



I review this movie with a heavy heart. It is the last movie released from director David Aaron Clark before his death. Just a week before his passing, David had contacted me to make sure I got my copy. He was very proud of this movie and seemed to think that I would like it. Without making this too morose let me just say that it makes me a little sad that I didn’t get to tell him in person just how much I liked it. Clark has always had a distinct style and he wore his fetishes on his sleeve for all to see. Pure is the sort of move we have come to expect from Clark and then some. It is artistic, poetic, sometimes creepy, steeped in a love for all things Asian and ultimately nice and dirty. Pure is also a unique feature with a lot of dialog, non-traditional sex scenes loads of fetish elements. It is a strange love story with a solid script and very good performances from its leads, Asa Akira & Keni Styles. Both are deserving of award consideration. Sexually the movie is heavy on the fetish stuff and possibly out of the wheelhouse for many raincoaters. If you can hang with that aspect then you’ll be fine. Asa is beautiful and edgier here than ever. She’s always worth watching and makes sure we have plenty of strokeable moments. In many ways this is the most interesting feature of the year. It isn’t quite as easily digestible as some of the others and the sex takes us through a strange maze, but it is the sort of movie that gets better the more you let it sink in. It is also the sort of movie that everyone should see. It is good on so many levels and great on enough to make it Clark’s most complete and interesting work. I only wish I had the chance to sit down with him and tell him to his face.

Asa Akira & Lana Violet

This is a quick dream sequence that features Lana in a fetish nun get up while Asa is chained up in a cage. She has rosary beads in her pussy and ends up with a raw egg broken all over face.

Jessica Bangkok, Lana Violet & Destiny

Testing out a new slave, Jessica and Lana really work Density over. They start with clips on her nipples and a crop on her flesh before moving on to penetration. A toy works well for that, but they already know she can fuck. The question is whether or not she can properly take punishment while bound. They have recruited well, because Destiny’s little pussy opens right up for fake cock and she sprays her juices all over the place. Hot lesbian sex here with the toy play and bondage adding a great deal to the fun.

Jessica Bangkok & Valentino

Following an opening at a fetish art gallery, Jessica slips into the bathroom with Valentino to scratch an itch. When she id done talking business Jessica puts her very talented mouth to work on his cock. The cramped quarters and fetish outfit add a layer to the scene and the lighting is both stark enough to be interesting and solid enough not to kill the heat. Of course it would be tough to kill any heat when you have Jessica servicing a big cock with her throat until it explodes all over her pretty face. She spits the load into her hand and then drips it back into her mouth. This woman really does know how to make our fantasies come true.

Asa Akira, Keni Styles, Lana Violet & Mr. Marcus

Private after parties are one of the perks for this lifestyle. Marcus is a celebrity who enjoys the Lana plays her part well, ordering him around, humiliating him and working his cock hard with her hands and mouth. She is very sexy, quite skilled and keeps up the slight fem dom edge without taking the scene too far into the fetish world for most raincoaters. Asa and Keni are watching as Lana pushes her pussy back and takes all the cock she can. The show gets them quite hot and it is very easy to see why. Lana rides that cock in reverse cowgirl until her pretty pussy explodes all over his meat. Asa eventually reaches back and starts jerking off her boss’ husband while she watches Lana bounce full speed on Marcus’ fat dick. He cums all over her belly and Asa reluctantly leaves Keni for the evening.

Asa Akira & Keni Styles

Tired of playing games, Asa makes her move and has her boss’ husband up at her place with his cock buried in her in no time. This scene starts out with some heavy art, but Clark lets his performers settle into a very hot stroke scene after that tantalizing appetizer. The blowjob is too short, but Asa in cowgirl slapping her ass down into his lap is way too good to pass up. You guys already know that I think a lot of this woman, but her energy in this scene is spectacular and definitely proves that she is award-worthy for this scene and movie. Taking a short break from the fucking, she sucks his cock, loving every inch with her lips and making it throb with anticipation. Back into her pussy he goes, working her mish while she plays with her nipples and moans approvingly. This scene is easy on the eyes and also features some good chemistry and actual passion. He pulls out and shoots all over her belly.

Asa Akira, Keni Styles & Destiny

The new slave comes by to try and get her mistress’ husband back. She finds Asa and Keni sharing a moment. Asa invites her to join and Destiny jumps at the chance. This young thing has learned her lessons well and pleases with her mouth while Asa kisses her man and drives him wild. She mounts up and rides his face while he continues to get blown by the hot new girl. Asa shares the cock, but when it is time for him to cum she pushes Destiny out of the way and makes Keni explode into her mouth. The looks the gives Destiny lets her know who is in charge.

Asa Akira & Jake Malone

To earn some extra cash, Asa turns to an old friend with specific tastes. He gives her some LSD, lets it begin to work and then ties Asa up for some very wicked games. The harsh lighting fits in this instance and Jake gets a chance to work Asa hard. He gags her with his cock, spits on her, slaps her and makes she works for everything she gets. Asa gags on the dick and handles it beautifully. She looks amazing in bondage and responds well to the harsh words and hard cock he gives her. When Asa is not sucking his cock or balls, she is busy tonguing and fingering Jake’s asshole. The scene goes on a long time with not fucking and ends with a big load all over her face. It is very fetish heavy, but Asa carries the action well enough to make it worth sitting through.

Asa Akira & Keni Styles

Showing off her affinity for sharp things, Asa holes a knife to her lover’s cock whiles he jerks him off. He is able to ignore the blade and cum all over her hand. She licks the knife and then goes in for round two. Her hands slip around his neck and she chokes him while fucking. He returns the favor and they both seem to really like it. The scene doesn’t really end, it just sort of goes on in pieces as the story progresses. The obsession, the sexuality and the violence all increase until the inevitable end. It is very strange from a sexual standpoint and unless you really like it blood I would suggest you finish up with your masturbation long before the great big nasty climax. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Bonus: Interviews (Cast & Crew), BTS, Filmographies, Biographies, Photo Galleries & Sada Abe: What Really Happened. (A long historical recount of the true events that inspired this movie.)


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