There are plenty of sites the feature handjobs, but few that actually stick to that niche. Girls will jerk off cocks as part of the action, but will eventually suck or fuck to complete the act. Not so with this site. It is all about the “lost art” of the handjob. The women on this site are fresh and pretty. These are not the usual porn girls jerking because they were assigned to something from column A. www.HandsOfLust.com is filled with young, fresh girls and good looking guys. They share the handjob action is good and the passion seems genuine. It isn’t easy to shoot a whole site dedicated to hand jobs, but this one does it really nicely. If you are a fan and looking for some hot, pure HG action www.HandsOfLust.com is the site for you. Members also get access to a number of other sites as well, so even if you need some variety, it is there for the taking.


Home: The main page features a really nice tool bar that makes navigating this site really easy to get around. A site trailer runs automatically next to is a small update box near the top that lists what has been added. This could be a little bigger, but it still updates you on all additions to the network.

The most recent updates to www.HandsOfLust.com fill the main page. Each update consists of one large and four small screen shots, add date and a text description. There are direct links to download or stream the movie, view the screen caps or download it for iPod. It is a simple site design without bells and whistles, but it is easy to get around.

Updates: From the tool bar you can select either Photo or Video updates to see exactly what you’re looking for. As of today (12/12/09) there are 20 video updates and 17 screen shot photo updates. They have all been added in a little less than three months so they are updating at least once a week.

For both streaming and download, the scenes are available in on chunk. They aren’t huge, but it can take a while. Without the option to view smaller segments, it is harder to test the scene to see if you like it. (But they provide trailers that are really good for that.) The streaming quality is pretty good, 720 x 480 at 1.09 Mbps and the scenes load pretty quickly.

The most recent update features Heather Silk. She is a very nice looking young woman who is already in position to take a hard cock in her hands. Heather cheats a bit by putting the dick into her mouth, but focuses mostly on stroking it while she talks to the camera. With both of her hands working on his meat she has him exploding in her hands in no time. It’s short, to the point and ends with Heather’s hands covered in sticky cream.

Monica and Rick Cuban hook up for a scene that starts off with a good deal of kissing. As they lie in bed, she reaches for his throbbing cock and plays with it. At first the camera shoots from between his feet with a close up on her hands wrapped around his cock. It moves higher to include the hand job and their kissing later in the scene. She moves her face closer to the action and really focuses her attention on him as her speed picks up. She lets him shoot all over his tummy and jerks every last drop from his throbbing wood.

Photos: The photo galleries are los-res vidcaps (750px Ö 422px) with a poor navigation system. Pictures are not the strong suit here. You can look at them to see what sort of action we get in the videos, but that’s about it.

Forum, Blog, Community: They have set up a forum devoted to talking about hand jobs. There aren’t a whole lot of posts yet, but if you are interested in hand jobs there are some interesting topics here. There is also supposed to be a blog, but as of today that link is dead. Perhaps there will be something fun here soon.

Web Cams: This link takes you outside for some web cam fun with the girls on www.PrivateCamz.com

Store: You can also download these to own or watch other clips on VOD.
Bonus Content: Membership in this site includes access to all five of their sites, including.


COST: There are three membership options for this site.

30 Day Membership: $24.99 30 Days
-90 Day Membership: $59.99 90 Days
-365 Day Membership $79.99 One Full Year

Models: 15 of 20 (Very Sexy)
Quality of Content: 15 of 20 (Very Good, Genre Specific)
Quantity of Content: 15 of 20 (Very Frequent Updates)
Ease of Use: 16 of 20 (Solid.)
Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Pure Hand Jobs)
Bonus:+5 Bonus Niche Sites .


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