Black Dick Too Boo Coo 2


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Black Dick Too Boo Coo 2


160 Mins.

Black Market

DIRECTOR: Dark Diggler

THEMES: Anal Sex, Internal Cumshots, Cum Farting


STARS: Lana Croft, Christina Aguichi, Kyanna Lee, Mya Minx, Lielani,


I did the first movie in this series last year and found volume two in my “to do” pile. It’s a simple line with some obvious appeal. It features hot Asian women taking big black cocks. If you like that dynamic then you will probably like the movie. I happen to like it quite a bit and really love some of the women in this movie. There are problems of course, mostly on the technical side. The camerawork is annoying enough to be mentioned repeatedly. It just moves constantly and usually without any good reason. During the interviews and even during the sex, the camera just finds itself too often out of place. This knocked the score down plenty, but the girls make it worth watching no matter what might be wrong behind the camera. Lielani closes the movie with a great scene. I’ve always been a big fan of this leggy hottie. She handles two big dicks perfectly and comes through with a big smile on her pretty face. I really miss this girl. Lana is pretty as ever and ready to show that petite Asian girls can take big dicks. In the middle we get to watch Christina, Mya, Kyanna and Mya take on some seriously huge cocks. Christina does a nice job, Kyanna comes off flat and Mya is a pleasant surprise. This is a good movie for the core audience, but other volumes are better examples of how good Too Boo Coo can be.

Lana Croft

If you like pretty, dirty Asian girls, Lana fits the bill. She looks great, has a cute little booty and always gives good scenes. The tease here has some style that we really can’t enjoy Lana. They try and interview, but that isn’t much better. The camerawork is really unsteady and it doesn’t completely improve as Lana stops talking and starts sucking. Luckily Lana is so cute that she can overcome some wobbly camerawork. She drools all over his big black cock and shoves her down as far on it as she can. The sloppy head and enthusiastic nature she brings to the table are just two more reasons to love Lana. He bends hr over and works his cock into her from behind. The camerawork pops up a big again as it zooms in and out without a lot of subtlety. We do get some nice close up shots, and Lana‘s is nicely displayed. It’s a good thing we have Lana to look at because her hot body makes up for a lot of shortcomings here. He flips her over and puts his cock in her ass. It’s too tight to get in there very far, but they really try to get some hard strokes in there. Energy and eye candy carry this scene as Lana‘s little ass opens up for increasingly deeper strokes. The finish strong with a huge load all over her face. Even with some technical issues, this scene is worth the price of the DVD. Lana is hot and should not be missed.

Christina Aguichi & Justin Long

I really hate the tease in this scene. You have a girl with a nice body stripping and showing off, but the quick cuts from color to black and make just make it a visual nightmare. Apparently this is going to be her first black dick on or off camera. She finds it and knows just what to do. The camerawork is jerking again, but we get some decent shots of her ass when the shot moves away from the obvious. Christina is very good with her mouth and seems to enjoy the thought of taking that big cock into her body. Justin keeps her pussy ready with his fingers while she juices up his cock for the big ride. Getting into reverse cowgirl she slides her pussy and up and down on his rod, giving us a great view of the action whenever the camera is actually holding still in the right place. Very vocal from the start, Christina picks up the volume level as he takes her from behind. The spoon is very nice because it gives us great pussy shots while the fucks her hard. Justin shoots his load all over her face. This isn’t quite as hot as the opener, but it is still worth watching.

Kyanna Lee & Shorty Mac

Kyanna is just sitting around in lingerie waiting for a big cock. There is an attempt at an interview, but don’t waste your time. Skip ahead to the sex. Shorty whips out his big dick and she pops it into her mouth to make it grow. Since Shorty talks to much, the director decides that joining in the chatter is more important that holding the camera still. This messes things up visually and created a man-chatter din that overpowers whatever charms Kyanna brings to the table. She works that big dick and keeps herself busy with some finger play as well. Shorty finally shuts up while he’s eating pussy and then finds a way to stuff that huge thing into her tiny shaved pussy. It’s too big for her and they do their best to cover it by providing cuts for recovery time. The camera stays in close and we get some decent ass shots. I like the way Kyanna looks in reverse cowgirl but she just isn’t able to do much. Chalk this one up as a case of too much of a good thing. This scene just kind of bored me. Shorty isn’t able to get much out of her and even the facial is kind of dull.

Mya Minx & Byron Long

This girl has kind of a pin up look and a big smile on her face as she waits for a big dick. She plays up the “too boo coo” really well and that makes the pre-scene stuff semi-interesting. The way she holds and sucks Byron’s dick I think we can assume that this is not Mya’s first ride in the big dick rodeo. She does a good job sucking and seems to be having a lot of fun. He slows down a bit as he pushes his dick into her, but after a few strokes she is ready to get on top and ride. Nice shots of her ass here as she looks back and smiles as us. Staying in cowgirl they work his cock into her ass. She has to go slow, but it fits up in there. By the time they finish with RCA (nice by the way) and get to doggy he is pretty much going balls deep between her cheeks and Mya is sweating, and clutching the couch as she encourages him. She is quite vocal as she asks him to cum on her outstretched tongue. Mya swallows it all down and shows us her empty mouth. This is a better scene than I would have expected.

Lielani, Jon Jon & Tyler Knight

This pretty girl was one of my favorites not long ago, but she just bailed on us. She’s pretty, has great legs and an awesome little pussy. It is important you know that since the tease is so utterly worthless. As the director tries to interview her he won’t let the camera still for even a second. She takes on two big cocks and that seems to steady the camera a bit. Spreading her long legs, Lielani lets the guys play with her pussy as she moves her head between two dicks. One big one and one moderately sized, but she loves them both. Getting into reverse cowgirl Lielani spread those long legs and lets Jon take her. She switches partners and tries to swallow the big black dick. The guys pass her bank and forth and we get lots of good shots of her legs and ass. The best shots come when she flashes those eyes to he camera with her mouth full. Lielani is doggy for a long time as the guys take turns fucking her from behind and filling her mouth. Her energy is great and the whole time she is fucking one guy she just keeps looking for the other dick to keep it happy. The first guy cums in her mouth and Lielani waits a long time for the second load to fill her up. Great finish to a really hot scene.

Bonus: BTS, Photo Gallery & Cumshot Recap

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