It is easy to see at first glance that www.EdgeXD.com is not just another porn site. It has a slick look and a very cool mainstream vibe to it. Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of great porn here covering a lot of different tastes and featuring some of the hottest women in the industry. But it’s more than that. I’ll get into some of the very cool exclusive features in more detail later, but let’s get back to the first glance stuff. www.EdgeXD.com has a very cool, simple interface. It features a ton of great porn, much of it exclusive with the likes of Heather Vandeven and Lux Kassity. It also features the most unique features and high quality adult material I have seen in one site. From super fast “no wait” HD playback to a thorough annotation system for videos. (Pornmark, they call it.) Their comprehensive “your stash” feature allows you to save your favorites for easy viewing and even share them with other users by creating Porn Channels. This is an arcade with 9 adult games that are fun and easy to play when you aren’t looking for hardcore action. The Sports Quiz is a whole lot of fun as well. There is a lot of original material here including a lot of stuff from the Edge XD Girls (Heather and Lux). To complete the experience there is also a 3d lounge where you can navigate through some great articles and non-porn stuff. There is a strong attempt here to make this a complete web experience and a place where you go to watch porn, but then hang around to read articles, interact with other community members and just have a good time. As a porn site, www.EdgeXD.com is slick, cool, fun and packed with great material. As a unique adult experience with more to offer than just great porn, it is unparalleled.

Sample Galleries

Heather Vandeven & Her Girlfriend

Video Gallery of Holly West

Celeste Star & Friend

Heather & the Girls Play Rock Band

Heather Carolin & Jayme Langford

Video Gallery of Heather

Video of Carloin & Jayme


Home: The main page has a very simple design that is eye catching and not too busy. There is a tool bar and extensive search tool at the top that will come in handy later. The most prominent item on the main page is a long banner focusing on the featured video at the time. Right now it is an HD video featuring a hypnotic fantasy with Nikki. Below that are nine smaller featured items in a horizontally scrolling bar. These focus on new videos, photo sets, channels or features of the site. They make it easy to keep up with what’s new.

My Stash: This is EdgeXD’s version of a “favorites” tool and it is by far the most comprehensive I have ever seen. There is a nice pop up instruction to help you, but it’s pretty simple. The main thing to remember is that you have to put something into your stash in order to work with it. All you have to do is use the icon in the bottom right of any photo set or video to add it to your stash. Once you have added material to it, your stash is easy to use. The items are separated by video, photo, article, channels and shop. You can put your favorites together to create a new channel and then share it with other users. So you can become a porn producer and see if the world shares your taste in porn.

Lounge: The lounge is a virtual bar where you can cruise around and find different sections of the site. It is a very cool navigation tool that takes you to articles on sports, travel, music, games, TV, gadgets, blogs and of course, the porn. It is a really cool way to get around the site and keeps things interesting.

Games: Edge XD has put their stamp on 9 simple, fun games. Take your inner pimp out for a ride with “Pimp Daddy Road Rage”, play a sexy memory game, a few hands of video poker, play tic tac toe, sudoko or any of the other fun games here. These are fun and simple and keep you going in between visits to the porn shop.

Channels: In addition to user channels, there are some pre-loaded selections to make your viewing easier. There are channels featuring big tits, Asian girls, sex with masks, cheerleaders and several other niches. You can browse through them, find the most recent, the highest rated or most popular.

Videos/Photos: As of today (11/16/09) there 2,350 videos and 985 photo sets on the site. The search feature helps find what you’re looking for. If you start typing, it will help finish your search for you.

When you find a video you like there are a lot of features to enjoy. First off, the speed is great. It’s virtually no wait for any clip you want. That is a very big deal, especially if you have spent a lot of time on sites that make you wait forever to get what you want. You can easily rate the scene, add to your stash, switch video quality or go to full screen with easy to use buttons in the lower right corner of your screen. The running time is also displayed on screen which is nice. You can exit the clip or hit the panic button to totally get rid of the site. One of the best video features offered on the site is the annotations at the time. Throughout the timeline there are points with pop up thumbnails that describe the action. Want to skip the to the BJ? It’s easy. Got a thing for pieced labias? You can do right to the shot showing off the bling. This is a great feature that you will fall in love with immediately.

COST: There are two membership options for this site as well as a three-day trial.

3 Day Trail $2.95

30 Day Membership: $24.95 30 Days

-90 Day Membership: $59.95 90 Days

OVERALL: 93 of 100. EdgeXD.com is a really good porn site with excellent features, a slick design and a lot of content. As an overall experience it adds a lot more than just stroke material to the discussion. The games are fun, but it is the community, the opportunity to share with others and the non-sex articles that give it the potential to be so much more than porn. Think Playboy or Maxim with interactive capabilities and a ton of great hardcore. I know that most of you are looking for the porn and with over 2300 videos this site has a ton. They have lots of HD scenes, unique content and their own hot spokes models. It’s a good bargain for the amount of porn you get, a great deal for the quality and speed as well as the innovative features it provides. Enjoy the porn and the stay for the rest. You just might find that Edge XD is the best place to be for a great internet experience.

Models: 18 of 20 (Sexy Women, Great Variety)

Quality of Content: 19 of 20 (Lots of Great HD Content)

Quantity of Content: 20 of 20 (Tons of videos and photos, Exclusive Content)

Ease of Use: 19 of 20 (Very Good, Clean, Easy Design)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Great Innovations, Community, & More)


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    Despite the high score, this site seems to have folded pretty quick

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