32 Ways to Please Your Lover



32 Ways to Please Your Lover

MOVIE TYPE: Instructional

60 Mins

Sinclair Institute

THEMES: Sexual Positions, Education

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This is another DVD from the Sinclair Institute’s Better Sex line. It is covers a number of different techniques for pleasing your lover. The DVD is split into two parts. The first offers a number of techniques to try while the second covers positions. As a position guide this one isn’t as good as some of the others on the market, but the first half of the DVD is very interesting. The instruction is pretty good and sexually things are very tame. It’s background stuff only. If you want a mix of sex and instruction, try the Vivid line. That offers porn and education. This is very soft so it won’t scare women away. It also offers a lot of good tips so it definitely has some value for people who want to expand their sexual relationship.

The first half of this DVD focuses on six techniques to enhance the love making experience. It begins with mutual oral sex, or 69. The technique is demonstrated by a couple in a hardcore scene with voice over instruction from the hostess. They go through a number of different ways to accomplish 69 including some, like the “Flying 69” that are quite advanced.

Mutual use of toys is next on the menu. They go over the importance of communication and demonstrate ways that couples can use toys together. This may seem rudimentary to some couples, but it really is a good teaching technique and the sex is shown in a way that won’t scare anyone away.

Sex positions are up next and they range from simple things like using a chair to some more advanced positions we see in porn. Easing into these with the visual aids might help.

Role play is next and they do a nice job of showing a couple playing and mixing it in with some instructional techniques.

G Spot stimulation is covered somewhat in this DVD. Sinclair has another DVD devoted entirely to this sort of play so this is a very stripped down tutorial.

Building on the role play fun, they explore costumes with a French Maid fantasy. It is shot a bit like a porno so it might still leave the intimidation factor in play too much for some couples. There is also a nurse role play here.

26 Incredible Sexual Positions make up the second half of the DVD. They start with a night of food and romance, covering sex in chairs, over the table and other fun positions to try. They use sexual furniture and light bondage to cover the next few positions. These mostly feature the woman on top and are accompanied by some very hot footage of a smiling blonde getting exactly what she needs from her partner. The position run down is done within the context of these mini sex scenes, but strokeable porn is not the focus. For that you can watch the Vivid-Ed Guide to Sexual Positions.

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