Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman 2


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Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman 2


200 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Anal Sex, Deep Throat, Blowbang




STARS: Annette Schwarz, Kimberly Kane, Steve Holmes, Brandon Iron, Manuel Ferrara, Voodoo


The last time Mason and Annette got together, the result was porn magic. They teamed up for Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman, a movie that completely rocked my socks off. We all know that Mason blends dark sexuality into the mix as well as anyone. She does her best work when shooting women who can match her dark vision and give back as well as they get. Annette is just such a sexual creature. She is a nice looking girl with a great ass and deep throat skills like no one else in porn right now. She also seems to get off on rough sex. In fact I have seen her in normal movies and she always seems to break out the rough stuff. So Mason and Annette would appear to be a perfect porn pair. What do they bring to the sequel? A little bit of everything. Annette and Kimberly Kane match deep throat and anal skills in a blistering opening scene with Steve Holmes. Manuel and Brandon provide big dicks that are big enough to light up Annette’s life. There is a blowbang of sorts featuring spitting, drooling, deep throat and even a bit of fucking. Saving Voodoo for last, Mason makes sure that her little Sutwoman is all warmed up and ready for anything in the finale. From start to finish, Annette Schwarz is a perfect Slutwoman. She attacks every scene is serious sexual heat. If may be rougher than some of you like, but Annette handles everything beautifully. If you like Mason’s work, she has produced another gem. If you just want to see Annette at her best, enjoy this over and over.

Annette Schwarz & Kimberly Kane and Steve Holmes

Kimberly and Annette can’t even get off the elevator before attacking one another. They kiss, they bite, they suck, they play, they do everything that girls should do to get horny. They also try fisting their own throats which is probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Raise your hand if you find this at all sexy. They move to pussy licking and find better places for those fingers to explore. The finger play is very hot and these two blondes make for wonderfully filthy eye candy. After warming each other up, the girls go after Steve Holmes’ long dong. We already know what Annette can do with her throat, but for the second time in a week, Kimberly blows me away with some incredibly hot deep throat action. The girls suck his toes as well, taking time out to prove that anything at all can go into their mouths. Annette likes it hard and that includes some serious anal action on the couch. We aren’t surprised any more by what she can do, but it is still a turn on to watch her take that big dick in her butt like she loves every throbbing inch. Not to be outdone, Kimberly gets in there and shows that her ass can take a pounding as well. Steve’s dick goes from ass to pussy to mouth to whatever hole he can find. The girls match each other stroke for stroke and actually fight over the cock from time to time. Annette gets first shot at the load, but Kimberly actually sucks it out of her friend’s mouth like it is the only thing keeping her alive. This scene is pure anal filth and is dirty porn at its finest.

Annette Schwarz & Manuel Ferrara

After sitting in a dark hotel room telling us her dirty desires, Annette lives some of them out in the fully lighted room. Manuel is willing to give her the cock she craves, but only if she begs and is willing to be bound and spanked until her ass glows pink. There is a lot of begging and slapping here, but eventually Annette gets that cock. She sucks it, licks his ass while he tit fucks her and basically proves that she needs the big meat to make her happy. This is rough sex with serious passion. Manuel and Annette connect in such a way that even as he rams her ass and makes her suck his dick clean, there is heat. This isn’t just gonzo side show fucking. For the popshot, she waits on all fours in the middle of the bed while he shoots his cum at her. Annette catches it like a puppy jumping for treats and then licks the mattress clean.

Annette Blowbang

Strutting around in public, Annette shows off her ass before finding a whole line of black mopes to suck off. She stays in the mini skirt and tank top which is just fucking white hot. The guys wait their turn at first, but eventually surround Annette and try to gag her. She does plenty of the usual blowbang stuff, but also proves to be a super fine deep throat artist. The outdoor action is great and Annette’s enthusiasm is beyond hot. Even if you don’t usually like blowbangs, you might really, really like this. The guys even line up for some ass licking. No matter how you slice it, no matter how hot the girl is, it’s still just a lot of Hairy Man Ass. Once that is over, Annette goes right back to sucking cock as if her very life depends on her intake of semen. OK for some reason she asks them to spit on her face and we get the some mopes expectorating like drooling bulldogs. The blowjob becomes more when one of the guys decides to fuck her tight pussy. Annette puts her ass up in the air and gets it fucked while she keeps sucking. The facial cumshots are huge and seem to go on forever. It’s like a bukkake and leaves her enough cum to play with for several minutes.

Annette Schwarz & Brandon Iron

Brandon gave Annette her favorite scene from the first movie so they bring him back for a second shot. He takes control of the action, making her lick his boots and smacking her in the face as he gives orders. When he pulls out his cock, he shoves it down her throat and makes her really work to take it all. Even if the action is a bit rough for your taste, you can’t deny how impressive she is with the throat. The cock torture doesn’t slow her down at all. If anything it turns Annette on and makes her more ready than ever to takes whatever Brandon has to offer. We already know that Annette likes it rough and few directors shoot this sort of action the way Mason can. If you like watching girls get battered by big cocks and fucked half blind then you will love this nearly as much as Annette does. He feeds her a big load as her reward for a job well done.

Annette & Voodoo

The finale opens with Mason giving Annette a dress as a Valentine’s Day gift. It brings Slutwoman to tears and makes for an interesting set up. The second half of her gift is Voodoo and he only brings her to tears when his big cock hits the back of her throat on the way down. The blowjob is shorter this time, but that is only because Annette really wants to bounce up and down on that big cock of his. I talk a lot about Annette’s sexual energy and her skills, but she also has a really nice little body. Her ass is round and beautifully shaped, her legs are strong and the boobs are perky. We can not escape the fact that she is just a blistering hot fuck though. The spoon shots during the anal are great. All of Annette’s sweet body parts are on display as she takes every inch of that huge rod between her cheeks. He has her in doggy and steps on her head as he drills her. I have yet to meet one person who honestly thinks that this is sexy. I’d love to hear from someone who is looking for this. What exactly is the appeal? Even if you’re with me on the male foot fetish angle, the anal action is white hot and Annette gives another award-caliber performance. They finish up with some messy, messy deep throat that ruins whatever was left of her make up.

Bonus: BTS, Director’s Interview, Photo Gallery & Web Site Info.

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