Deeper (Blu-Ray)


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80 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: Tease, Eye Candy, Maids

CONDOMS: None Note


Originally Released

STARS: Sophia Santi, Charlotte Stokely, Jessi Summers, Roxy Deville, Faith, Jayna Oso, Jenna Presley, Kaiya Lynn, Sativa Rose, Scott Nails, Jerry, Marco Banderas, Richard Raymond


I reviewed this movie a while back on DVD and was impressed by the picture quality and the way the eye candy blended with some hot sex scenes. It’s a movie centered around Digital Playground Girl Sophia Santi so they have to work around her limitations. The tease scenes are fantastic, but Sophia leaves the fucking to other girls. We get the super cute Jessi Summers, the always hot Roxy DeVille and the hauntingly sexual Charlotte Stokely. I like Deeper even better on Blu-Ray. The crisp picture and sound make the best that this movie has to offer even better.

Original Review Here

Sophia (Tease)

With a pane of glass between herself and the cock, Sophia teases, licks and plays with herself. This scene looked great on DVD, but on Blu-Ray is is shar enough to be stunning. You an almost see the beads of condensation as she breathes on the glass.

Roxy Deville & Scott Nails

No more teasing allowed. It’s time for pleasing. The action is handed over to Roxy who has no problem sucking that big cock without glass in the way. Delivering the kind of head that we expect, Roxy gets her whole body in on the action. It is a somewhat short scene that looks amazing. Roxy climbs on top and works her hips hard. This scene has the look of those high gloss slow motion scenes without the wood killing half speed sex. The scene switches from Roxy watching Scott masturbate to porn to the actual scene he is jerking off to. This is interesting, but does get a bit distracting if you’re just trying to bust a load along with him all over her tongue.

Faith & Jerry

This is another scene that I loved in the original DVD format, but blows me away this time. The lighting is fantastic and Faith’s eyes are even more stunning on Blu-Ray. She is an underrated performer to say the least. We get to see her bent over the table and then spread wide as she pumps up and down in reverse cowgirl. It is a softer scene and ends with a shot all over her pussy, but this is a great example of a scene that is even more beautiful on BR.

Jessi Summers & Scott Nails

Jessi is cute and gets all wet in the shower. Any scene with water is going to look better on the Blu-Ray so this is another scene that should not be missed by those looking something high end. Sexually it is pretty solid as well. Scott whips out that big cock and pretty Jessi does her best to take it down her throat. It fits better between her tits or in her pussy though. It is a quick scene though and could be hotter in a longer format.

Jayna Oso and Kaiya Lynn & Marco Banderas

Guys don’t try this at home. Marco is so into Jesse Jane that he actually has a picture of her between himself and the girls he fucks. The action alternates between Jayna and Kaiya with Marco staring at Jesse’s pictures as he eats and then as the girls suck. The girls don’t seem to mind. They just suck that cock and wait for him to fuck them. There’s another girl in here too, Jenna I believe. This is a great little scene if you like creative editing and great looking footage. He shoots all over the picture of Jesse and Kaiya eats the cream from her fingers.

Charlotte Stokely & Scott Nails

Scott watches his hot maid clean his house. The way she shakes her ass under the little black skirt is enough to drive any guy crazy. Eventually he just has to take some. She bends over and gets pounded hard. The contrast of the black clothes against her ghost-white skin is pretty impressive on the new format. This is another scene that is too short really reach its full potential. It is great for Blu-Ray fans who want to see something hot and nasty, but could be better.

Sophia (Tease)

Still hard at work through the class, Sophia uses lipstick to draw around the cock and to write naughty things. This is creative and awesome tease. People who want to see Sophia do more will have to find a different movie though. She plays with her tits and her pussy, but still won’t go near the cock without that glass. He does get to shoot it all over the glass while she licks the other side. That’s about as close to a facial as you will see from this girl.

Sativa Rose & Richard Raymond

For the finale, Richard finds Satvia’s lower half sticking out from under the bed. He plays with her shoes, works his way up to her ass and can’t seem to get enough of her hot slit. He goes through a whole box of butt plugs, trying them in hr rear to see which one works best. Eventually he replaces the toys with his cock and fucks away on her ass. We never see her face as he just fucks her butt and then leaves a load. It’s odd and kind of hot, but mostly it is another example of a great looking scene.

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