Naked Aces 3


Naked Aces 3


102 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: Girls & Guns




STARS: Katsuni, Brianna Love, Jandi Lin, Abbey Brooks, Tony De Sergio, Mick Blue, Marco Banderas & Tommy Gunn


Girls and Guns baby, girls and guns. That’s the basic set up for this line from Robby D and Digital Playground. At least that is how it started out. Now it has evolved into something involving ninjas, Mexican wrestlers and sexually confused dudes. Digital Playground’s Katsuni shows up for two scenes. She is one of those girls that I don’t really think about much until I see her in a scene then I am reminded that she’s fucking hot. She is joined by three women who bring very different skill sets to the table. Brianna Love and her awesome ass to a scene that is nothing short of hilarious. Abbey is going to turn a lot of heads with her big guns and her sexual energy. Jandi is a cute little thing. If you like high energy Asian girls, you won’t want to miss her. If you like heavily tattooed girls you can’t miss her. The humor is here in a big way and the sex is very good. We get high quality production, gonzo style sex, great tease a few laughs and Marco Banderas…..being goofy.

Katsuni & Marco Banderas

After a grainy, jumpy kung fu opening with Katsuni and Marco shouting at each other in languages that no one can understand, they continue in the bedroom. The grain is gone, but the goofiness continues even as she slams her lips down towards the base of his cock. Katsuni has this crazy energy that is so much fun to watch. You just can’t believe that so much aggression could come from such a small package. She also takes a tremendous amount of cock for such a tiny girl. In this scene she even takes that hard prick between her cheeks in some rather stunning anal action. The doggy is great, but in spoon she gets even hotter. Rubbing her pussy, Katsuni throws a leg straight up in the air and gets her colon totally packed. (I still have to wonder if what Stoya said about Katsuni’s ass is true. Does it really taste like strawberries?) They finish with a shot right on her face. As usual, I like Katsuni more and more as her scene wears on. She just has what it takes.

Brianna Love & Tony De Sergio

OK, the “Booty Hunter” bit is pretty funny. Please don’t watch this with any liquid in your mouth or you might end up blowing your beer right out your nostrils. Tony is hunting down the “Great white ghetto booty” and doing a Crocodile Hunter impersonation that is just bad enough to be hilarious. It is Tony who becomes the hunted though. Once Brianna locks her eyes on his and pops that cock into her mouth you know that he’s completely lost. Squatting in front of him, she devours his dick and we get some nice full body shots. Still in her bikini top and heels, Brianna is able to show off her naked white ass as well. Cowgirl is perfect for this. Brianna rides pretty hard, but the main attraction here is that fantastic back side. You almost hate to see her turn around. Unless of you course you’re like me and love seeing such a pretty girl with her face, tits and pussy on display. If you like scenes with tremendous eye candy and better than average heat then this one will have you stroking yourself silly. Eventually Tony has her in doggy and works his dick right into that great ass. I don’t know who tamed who or who captured who, but we get see Brianna nailed in the butt and eventually wearing a nice big load of cock cream on her tongue, lips and chin.

Katsuni & Mick Blue

Mick is the sausage man and Katsuni insists on knowing if he actually has the best sausage. Filling her bikini nicely, she attacks his cock with great ferocity and once again wins us over with the sort of energy you just don’t expect to find from a contract girl. Katsuni takes a quick ride, then sucks her juices from his dick. Her motor is running full speed and she won’t stop until she has her fill. Mick fucks that pussy hard and every few minutes she cleans it off. Getting into cowgirl, she pulls her cheeks apart so we get a better view of the action as he pounds up into her sweet little hole. As you might expect she wants it in the ass. Mick just moves his dick back about an inch and slides it right into her French fanny. (Hmmm, fanny in the UK is pussy, but in the US it’s ass. I wonder if that’s right.) Strike that. He slips it from her pussy into her French Fudge Factory. He doesn’t drill her back door quite as hard as Marco, but she still manages to take ever inch and then suck the juices.

Jandi Lin & Marco Banderas

Marco is having trouble with his old gay ways. Will he turn back? Before we can laugh too much, Jandi comes in to help him make up his mind. She is a very pretty girl with her whole back covered in tattoos. She also have a very active tongue and knows how to give good eye contact while eating the meat. He rolls her into spoon and see that she also has a big tat over her heart. I don’t know which I like better. Her great energy or that hot little ass. Let’s just call it a tie and enjoy the sight as she pounds her hips up and down on his cock. Like the other girls in this movie, Jandi attacks the cock with her mouth whenever it isn’t in her pussy. I think she has helped to make up his mind by the end of the scene. He leaves a big load on her ass and seems to be in love with the pussy.

Abbey Brooks & Tommy Gunn

Tommy is the next ninja/libre to face trouble. Abbey brings her big guns to the table and has them wrapped around his cock faster than you can say “Jack Black really isn’t all that funny.” Those tits really help make the scene hot from the start, but Tommy bends her over and works her from behind. This tall blonde is curvy and has a good butt to go along with those tits. The reverse cowgirl is good if you like tits. Abbey has a great set and looks like she might be a pretty decent fuck as well. He finishes off by shooting all over them. I like this girl and think she may do really well thanks to that cute face and those major guns.

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