Personal Touch 3: Exoloring the O


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Personal Touch 2: Exploring the O

MOVIE TYPE: Instructional

83 Mins.

Adam & Eve

DIRECTOR: Jamye Waxman

THEMES: Toys, Squirting, Anal Play




STARS: Jamye Waxman, Cytherea, Daisy Layne, Dick Chibbles, Lyla Lei, Laurie Vargas, Alex Gonz


This series of instructional DVDs from Adam and Eve has been fun to watch so far. Jayme Waxman brings a new approach to the genre. She’s smart, funny and sexy though she never gets into the action. This volume is all about the female orgasm. There are many different ways a woman can have one and this volume will help couples explore different ways to get there. As a traditional porn DVD this one is a little tame. It features two boy/girl scenes and then a ‘squirting’ demonstration from Lyla Lei and Cytherea who looks to be fresh off a baby. It is sexier than your average instructional video though and a lot more fun.

The opening lesson consists of some basic female anatomy. Jayme has a pussy puppet to help explain to us how everything works. There are eight thousand nerve endings in the clitoris. Did you know that? Well now you do. Most women don’t orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Did you know that? See, porn is educational.

Daisy Layne & Dick Chibbles

Daisy and Dick are going to show us how the whole G-Spot stimulation thing works. They gets her in the mood with a lot of touching and gentle toy play. As porn scenes go this is pretty tame because they really seem to be warming her up. (Yeah, chicks don’t start squirting just from having a meat puppet show Readi-Wood down their throat. Imagine that.) Once they have her all juiced up, he pushes her legs apart and starts fucking her. After a long slow fuck, he goes back in with his finger, looking for the G spot and apparently finding it. It gets her hot, but we don’t see one of those bladder busting spray shots that often pass as G Spot climax footage. They both seem very into the action as they finish up. The only wet shot comes when he pulls out and shoots all over her stomach.

Jayme then explains all about female ejaculation. She has Lyla help her demonstrate how to work the muscles. There is some appeal here because Lyla looks good in a solo scene, but it’s a bit too clinical to be good stroke material.

Cythera & Lyla Lei

The queen of the on set water bottle Cythera joins Lyla for some mutual masturbation. From the looks of Lady C’s nipples, she has recently given birth. Within moments the girls are spraying all over the place. If you like it wt, you certainly get what you paid for here. I guess this is less clinical, but it’s also a little bit silly. I’ve never found pissing for distance to be all that arousing.

Women can have anal orgasms too. Jayme gives us the basic anal health lecture. Cleanliness is important and runs down the best anal positions. She also warns against ass to mouth.

Laurie Vargas & Alex Gonz

Laurie and Alex add their two cents on the joys of black gloves and toys. (To hide the shit, lovely.) Then they hook up for some basic porno sex. She sucks his cock like she is dead set on making him cum in record time. In turn her works his fingers her on her pussy like he wants her to have every kind of orgasm at once. Alex is following that rule about turning his partner on perfectly. He licks her pussy until she is tugging at her nipples and ready to do anything he asks. They have good energy together as they work through the vag. Getting into piledriver (probably not a position you want to try at home if you’re a beginner) they get into the ass play. Spoon works really well for them as he explodes all over her ass.

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