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In response to the Issues with Bush post yesterday, specifically the Outsourcing issue I got the following email.

Bryan writes:

In your Issues with Bush post, you mentioned job outsourcing. I’m not making a case either way, but I believe that I do know what John Kerry’s plan is.
Supposedly, there are sections of the business tax code that give businesses tax breaks for “investing in foreign countries”…or some such. Again, according to John Kerry, outsourcing companies, under this provision, get a tax break for shipping jobs overseas (where of course they pay less than workers would demand here).
I don’t know the validity of this, as I’m not an accountant, not familiar with the tax codes…heck, I use Turbo Tax to do my taxes each year. But, I thought I should pass along the info.
PS I do look forward to seeing a specific list of your issues with Kerry, not just the notes in the Issues with Bush post.

Rog Replies:

Bryan, thanks for writing. I hear what you are saying and on this issue I am not casting doubt on Sen. Kerry’s sincerity. I would like to see which provisions he is talking about. I don’t doubt that they exist, but unlike some people I don’t want to just shout down something without knowing what the fuck it is. Which provision, when was it put in and why? Is it a good idea in some cases that is just being fucked-over by comapnies? Even more to the point, how will President Kerry correct this? Does he plan to have the provisions removed? Does he have a plan that would actually punish such moves? Again I am not doubting him. He would score HUGE points if he would give me something here. Before he gets the points though, I have to know what the plan is. Otherwise we can’t hold him to the fire and it sounds like just another talking point.

As for the “Issues with Kerry” post, what do you want to hear? I have a list that is pretty long. Start with the tax increases on personal income, family income, the reversal of child credits, increases in business taxes (I have a home business so this affects me), his healthcare plan, his N Korea policy, his frightening Iraq policy, his refusal to promise to leave the adult industry alone, his continued support for the war on drugs, his lack of support for gay marriage……

Not that it matters. John Kerry is going to win and we will have to see what we get. I don’t see how it can be good for me personally or for the business I am in. (But I promise not to spend four years making up infantile names and being a partisan lemming.)

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