Erotic University Offers Retreat For Couples


Erotic University Offers Retreat for Couples

Los Angeles, CA- October 28th, 2004. To kick-off the November 15th launch of the online virtual campus of Erotic University (, EU founders Jeff and Kris Booth will present a day long retreat on Saturday, November 13th called Play for Couples. Held at a natural mineral hot springs hotel near Palm Springs, California, the event includes sessions on adult toys, erotic games, and swinging. The facility is clothing optional, and an erotic Lifestyle event for couples will be held in the evening.

Erotic University wanted to offer couples something a little different from what they have offered in either their live classes at their facility in Los Angeles, or in their online classes. “What we wanted to create was something more immersive and experiential,” says EU President Jeff Booth. “This will be a unique opportunity for couples to explore their sexuality in a safe environment.”

Couples get to actually try some of the toys they learn about, and they get to learn and play a number of erotic games with hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. The more adventurous can stay for later in the evening, where they have the opportunity to experience a very openly sexual environment and choose the level of participation that they are comfortable with.

Booth emphasizes that everything is consensual and that they will have staff on hand to ensure that everyone plays nice. “The entire facility will be open to couples only, and we do a session on the appropriate ways to behave as well as the opportunities available in this type of openly sexual environment. That is not really something covered in most people’s sex education.”

Between sessions, couples can swim in the naturally heated pool, soak in the indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, and relax in the sun (Palm Springs in November is usually in the 70’s). There are a very limited number of rooms available, and many nearby hotels.

Erotic University plans to offer additional seminars and retreats under the new Adventurous Couples program. Erotic University is a leader in adult sex education, with both live classes in Los Angeles and a virtual online campus.

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