Peep Show

Peep Show


228 Mins.

Jules Jordan Video


THEMES: Tease, Anal Sex




STARS: Annette Schwarz, Rebeca Linares, Riley Evans, Alexis Love, Adrianna Nicole, Aiden Star, Paige Love, Steve Holmes, Erik Everahrd, James Deen, Mr. Pete & Brian Surewood.


So far this year no one has put together a string of outstanding stroke flicks like Mike John. His stuff, always good, has been getting even better. For this project he is mixing things up a bit. We are very used to his POV Pervert movies and his Racial Tension flicks have been outstanding. For this project he abandons the POV style and shoots it straight. No cute set ups or characters to follow either. In fact the only real theme at work here might be tease. That alone is quite a switch. Mike John is not exactly known for tease. He is more a meat and potatoes kind of smut maker and that’s what we love about him. He is a working man’s pervert and now he’s going to try and shine things up a little. Somehow I don’t think he’s going to soften anything though. He’s got a cast of nice looking women who generally specialize in great gonzo sex. If he gets that sort of scene from the girls and is able to give us some tease along the way, what could be wrong with that? Then again, what’s next? Michael Raven shooting an anal creampie POV line? This may the throw the whole porn world out of balance.

Rebeca Linares & Sean Michaels

If this is to be a movie with heavy tease, Mike chose the right girl to lead off. Rebeca is cute, build for fun and knows just how much we love to watch her. She comes downstairs and teases us primarily with her amazing ass. This girl is so cute that she wouldn’t even need a world class ass, but there it is anyway. Sean Michaels is her reward and Rebeca responds by dutifully sucking that big cock. Mike captures the blowjob, but also sneaks around behind her to cover her luscious young ass. Sean pulls her on top where that great ass is once again right in our faces. I love this angle, but frankly it would be tough to imagine anything hotter than the spoon Mike brings us. With her legs just slightly in the air Rebeca’s pussy is right there in the center of the shot. Her thighs are lovely, her tits perfect and damn it, she just looks hot. She handles reverse cowgirl just fine, but struggles a bit to take that big thing in her ass. Doggy seems to be a bit easier and with just the slightest arch to her back it gives us a fantastic view. Sean takes control and pumps his big black dick into that sweet little ass of hers. Hey guys, if you like legs the way I do, you are going to love this position, big time. Normally I would say that at the forty minute mark we have gone on too long, but this scene honestly works from start to finish. Speaking of the finish, Sean leaves his creamy load right in her mouth. Wow. What a great start.

Riley Evans & Erik Everhard

Blonde Riley has a nice set of tits, but looks pretty good from head to toe. I guess we should just sit back and enjoy her as she fingers her pussy. That little pink hole is certainly attractive. Once it gets all wet, Erik Everhard comes in to finish off what she started. It doesn’t take long to get her off at this point so Erik can put his dick into her mouth with minimal effort. Riley puts in a lot effort during her blowjob and even breaks out the titties for some hot cleav fucking. Knowing that Erik is a power fucker, she spreads her legs wide and is up for the challenge. He batters that pussy and she just spreads her thighs wider. This is an intense power fuck. These scenes can get out of hand and leave us feeling like we are watching a guy rail on a love doll, but not this time. Riley gets out of breath and her tits nearly knock her in the face a few times, but she is right there looking great and begging for more. What she gets is a big load of cream all over her face. This girl looks like she would be really fun to fuck.

Alexis Love & Mr. Pete

Little Alexis is tight, cute and such a naughty girl that we have to be careful not to fall madly in love with her. I don’t know if Mr. Pete has to worry about loving her, but he is clearly ready to eat that little pink taco for a while. He even licks her ass for a while. That ramps her up and has her ready to try his dick for a while. She is dangerously cute down there and doesn’t try to over do it. No gagging or stupid crap, just a cute little thing on her knees working a pretty mouth over a hard shaft. More meat fits into her pussy than fit into her mouth so she is able to ride his lap pretty hard. Compared to some of the other scenes, this is more low key and low impact. Alexis provides plenty of eye candy as Pete pulls her up into reverse cowgirl and works her over. He shoots his load on her face and sends up towards the next scene.

Adrianna Nicole & Mr. Pete and Brian Surewood

In a movie packed with hot girls and dynamic performers, this scene doesn’t quite fit. There is no tease here as we open with the guys banging her at both ends. Adrianna has a big soft ass that shakes with every stroke. The guys pump as hard as they can, but this one just doesn’t feel like it belongs with the others. She gives us some cute eye contact from time to time, but with most of the action happening in doggy, it’s mostly about her ass and that huge tat on her leg. There is decent anal and some DP, but to be honest, this scene just doesn’t do it for me. The piledriver is pretty good though so some of you may love this three way. I’m ready for something a little hotter on disc two.

Paige Love & James Deen

The tease here starts out focused on Paige’s whole body, but it quickly becomes all about her perfect tits. She oils them up and shows them off. Her great ass is also on display during the pre-sex action. Mike leads her inside where James Deen can’t wait to get his hands and mouth on her tender flesh. They get right to it because she is nearly screaming at him to fuck her. He slips his dick in and she just lights up. If you like aggressive young girls, then settle in folks because she looks ready to deliver something special. I haven’t seen this girl before, but wow is she impressive. Her reverse cowgirl is great looking and the energy is right up there with the best girls in this movie. She pumps her hips on his big dick like she has found a way to scratch that itch way up inside of her. There is some good doggy, but you need to check out the cowgirl to truly enjoy that lovely young butt. This girl is built for fun and looks great jerking that load off onto her cute face. Very hot scene.

Aiden Star & Erik Everhard

Holy shit. You want to see a great body? Check out this girl. Mike starts out with some extensive ass coverage, but eventually moves to her tits and I can’t decide which I like more. Both are big, round and mouth watering. Erik Everhard certainly enjoys what he sees. He has an advantage though because he actually gets to put his cock right into her mouth. He seems impressed by her sucking and has Aiden up on all fours to try the pussy out. Not it is her turn to be impressed. Aiden is very vocal, takes some seriously hard fucking from Erik and actually reminds me a little of Hillary Scott from time to time. When she gets on top and leans forward, her tits are hard to miss. Wow. If there was any question about the “keeper” status of this movie, this scene ends it. Her energy level is very big as impressive as her awesome body. If you like watching people fuck like they actually want to be there, then enjoy this effort. Erik drills her and Aiden gives it right back. He finally moves from doggy to her face to cover the pretty blonde with goo. Another great scene with incredible energy.

Annette Schwarz & Sean Michaels

We don’t often get to see Annette do a lot of tease. Mike takes care of that here, letting her strut around the pool in fishnets for a long time. We know that she is an amazing deep throat artist, but this girl also has a very hot little ass and perky natural boobies. Sean Michaels will surly put those deep throat skills to the test with his long cock. First she spreads her legs and gives him a heaping helping of pussy to savor. The dirty blonde has a smile on her face as she takes his long dick in her hand and starts to suck it. Starting with his balls she puts on a blowjob clinic. At one point she has his dick across her mouth and is licking it like it’s a bone. I’ve never seen that one before. Of course I have also never seen a girl try to shove a dick up her nose before. That’s not quite as hot. Sean finally puts her hands behind her back and shoves his dick all the way down her throat. With barely a hint of a gag she takes every inch. The blowjob here is spectacular and sets the stage for some equally deep pussy penetration. With her legs throw back over her head, Annette is able to take it all in there. With two of three holes stuffed, why not give the ass a try? Oh man she takes it deep there too. After a quick anal warm up, they go back to oral where Annette just blows us away again. All of Sean in her throat and no gagging at all. The main event anal takes place with some hot doggy. Annette takes it all and seems ready to explode on every stroke. Sean blasts that ass and has her begging to take him cum in her mouth by the end of the scene. This finishes the movie off in perfect fashion and proves that great deep throat is not dead.

Mike John does give us great tease here, but he does it without sacrificing what we want from him. The sex is as filthy as ever and that is perfect. He also provides some great tease footage, proving he shoot just about anything you could want him to. What I find really impressive about this movie is that the cast isn’t packed with superstars yet the action is great. Lots of guys can make great porn with a great cast, but Mike does a whole lot with the girls on hand here. Having said that, Rebeca Linares is a genuine star. She gives a great scene of course, teasing us and then taking on Sean like few can. Annette Schwarz does the same thing at the end of the movie. The deep throat alone is worth the price of this DVD. Annette gets to shows off her body a bit more than she normally does and I liked that, but it is still her incredible oral artistry that blows us away. The rest of the girls really make the movie though. Riley Evans impressed the hell out of me. Her scene is really hot as is Aiden Star’s. Any time you get this much heat from girls you aren’t expecting so much from then you know you’re in for something special. Paige Love is a girl I really want to check out. There is something really, really hot about this girl. In case you hadn’t noticed, there is something really, really hot about this whole movie. To say that it isn’t Mike‘s best work this year is hardly an insult. This is a nice twist from Mike John and an incredibly hot stroke movie.

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