Filth Cums First

Filth Comes First


250 Mins.

Handheld/Digital Playground


THEMES: Tease, Anal Sex




STARS: Bree Olson, Brianna Love, Rebeca Linares, Madison Young, Nikki Coxxx, Renae Cruz, Tommy Gunn, Sandra Romain, Marco Banderas


Robby D has had a great year so far. His Handheld stuff keeps getting better. He is adding plenty of filth to the formula that has already made him popular with fans. His movies are proof that filth can look great. Adding to that theme he has packed this cast with naughty girls who can really fuck. Bree Olson is chief among them. This girl looks like a coed princess and fucks like a flaming cock hound. Not far behind her is Rebeca Linares who knows exactly what we want to see. Throw in Brianna Love and her fantastic ass and you are starting to see why I am so high on this movie already. As a special treat, Robby has thrown in a couple of redheads. We rarely see two in the same movie these days, so watching Madison Young and Nikki Coxx together should be fun. Still need more? How about Renae Cruz or, oh yeah, what about everyone’s favorite fuck doll Sandra Romain? What could possibly go wrong?

Rebeca Linares & Marco Banderas

Sexy Rebeca flips things on Robby, asking him questions while he’s behind the camera. He follows her around a bit outside, giving us a great look at her ass even before she strips. Marco comes in and Rebeca kind of goes into porn-bot mode. She slaps herself in the face, fake gags and seems to be trying just a little too hard to convince us that what she is doing is real. It gets better visually when Robby finally moves the camera above the action so we can enjoy her eyes instead of her chin. Once Rebeca starts fucking, she is pure energy and it looks great. Her pussy slips down over Marco’s cock as he lifts her in the air. It just doesn’t get much better than this. They move inside and pick up where they left off, banging hard in doggy. Rebeca reaches back and encourages him to fuck her harder by slapping him. Things are going along great until he stomps on her head. What the fuck is this about anyway? Does anyone fucking like seeing a beautiful woman’s face obscured by some meat puppet’s smelly fucking foot? Lame, lame, lame. They warm her ass up with a toy and then get down to some serious back door pounding. With the camera right up in there, Marco slams into her fantastic ass and Rebeca looks like she is in pure cock hound heaven. And right in the middle of this, we go back to the foot stuff. This time he sucks he toes on her way up to receive a facial. Of course it takes a long time for her to get that load and as the scene pushes forty minutes it definitely feels like it could have been trimmed a bit here and there. The facial shot is great and there is enough red hot anal action to make this worth watching.

Bree Olson & Tommy Gunn

Tommy is looking to sell his house and Bree stops by to take a look. She is simply stunning as always. As it turns out, she is a big fan and has always wondered about getting into porn. Bree is adorable and bubbly as she flirts with Tommy and tries to get him excited. (We’re all there already Bree) Eventually they get her out of her dress and Tommy shows her what she has been dying to see. His cock fits easily into her mouth and little Miss Indiana real estate broker turns out to be quite the talented cock sucker. The POV footage is great. How could any BJ footage of this woman not be outstanding. She is so fucking pretty it hurts and she plays the part of the adoring fan brilliantly. I really buy it here. The desire comes across as real so as the energy picks up it just feels more natural. He takes her down to the ground and fucks her in spoon, making those perfect tits dance as he pounds away. Bree gets on top for some semi-POV cowgirl that could only be better if she were right here riding my dick as we watch it. They turn into reverse cowgirl for the anal and that actually looks hotter than what we just saw. Bree opens up, looks gorgeous and slams her tight little asshole down to the base of his dick over and over. Things ramp up even more when Bree starts taking dirty to the camera. This is where the filth really comes in. As pretty as she is, we wouldn’t expect her scene to be this hot and we certainly wouldn’t expect her to talk like this. There is so much great anal in this scene that it might take some of you six or seven viewings just to make it through. Tommy only has one shot for her so he saves it up for her beautiful face and tits. This scene better be nominated for some awards at the end of the year.

Renae Cruz & Tommy Gunn and

It would be tough to come up with something filthier than pimping out your sister, but that appears to be what is going on here. Renae’s brother lets the guys in, collects forty bones from each of them and the game is on. She doesn’t seem to be suffering though. In fact, she can’t wait for the guy to get their cocks out so that they can stuff them into her mouth. When her mouth isn’t totally stuffed with cock, Renae manes to talk dirty. That’s a whole lot hotter than the silly retching noises she makes instead of just sucking dick. This is so over the top that one has to wonder if Robby had a puke bucket on hand. Her pussy offers a hot hole that isn’t in danger of exploding from some hard strokes so the action is better when she is fucking. The guys fuck her about as hard as they can and she just keeps verbally encouraging them at every step. Her ass is next and Renae shows no signs of slowing down as she has her ass stretched by hard dicks. If you like cute little babes screaming their way through some serious anal action then you are going to flip for this scene. After getting their money’s worth from her pussy and ass, the guys leave big loads on her face. This girl is so hot, we just need to convince her to leave her bulimia practice off screen.

Sandra Romain

Sandra just wants some chocolate cake and she is willing to torture herself for a bit. The tease here is pretty hot and involves some light foot play, dirty talk and a very submissive Sandra. After crawling around to get a taste of the cake, she ends up eating cock instead. Given the sounds coming from her throat and the history of porn girls with eating disorders, one can’t help but find the post bite of chocolate super quagging more than a bit stomach churning. (For the record, I don’t think Sandra has an eating disorder, but it sure sounds like is ready to puke every time his dick gets close to the back of throat.) He bends her over on a bed and enters her pussy from behind. The action is much better at this point because Sandra looks good and fucks like she means it. They warm her ass up with a toy, but we all know that she can take some serious dick in that back door with or without warm up. I didn’t care much for the oral portion of this scene, but by the time we get to the anal, things are back on track. They finish with a shot right on the cake of course.

Madison Young & Nikki Coxx

We get a pair of red heads for the next scene. Some lucky guy is going to get to share them, but not until they have enjoyed each other. If you like redheads, then you will likely enjoy watching them play with one another. Of course Robby does sound an awful lot like Pat Myne or Juan Cuba at times with his ohhing and ahhing. That kind of ruins the whole girl on girl fantasy feel. Enter the guy and now he takes over so Robby can be quiet. (I’m being sarcastic, he doesn’t. I swear he’s channeling Pat Myne right now.) It is nice watching the girls share Jerry’s dick, but we need to make sure that all directors are muzzled during sex scenes, even the very good ones. Both Nikki and Madison are paler than the whit sheets and they take a while to get going, but once they are in full slut mode, watch out. They show great energy, suck cock out of one another and provide enough redhead eye candy to keep any fan happy. Nikki even does some A2M as she lies beneath her new friend during some hard core doggy anal. The girls share a nice cum swapping kiss at the end. I liked this one for its energy, but it isn’t as hot as anything on disc one.

Brianna Love

Brianna Love is as hot as anyone in any movie lately. She starts out her scene by showing off her spectacular ass for the camera. The still photo shoot provides us with ample time to drink in her beautiful body and eventually the horny photographer gets in on the act. He wraps her up in plastic wrap, then pours oil down her back. This is followed up by milk down her back. It’s very feitshy, but also makes for great tease if you want to check out her spectacular ass. This is the kind of tease that Robby shoots so well and with the right subject it’s fucking awesome. She finally ends the tease by crawling across the floor to suck on a huge black cock. Unafraid of the monster, cute little Brianna opens wide and delivers a fantastic blowjob. Her great ass takes center stage again during doggy. That long cock slides in and out of her hot hole, seeming to go farther than one would think possible. She is a very pretty girl, but that ass is just fucking awesome. During the cowgirl she spreads her thighs over his lap and lets him thrust up and stuff her hot snatch. With all that great butt footage, it would be a crime not to have her sexy ass get fucked. Staying in cowgirl she opens her cheeks and takes an impossible amount of meat in her hot hole. It clearly pushes her to her limits, but Brianna powers through with great energy and enough eye candy to give us cavities. This one ends with a great shot, making us all fall madly in love with this sexy girl, her awesome ass and that cute face.

Robby’s work has reached a point where he is competing with the very best in the business. He combines technically sound behind the camera work with great sexual heat. This movie is all about filth and high-energy fucking. On that level it definitely succeeds. Every scene has good energy and that helps to carry the movie. If you can talk about a movie in glowing terms when describing the “weakest” scenes of the project then you know you’re in good shape. That is the case here. The two scenes that didn’t work for me were still much better than average. Sandra’s cake walk was OK and the energy was good. I just didn’t feel the same connection that some of the other scenes had. The double redhead action is also decent, but it was a step down. Robby didn’t help matters by sounding an awful lot like Pat Myne from time to time. If he can’t get away with it and Jules can’t get away with it then neither can Robby. Too much chatter kills the sight of two sexy girls together. Beyond those two, the action is fantastic. Rebeca Linares is a sexual whirlwind who opens the movie in fantastic style. Brianna ends things with a really great IR romp. Her ass is fantastic, but it is her sexual energy that makes her scene so great. In between there are two scenes that push this movie over the top. Renae turns in a very hot two on one scene. Though the “pimped by her brother” angle was a little creepy, she is so horny for cock and happy to fuck that it changes the tone immediately. The cherry on top of this great stroke flick has to be Bree Olson. She’s a phenomena and one of the most strokeabily hot girls on the planet right now. Her scene is awesome. She plays it cute, admiring Tommy even as he rails her. It is one of the best examples of how incredibly cute yet totally filthy she can be. If Filth really does come first, then Bree should be at the very top of your dream date list.

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