Slutty Campus Teens 1


Slutty Campus Teens 1

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

138 Mins.

Pink Visuals

Pink Visuals is pushing the broom. They seem to have a never-ending supply of hot, scenario-based porn lines. It seems like they come up with new ones all the time. This one plays into a very basic fantasy. Who doesn’t like the idea that college campuses are crawling with hot chicks who just want to fuck. This one adds a little bit to that simple idea. The guy with the camera seems to find girls with cheating boyfriends. What’s more, all of the girls seem quite keen on the idea of getting back at said boyfriends with a little fuckie suckie on camera with a stranger. Sounds like a good way to spend the day to me. Can this crew of Canadian campus Casanovas cream a collection of carnally combustible co-eds? Let’s find out.


The guys find Amy outside of the dorms waiting for the bus. As it turns out, she just found out that her boyfriend has been cheating while she is away at school. It doesn’t take much convincing to get her to do a little revenge fuck. This dirty Canadian girl is an expert at sucking cock and even blows bubbles on the tip of his dick. She also spits on her own pussy to help keep it wet. (Supposed to be hot, but really just kind of creepy.) He dives right in and licks her slit while Amy keeps her legs high in the air. It looks like she is rebounding from her broken heart pretty well. As soon as they start fucking, the action is at full speed from stroke one. She takes it from behind, talks dirty and tells him how much she loves his big dick. (Really?) She’s really skinny and reverse cowgirl really shows off that petite frame. The scene ends with a rather big load shot at her face. Not really anything special in this opening effort. Hopefully things get better


Cute and eighteen, Zeina is far from her boyfriend and constantly horny. Like the first girl, she is worried her man might be cheating. As before, the guys want to invite her home for a vengeance video. This cute brunette actually looks a fresh faced college girl and has a tight little body to go with the girl next door face. She keeps her panties on while giving some really nice head. I love her tight body and almost believe she could be a horny co-ed getting a taste of strange cock to get back at her man back home. They get into 69 so he can hold her pussy open and feast on her clit while she continues to buff his baton. By the time they start fucking, her pussy I nice and wet so his prick slips easily in. Watching him hump away on her tight teen twat, one realizes why guys pick up a camera and start shooting porn in the first place. Apparently in this case it is as much about discussing his own dick as it about fucking the girls. There is some great looking reverse cowgirl and doggy going on this little cutie takes it all with ease. It takes him a while, but eventually he is able to jerk a big load all over her cute, fresh face. This chick is hot so she is worth watching.

Jordan Page

On a cold, rainy day, the guys find Jordan studying. She is reluctant to come hang out with them, but there wouldn’t be much of a scene if she stuck to her guns. This girl has a great face and is a lot smaller than she looked when she was all bundled up. Jordan has great boobs and a tight little pussy to play with. I like the way this little co-ed uses her mouth. She has been doing a lot more than studying it seem. For some reason the camera work is a bit shaky as the guy tries hard to fill her young hole with meat. This leggy girl has that hot amateur look about her and could probably really light things up with some of porn’s best male talent. I love her energy, especially when she gets on top and rides him hard enough to make their bodies slap together. She has a great look on her face as she takes the load from his throbbing prick. Someone needs to bring this (and Zeina) to the Valley for some serious fun.


School is closed down for the weekend, but Arianna is hanging out in the cold. That’s pretty fortunate. As luck would have it, her boyfriend has cheated on her and she likes the idea of fucking another guy In fact she is incredibly eager to get to it. She throws her legs up and spreads wide while he buries his face in there for dessert. After the last two girls, Arianna is a slight step backwards. She has a hot body and isn’t bad, but we’ve just seen two really cute co-eds so it’s a little tough to get excited about this one. There is some really nice footage here as she spoons and pumps her hips back to take his cock. The action is fairly average, but the facial is really pretty good.


This time around they try to find some chicks at the tennis courts. They find Katrina and she is at ease in front of the camera. The interview process is pretty good, but it’s time to see this chick naked. She has some nice little titties and an inviting pussy. Katrina enjoys his mouth and then puts her to the test. She looks into the camera and bobs her head up and down over the head of his prick. That is about though. She seems to kind of go blank as she takes it from behind. There just isn’t a whole lot of energy here. Katrina looks bored and even her cute little body can’t really save the action here. She’s cute, but the action just isn’t good enough to hold up to the other scenes.

This movie has a style that fits with Pink Visuals, but the execution leaves something to be desired. The set ups are familiar and the idea of coeds fucking for revenge works. Some of the girls are very cute and none of them will send you running from the room. They just don’t all have great energy. Some of them show potential, but the action just kind of drags. These aren’t usual porn guys and they don’t really get the most from these girls. The camera work could also stand to be a bit steadier, but there isn’t anything here that ruins the action. If you like totally new girls, Canadian accents or the idea of girls cheating on their boyfriends, then you will like this a little more than I did. Otherwise, pick another Pink Visuals DVD to get your reality porn fix.

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