Ass Traffic

Ass Traffic 1


114 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Raul Christian

THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Clara G, Maya, Lori, Valentina, Cortez, Elisa, Janet Alfano, Adriana, Sandra, Diana Gold


There is so much great porn being shot directly for the internet these days that you knew it was only a matter of time before Evil Angel found some that was hot enough to bring on board. In Raul Christian’s Ass Traffic, they clearly found something to believe in. Pulled from the web site these scenes feature beautiful Euro-babes having sphincter-stretching good times with very lucky guys. Not really anything new for Evil Angel, but it doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel to be great porn. As long as the girls are beautiful and skilled, the technical aspects are handled and the person behind the camera has an eye for what people want to jerk off to, everything else just falls into place. Since he has been chosen to join the Evil Empire, much will be expected of Raul Christian and his Ass Traffic line.

Janet Alfano

I sure hope the camerawork doesn’t stay as manic as is it during the opening seconds. Raul is in and out on Janet five times before she can even say her name. Even as he starts exploring her body, he never stops long enough for u to exactly see what it is she has to show off. That part of the production does get better as he busies himself with fingers up her ass. She does A2M on his hands and then had her head grabbed when the meat puppet arrives. Before she can even take him all the way to the root, two more guys show up. Her mouth gets stuffed and she takes them all with a smile on her face. Not wasting any time with the pussy, they start ramming her ass full of cock from the start. The intensity of the action picks up immediately and it even overshadows the still overly-enthusiastic camerawork. There is some intense DP footage followed by three big shots right in her mouth. I’m not crazy about some of the camera motions, but the sexual intensity is fantastic.

Adriana, Valentina & Maya

Let’s see if three girls can take match the heat that we just saw from one. They kick things off some spitting. There is some great anal toy play as the girls get set up for bigger things to come. The oral footage is very short because Adriana and Maya want to feel the cocks deep in their bowels. Since the girls outnumber the guys in this scene, there is always an open mouth around to do some A2M. And for fans of that particular activity, there is enough ass to mouth to keep even the most hardcore fan happy. Valentina does enough ass to mouth to earn her some two on one time. She gets stuffed hard by both guys at once. The other girls like the looks of that action so much that they want some too. For the big finish the girls line up face to face and both guys rain cum down over them like it’s coming from a hose. Great finish to a filthy scene.

Masked Blonde

Throw in a little bondage fun with the next scene. The unnamed blonde girl has a leather mask over her face, cuffs on her hands and willingly gives her body to anyone who wants to take control. With her ass high in the air, she gets stuffed with a big black dildo. When the toy play is over, it’s time for the mask to come off. Warmed up from the dildo, she devours a pair of cocks. The camerawork is muck more steady in this scene than in the earlier efforts to the action is even easier to enjoy. Taking one from each end, she arches her back to take them deep. Our unbound slut is free to do all she can with these cocks and handles them both quite well. The fucking is frantic here and she takes dick in both holes with ease. I love the DP and the build up to the facials is very hot. She holds their loads in her mouth for a while before swallowing just to make sure we know how much she savors every creamy drop.

Two Brunettes (Names that don’t match the cast list)

Do we really care who these girls are? What matters is how damn good they look together waiting for some nice hard cock to keep them company. They have GREAT asses and nice looking tits. That makes for some fantastic tease even with the hyper active camerawork. The toy play is good again, but these asses just seem to beg for the real thing. This time around the guys outnumber the girls three to two. Now I wish I knew who the chick with the hoop earrings is because she’s one hell of a hot cock sucker. Her tongue is going so fast over one guy’s lucky cock that it’s a miracle he doesn’t bust his load right on the spot. Don’t fall in love with the blowjob though, because there is some serious DP and anal action to come. Like the other scenes in this movie, this one ends with a fantastic round of facials shot across both girls. This is just another example of really hot anal sex.

Blonde & Brunette

OK, some cast ID’s would be nice. I’m surprised this movie doesn’t have them since Evil Angel is the best in the business at noting every single scene. The girls start out together and eventually share a big hard cock. They pass it back and forth like a well-oiled tag-team machine. There is some toy play as well so that both asses can be stuffed at the same time. The brunette excels with the real thing in her ass, eventually letting her partner taste the inside of her colon on the freshly removed penis. I love the way the girls work together throughout the scene and smile as they share a big load. We’re not even to the final scene yet, but we should already have enough great anal action to make this more than worth the ride.

Clara G

Blonde Clara has plenty to show off. Once she gets naked, she uses a plug to get her ass warmed up. Apparently it takes her from first all the way to third gear because she just tears into the guy. In seconds she is bouncing away on his cock like she’s trying to rip it out by the root or something. He turns her over and drills a tunnel into her backdoor with hard strokes. That leaves her gaping, but ready for more. This scene is really well shot and it looks like Clara is having more fun than all the other girls put together. She rides in RCA like she’s having the time of her life and eats of every drop of juice he fires at her pretty face. The whole movie is built around strong anal sex and somehow they managed to save the very best for last.

This is one of those movies that is tailor-made for anal enthusiasts. The sex is intense without being abuse. The women are good looking, natural and energetic. The guys mostly stay out of the way and dish out the meat nicely. I was bothered at times by some overwrought camera movement. That is a trend of late that I imagine will correct itself when people realize that a smoother look is better for the folks masturbating at home. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t better cast IDs, but that criticism should tell you that there isn’t much not to like. We get a little bit of a tease and I’m always fond of that. The toy play is great as a set up. There are some lighting issues and a bit more A2M than I really care to see, but Ass Traffic 1 strikes right at the heart of the core audience. Anyone who loves good, hard ass fucking will want to add Raul Christian and Ass Traffic to the “must see” list.

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