Sacred Sin



Sacred Sin


136 Mins.

Ninn Worx

DIRECTOR: Michael Ninn

THEMES: Brides, Gloss




STARS: Heather Vuur, Jassie, Nick Manning, Jean Val Jean, Dee, A.J. Bailey, Brooke, Monica Mayhem, Neveah, Scott Nails, Sledge Hammer


It’s October and in pornland that means that it is time for companies to break out their big releases. Michael Ninn is certainly no stranger to big movies. He was one of the great porn innovators of the 1990’s and has been evolving his own style of late. Last year he gave us highly stylized sexual projects like “Catherine” and his “Neo-Pornographia” movies. For “Sacred Sin”, Ninn turned up the publicity heat quite a bit. He picked up guitar god Eddie Van Halen to do the music and that assured that the movie will get more than its share of pub. It also assures that the music will be as skillfully done as the other technical aspects of the project. In his recent works, Ninn has ramped up the sexual heat while taking some obscure routes with his scripts. There are stories of sorts, but they are often loosely strung together, just high-brow enough to be pretentious and often more of a distraction than they should be. This time around it’s an eerie mix of spirituality, religion, poetry, death and beauty with a dash of over-acting thrown in for good measure. With a beautiful cast, a skilled director and a legendary musician playing for our pleasure, the question is whether or not Ninn’s story and sex can live up to the massive expectations.

Jassie & Jean

The music leads easily into the sex and everything matches up quite nicely. The lighting is beautiful and the editing allows for a perfect flow. This is the kind of sex scene you can certainly watch with your wife or girlfriend. If that is what Ninn is going for with this movie, then he’s off to a great start. The sex itself is rather sleepy, fitting in with the music and lighting. There just isn’t a whole lot of heat here. It’s eye candy with great music and no visible popshot. Not exactly a strong opening scene.

Dee & Sledge Hammer

It takes a long time to get to this scene before we get to see Sledge (In full demon make up) have his way with the always sexy Dee. Even though the scene is way too dark to really get much erotic value from the star pairing, it’s better than the first. She flashes those pretty eyes to the camera as she works his big cock between her skilled lips. The shots of the two fucking are longer, showing off every inch of her body, but if you’re looking for sexual heat, check out the way she stuffs him back into her mouth in between positions. It’s a little odd that there is no music at all during most of this scene. I like hearing Dee talk and moan, but the chains on Sledge make an annoying jingle every time he rams his rod home. He finally squeezes out a load onto his wide-open mouth. This is a highly stylized scene, but it has some serious heat as well.

Brooke & Nick Manning

Nick is given a chance for one more encounter with his dearly departed wife and he takes it. Brooke is wearing a wedding dress which I happen to find sexy, but the action is so glossy that it looks like I’m watching this through a wall of water. It gets a little better as the action progresses, but Ninn is back to putting style over sex in a big way. She lifts her dress to ride his cock and we get a chance to hear their bodies slapping against each other. They actually fuck pretty hard and Nick doesn’t go overboard with his ‘alpha male’ stuff. (No visible cumshot here either.)

Heather Vuur, A.J. Bailey & Neveah

After an excruciatingly long tease intro where we get to stare at the beautiful women in long dresses, they finally get down to the action. I’m not particularly fond of lesbian scenes at their best and this one stays in the lukewarm category for way too long. There is some nice light spanking, I love the veils and Heather is perfect as the cold beauty who stands watching the other girls go at each other.

Monica Mayhem & Scott Nails

If you’re still in the mood for sex after watching a priest get mutilated then you can watch Scott go down on Monica. (In front of a number of glowing TV screens…NATCH) We even get a bit of fog courtesy of the smoke machine. (A tribute to Eddie perhaps?) The set design in this scene is brilliant, but it overwhelms the sex. I’d call that a waste of talent because Scott is dishing out some serious dick to the naughty little Aussie. He drops the hammer and then leaves his load on a white mask for her to lick off. This is vintage Ninn sex. Take that any way you like.

That’s it for the sex. Let’s cover the bonus material and come back to summarize the project.

Disc Two:

This bonus disc is crammed full of great stuff. There are eight separate chapters in the “Making of” featurette. Personally I can’t take my eyes off of Dee. She is just too fucking sexy for words, even before make up and wardrobe. We get additional solo scenes from Heather, Neveah, A.J., Brooke Monica and Jassie. Eddie Van Halen shows up for three red hot music videos. The “Deleted” scenes give us the pop shots we missed in the final cut of the movie. (Facials for Jassie and Brooke.) Rounding out the bonus material we get a hot photo gallery and trailers for other Ninnworx flicks.

OK, good news or bad news first? Good news? You got it. “Sacred Sin” is every big as beautiful as would expect it to be. It is perfectly shot, with exquisite lighting, gorgeous costumes and some of the best music I’ve ever heard in an adult project. The female cast is quite fetching and some of the scenes feature full motion sex for us to enjoy. Is there enough sexual heat to go along with these great aspects? That’s the bad news. Not really. Don’t get me wrong, there are sexual highlights here. Dee is stunning as always and takes on a huge cock in her scene. Every other scene is buried under varying layers of style, art and other things that hinder the stroke factor. There are scenes with high-gloss couples appeal, others that focus on a specific fetish and still others that are pure Ninn. (Complete with TV screens glowing in the background.) The dialog is interesting at times, but it runs into some problems. We have Heather and Nick giving us mirror images of some serious spiritual shit and she is quite good. Quick cutting from her skilled deliver to Nick’s just kind of brings out the very worst in his performance. It would be unfair to compare this project to Neo or Catherine, but I happened to enjoy those movies on every level. They were just as beautiful as this one, but they had stunning (and strokeable) sex as well. The sex in “Sacred Sin” just isn’t all that great and the story is more disjointed than interesting. If you are looking for strokeable features that are beautiful and good for couples then both “Island Fever 4” and “Tailgunners” have more to offer. They don’t have Eddie Van Halen, tortured priests or crushed TV screens, but they do have hotter women and better sex. Which is more important to you?

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