Mary Carey Gets Carried Away



Mary Carey Gets Carried Away


80 Mins.

Mary Carey Productions/Legend

DIRECTOR: Cash Markman

THEMES: Strippers, Blondes

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Mary Carey, Tyler Faith, Cindy Crawford, Lauren Kain, Gia Givanna, Jack Lawrence, John West, Lee Stone, Steven St. Croix.


Mary has been working so hard on her gubernatorial campaign that she has been neglecting her sexual needs. That just won’t do. We can’t have her running all over the state with all that pent up sexual energy. How can she concentrate on the needs of the state? She isn’t the only one who has the hots though. She’s got Tyler Faith and Cindy Crawford taking care of their own desires as well as a pair of newer girls. Can the new girls live up to Mary’s standards? Can the veteran performers keep up with Ms. Carey? Will any of this matter in polling booth? Does anyone really care about anything more than who puts what part into which of Mary’s holes? (I can think of a few I would love to plug personally, but that’s another story.)

Mary Carey & Tyler Faith

These two women look spectacular in bikinis and do a stage show together. Tyler waits for the first opening and then dives between Mary’s parted thighs. That certainly puts a smile on her face. Tyler must really know how to use a toy as well because she has Mary ready to do just about anything in minutes. Perhaps Mary will keep Tyler on her campaign team for days when the schedule is just too hectic. Proving that she believes in equality for all, Mary turns the table and licks Tyler’s pretty slit. If you like busty blondes working each other over on stage you are going to cream your shorts over this one.

Lauren Kain & John West

Lauren shows us what carries her away. She likes to feel a man between her thighs eating the goodies. He really gets in there and does some serious pearl hunting. Lauren gets wound up and is happy to take his meat into her mouth. When her mouth isn’t full of dick, she is quite a loud fuck who likes bouncing up and down in reverse cowgirl. There is decent energy here, but it’s an average movie from a rather ordinary performer in a movie with some much hotter chicks. John dumps his load and carries her into the shower.

Cindy Crawford & Jack Lawrence

Superstar Cindy has a very special way of winding down. OK, so it’s not that special. She likes to fuck and if she didn’t then this would be a very dull scene. Jack Lawrence is the lucky guy who gets to spend some time between those great legs. Cindy barely gets her panties out of the way in time as he dives in with his tongue. A guy would have to be crazy not to do his best to get this raving hottie wound up for more fun. When she gets his hard cock in her hand Cindy does an expert job of stroking the shaft. She goes after him like she really likes his tool. As she drops her hips down in his lap, we get some really great shots of Cindy’s fine ass. That body looks great from every angle and Jack enjoys tossing little Cindy around. Her ass is in play as well and that makes for some great footage. With her fingers in her pussy, Cindy is actually covering the anal penetration a bit though. None of that matters when he pulls out and shoots on her pretty face, but it does cost us a bit of sphincter stretching footage along the way.

Gia Giovanna & Lee Stone

Mary gets another break and has Gia paired with Lee Stone. Lee is usually dropping the hammer on Mary, but this time he gets to take a ride on the brunette train. They do a quick exchange of oral sex before he sticks that curved cock right into her waiting slit. There isn’t a whole lot going on early in the scene, but eventually Lee works up to full strokes from behind and that’s always impressive. This wouldn’t be a bad scene if it wasn’t sandwiched between Cindy and Mary.

Mary Carey & Steven St. Croix

Mary saves her boy/girl scene for the end and then doesn’t waste a second getting at the meat. She opens up and makes short work of that veteran dick. It would be nice to see a bit more eye contact and shots of her face, but Mary’s head is bobbing so fast that it is tough to capture the action. She turns around and lets him fuck her in doggy, arching her back, showing off that great ass and getting really loud. Mary has plenty of energy and when they switch to RC, she really goes to town. Mary’s big tits bounce all over the place as she fucks Steven about as hard as I have seen her fuck anyone. The best footage comes when Mary rolls over and lets him push her knees all the way back to the mattress on either side of her body. He pounds away on her pussy. If this doesn’t get you going, then there is something seriously wrong with you. Hey Mary, any time you’re ready for that next interview, keep this position in mind. I think I can ask questions on top of you like that. (Wait, did I say that out loud? I can almost hear Mary filing the restraining order now.) Steven pulls out and shoots all over her pussy and who can blame him. Damn that was some hot fucking.

This is a basic little movie with no story to speak of. It has five scenes and three of them are rather memorable. Mary and Tyler make for a beautiful pair of bikini strippers. I want to spend time in that club. Mary comes back for the finale with a rare boy/girl tilt. She and Steven work well together and that flexible mish footage still has me ready to pounce on her. Cindy Crawford looks great and fucks like the superstar she is. Adding her to any movie is a very good idea. The other two scenes are mostly throw-aways. Gia has some potential and I liked watching her fuck, but her scene lacked a spark. Fans of Mary Carey will enjoy her two scenes and Cindy is always worth a stroke, but the other stuff is a big uninspired. It isn’t bad; it just isn’t enough to have me carried away like the others.

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