Sexual Freak 2: Teagan

Teagan: Sexual Freak 2


100 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: FemDom, Schoolgirls

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Teagan Presley, Shay Jordan, Riley Shy, Kapri Styles, Christina, Scott Nails, Jean Val Jean & Jerry


Whether Teagan is or is not a sexual freak is really not a question we need to answer. All that we really need to know is that she is one of the best looking women in the business and that she is perfectly capable of delivering perfect sex scenes. I don’t know if this is going to be similar to the All American Girl movie that featured Teagan last year, but I certainly hope it’s a bit harder than that one. That’s kind of the question with some of the Robby D/Digital Playground efforts. We never have to worry about how well they are shot or how hot the women are. The big question comes from the style and how much it affects the sexual heat. Sometimes the high gloss look and slow motion sex just kills things. (For me at least.) If the action lives up to the eye candy in this project we could be looking at one of my favorite movies of the year.

Teagan & Christian

As Teagan stands over Christian she torments him by making him lick her shoes. The slick editing and quick cuts are impressive, but they also distract from the sex a bit. Teagan handles the dom role quite well and once she slips those lips over his cock the heat rises about ten notches. Usually I complain about the slow motion sex in these movies, but this time around we are at full speed. The quick cuts definitely get in the way though. We should be enjoying the way Teagan attacks his cock but if you blink you might miss something. She mounts him (After making him out on a condom and trash talking him about why he needs one. Nice touch.) Teagan rides him hard and then makes him jerk his load all over the floor.

Shay Jordan & Scott Nails

Shay is the new girl in the DP stable and she’s a real cutie. She’s dressed in some sort of sexy teacher thing going as she bosses Scott around. When he doesn’t respond quickly enough she punishes him by getting naked. Opening her mouth, she starts sucking that big cock and appears ready for some serious porn stardom. Even with the background washed out and the editor’s fingers twitching far too quickly, the heat coming from Shay is unmistakable. Scott bends her over and pumps his big prick right into her tight little hole. You really have to see the reverse cowgirl with Scott pumping up into her and Shay’s petite body fitting just perfectly in his lap. For a new girl, she doesn’t back away from some serious penetration. He uses that big thing to welcome her to porn and then unloads it right into her mouth. You know how I feel about Teagan and somehow Shay has managed to make me say DAMN in the middle of a movie featuring Teagan. You do the math.

Capri Styles & Jerry

Sexy Capri takes charge the old fashioned way, at the point of a gun. Jerry gets tied up while she sits on his face. Capri rubs those cheeks right on his face and makes him lick her clean. His good work does not go unrewarded though because she swallows his cock. Capri takes it rather easily to the root and is ready to feel it another hole. Jerry responds by bending her over and finding a home for his throbbing meat. There is some beautiful standing doggy that shows off her stunning body on every deep stroke. For the final act, he pulls her on top of his dick and drives it right up into her ass. The anal doesn’t last for very long, but it is nicely shot and perfectly capped off when he sprays a rather big load all across her open mouth.

Riley Shy & Scott Nails

Scott certainly knows how to pick babysitters. When he goes to pick up his kid, Riley is all over him. He tries to resist, but she won’t take no for an answer. Scott gets her warmed up with some pussy licking and then leans back to let her go to work on his big prick. The young teen does a really nice job with her tongue and lips. Scott’s meat is ready to go in a matter of moments so she swings a leg over and rides his lap. She certainly fucks like she has more on her mind than what to wear to the prom. In the end she takes a nice load in her mouth and that is probably all the tip she needs after a day’s work.

Teagan & Jean Val Jean

When Teagan comes home and finds her kitchen less than spotless, she isn’t happy. It’s a good thing for Jean that he’s good for one thing. In another glossy scene she spreads her legs on the counter and lets him have at her sweet little pussy. His big cock seems to be what she really cares about though. Teagan has a great big smile on her pretty face as she inhales that meat and takes it nearly to the root. He puts her onto a barstool, grabs her by the neck and starts fucking her as hard as he can. Teagan’s enthusiasm makes the scene impossible not to like and you would be hard pressed to come up with anything better looking than this girl getting plowed. He gets her off with his fingers and then shoots a big load right into her mouth.

I’m thrilled that we don’t have to sit through another slo-mo movie. That alone should make this movie leap off of shelves. It’s another amazing piece of eye candy from DP. The women are tremendous as always with Teagan living up to her top billing like the superstar she is. I loved seeing her in a more dominant role and the final is freaking great. I’d still like to see less distracting editing during the sex, but the overall result is quite good. In addition to Teagan we get our first look at Shay Jordan. She’s another Digital Playground star in the making and I can’t wait to see more of her. Her naughty tutor scene is enough to make anyone want to go back to school. This is a movie that won’t scare the ladies away, but isn’t nearly as soft as Island Fever 4 was. It’s very well shot, beautiful as hell and packed with chicks we all want to bone raw. I would call this a B overall, but I am so madly in lust with Teagan and now Shay that it scored a solid A from me.

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