Trophy Whores


Trophy Whores


114 Mins.

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko

THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Alextra Blue, Courtney Simpson, Nadia Styles, Jamie Huxley, Courtney Cummz, Mark Ashley, Mark Wood


I’m making way through the Evil Angel roster this month and it’s time to stop on Johnni Darkko. His Tiffany Mynx flick was pretty good. This one doesn’t have any one big star, but features quite a collection of fresh faces. In fact this group of women is pretty enough to make an eye candy movie with, yet hot enough to go gonzo crazy. I don’t know exactly what Darkko is going for these days. His movies have a different look and feel than they did a few years ago. It is good to see a director grow and evolve, but I was pretty high on Darkko’s older stuff so I’m trying to get a feel for what he’s looking for these days. He certainly knows how to shoot sex scenes and with all-star casts his movies are never dull.

Pretty brunette Alextra Blue is up first. I was expecting some tease footage, but Mark Ashley dives in and gobbles her up. In the blink of an eye he is fucking her as hard as he can. The action looks good, but it’s a bit jarring to see a scene paced like this. The scene has a very harsh look to it and that seems to be the look that Darkko is going for. The scene is really quick, very hard and ends with a shot right into her waiting mouth. Maybe it’s just me, but this one felt pretty sterile.

Jamie Huxley is next and her scene is just as abrupt as the last one. This one also features some forced throat fucking that is about as erotic as dissecting grub worms. To make matters worse half of the blowjob footage focuses on the underside of Mark Wood’s balls. I like Mark, he’s a great guy, but if I’m supposed to be jerking off, please don’t give me a long shot of his fucking sack. The camera stays really tight as she rides his dick and it just looks odd. I’m not even sure what it is, but I’m not really feeling what he’s going for. The energy is great, but it somehow feels disconnected. The long doggy features Wood slamming the living shit out of Jamie. She gets a big load in her mouth and then invites Darkko’s friends to add their loads to her face. We get an additional double blowjob scene complete with deep throat two more sticky shots on her face. I liked this scene better than the first, but it still feels like it’s missing something.

Courtney Simpson is a very pretty girl who teases a bit by bending over and touching herself. We jump right from that to a shot of her being fucked from behind while she sucks a second dick. I guess he’s just skipping over the tease and lead in so that we can go straight to the hard sex. If you don’t mind missing that part of the scene, then this is a hot three way with a very pretty girl getting stuffed at both ends. Courtney stares into the camera and sets things on fire with her beautiful eyes. For some really impressive footage, she does the splits and gets drilled from behind. This is great, but then we have to sit through some quacking and gagging before the facials. It’s still the best scene in the movie and Courtney looks to be a girl who could combine her great good looks with some amazing sexual energy.

Sticking with the Courtney theme we get sexy Courtney Cummz for the next bang. Jumping right into the action, she hangs her head over the barstool and gets her pussy stuffed with hard meat. As much as I like this girl, her gag/choke fest is just horrible to sit through. Someday we’re going to figure out who started this shit and who is responsible for spreading it through porn. It is so annoying here that even a pretty damn good anal scene from this fantastic young babe can’t save it. It almost does though and her well stretched ass brings back some of the wood that her fake gag shit killed. The cowgirl shots are great as she slams her ass down to take every inch of dick. If we could just convince her that she should suck cock and leave the stupid throat noises to the D level girls. I love the ass fucking and the facial, but there is just too much other stuff to get through.

Nadia styles starts out sucking, but too quickly falls back on the gagging as well. She’s working with Billy Glide so there is a seriously big cock at the back of her throat. At least gagging makes sense, but it still ruins the scene. Billy makes things worse by forcing his dick in there. Now she can’t help but gag. Throw in some squirting during a rather hard fuck and we enter another area I can’t stand. (When are we just going be honest and call it peeing?) Billy buries that big dick between her cheeks and gives us some more great anal action. Every time I am ready to praise the scene, she goes back to sounding like a duck in a blender. Sorry, but this time the anal can’t overcome the quacking and the general disconnect offered up.

Whatever Darkko is trying in this movie, it isn’t working. The washed out picture is one thing. It’s the pace of the movie that really misses the mark. Everything looks sterile, but it’s the way the movie is edited that makes it feel just as cold and dispassionate as it looks. There is almost no tease and absolutely no build up or heat of any kind. In this respect it’s worst than the worst couch porn out there. It’s solid technically. The lighting isn’t “bad” it’s just done in a way I don’t care for. There are some shining moments sexually of course, but they only serve to remind us of how good the whole project could be. We could do without the extensive gag and choke sounds, but that stuff is just rampant in all porn these days. I hope that we have just caught Darkko in mid-transition with this title because this one just doesn’t live up to the quality we expect from him.

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